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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Belle19

Top TOO BIG TO FAIL || NA grandmaster mundo main guide

Top TOO BIG TO FAIL || NA grandmaster mundo main guide

Updated on April 11, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Belle19 Build Guide By Belle19 16 0 34,677 Views 0 Comments
16 0 34,677 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Belle19 Dr. Mundo Build Guide By Belle19 Updated on April 11, 2024
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Grasp of the Undying
Second Wind

Magical Footwear
Approach Velocity

+10% Attack Speed
+2% Movement Speed
+10-180 Bonus Health


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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

TOO BIG TO FAIL || NA grandmaster mundo main guide

By Belle19
About me
Thank you for taking the time to check out my guide! I am a masters/GM NA 1.3mil Darius main who also plays a lot of nasus, mundo, sett and mordekaiser:

I initially fell in love with mundo because A) his business skin voice lines hype me up so much, something about him screaming TOO BIG TO FAIL and then tanking an entire team for 20 seconds is so cool to me, and B) similarly to darius, the games really never over as you have such insane comeback potential. If you like a silly guy with really strong stats and the potential to completely carry a game if played well, Mundo's a great choice. I'm starting to stream again, so if you could check that out and give me a follow if this all sounds interesting to you, I'd really appreciate it <3:

I've also made a Darius guide on here and will probably make more in the future as they are a lot of fun so check that out if that sounds interesting.

Lastly, if anything seems wrong or you disagree or theres something I should improve upon, I'd love to hear about it! I'm still learning, and want to put out the best guide possible. If you could quickly rate it as well so I know just in general how the guides looking, it'd mean a lot to me
Early Game
by far Mundo's weakest part of the game is his laning phase. Mundo has one of, if not the weakest laning phase in top lane. You can win a lot of lanes if you play them perfectly and land every cleaver, but rarely is that possible. Just keep in mind you outscale almost every matchup, and dont be afraid to give up some farm as long as you are in xp range. When the enemy is slow pushing a wave, try to thin it a bit with cleavers and possible e'ing a minion into the wave, if a big wave crashes into your tower you are vulnerable to a tower dive with the enemy jungle. If you get 1f1'd in a tower dive but multiple waves are lost to your turret, its still very bad for you. Unlike most top champions with bad laning phases, at almost every opportunity you can, unless you want to set up your own freeze, shove the lane. It is nearly impossible to freeze into a Mundo, as to do so you won't have the cover of your minions to hide behind, so its free game for Mundo to poke you out with cleavers. If needed farm with q, but if possible try to just farm with autos as you still lose health (25 health at rank 1). There is no downside to throwing out cleavers if you hit an enemy champion as the full health is refunded, but if you even miss a rank 1 cleaver you lose 50 health. That's a third of a health potion! This is why, even though the cooldown is low, you want to be very smart about when to cleaver. Just look to scale, and if the enemy gets overconfident you can possible poke out of lane with cleavers. If the enemy has a poor back and you ever have access to enemy turret, go for demolish, autoing + e. You should be able to get 2 platings if this is past 5 minutes. Your 6 is worst than most champions, as rank 1 r is very weak, but its still a helpful power spike as it makes it significantly harder for the enemy to tower dive you. Keep in mind with your w, you want to activate it right before the enemy uses their main damage move. It stores more grey health in the first 0.25 seconds. You want to reactivate w on the enemy champ at almost any cost, as it restores double the health if you land it. Its like a healing version of garen w
Mid Game
I would consider mid game to be when you reach heartsteel + full boots or level 11, whatever comes first. Heartsteel is a major powerspike as now you have enough health regeneration that you can start just spamming cleavers, and trade pattern of poking with cleavers at a range until heaertsteel is up to run in and proc it with e, rinse and repeat, is really strong especially considering your sustain. At level 11, your champion has officially scaled up, with your ult now being pretty much 2x as strong, and you can start playing aggressively and confidently into almost any matchup assuming you arent significantly behind. You can even 2v1 the enemy top and jungler most of the time assuming neither of them directly counter your kit. Look to split push to gather resources as quickly as possible such as turret gold and xp from waves and camps, as this is by far the most reliable way to get ahead on mundo. Your wave clear is disgusting, your tower damage is the highest out of any tank, and your e does so much bonus damage to monsters that you clear enemy camps pretty easily. This is to accelerate you to your god-like status of late game ASAP. Keep in mind you want to ult at as low as possible without being in kill range, as you gain bonus health for the duration based off missing health. A great way to capitalize on this without dieing to being so low is by activating w, waiting til near the end of w or if you are about to die, with abunch of grey health stored up, then ult while low and right after reactivate w to get the healing off. You are now immediately half health with the max amount of bonus health possible!
Late Game
You now have 3+ items and are level 16. Your rank 3 r is one of the strongest ultimates in the game, and you are now at your strongest with spirit visage finally being done in tandom with the strong ultimate. If you split pushed well and have 9-10 cs per minute, assuming you are lvl 16 while everyone else but the enemy top laner is level 13-14, you can actually stat check entire teams by yourself, tanking everyones damage with ult while killing the adc and leisurely walking away. Past level 15, you want to pick up your canister every time, as the cooldown will fully reset, which lets you get away with building no tenacity on a tank.
Hyper Late Game
Everyone but supports are now level 18 full build. Your scaling starts to slow down at this point unless you manage your heartsteel stacks really well, and you can no longer stat check entire teams by yourself, as the adc will now start to shred you if you arent careful. You are still incredibly strong, but you need to play with your team backing you up, or commit fully to split pushing, but not be as cocky as you could be at 3 items level 16 where you can ignore multiple enemies and just slaughter towers. Be patient and play smart even when very far ahead, this late in the game if your team gets wiped its likely gg regardless of how far behind the enemy team was.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Belle19
Belle19 Dr. Mundo Guide
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TOO BIG TO FAIL || NA grandmaster mundo main guide

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