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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zero Aurora

Top 5 Champs

Zero Aurora Last updated on November 27, 2011
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A Lil' Intro

My 5 Top (and Favorite) Champions.
I have been working on each build in every game I play.
While these are not the exact designs I use every game, they are the most common builds that I use.

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This is My First Build Post

I would like to apologize for my poor design of the written aspect.
If anyone would be so kind as to point out how to or a guide to the basics such as the hyperlinking of sorts I see on other member's guides to in-game items, runes, and abilities, it would be much appreciated.

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If there is one place for this well known and rather well hated Champion, it is surely the jungle
His Blink - Stealth - Crit Hit, his Q, his Decieve is maybe one of the best ganking tools in the game.
His Jib, the Fear waiting in the bush, Jack in the Box, allows him to jungle with out the help of any leashes, letting your fellow champions stay in their lanes.

The base of my Jungling chain is to place two boxes at the red Lizard Elder. The third box gets placed by the near by golem duo. The 4th is back at the Lizard Elder and they are to be placed right under where the Elder spawns to ensure that it gets hit with all of their damage output. Once you have the red buff then go back to the golem duo and place a 2nd box there and initiate. Now depending on whether you are blue or purple you will either be ganking bottom or top respectively. Mid is a possible target for either blue or purple. Then you go back into the jungle and get the wraiths. Grab wolves and go back and stock up on items before re-entering the jungle.
By the Time you've grabbed Phantom Dancer, your base movement speed will be about 446 and while your Boots of Mobility have the 5 movement speed you'll be just under 500 speed with a grand total of 496. You should be able to get to any of the lanes your team needs you in very short amount of time.

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A Mana-less Warrior that can easily burst out her abilities? Yes Please, SIGN ME UP!!
Being that the Cool Down times are already rather short it may seem crazy for me to get in that 38.1% extra cool down reduction, but if you've ever used Riven, you'll see just how far it goes.
Riven's Passive is the main reason for this cool down being so required. After every use of an ability she gains 1 stack, up to a max of three. with every basic attack she consumes one stack to deal additional melee based damage, this damage has a base that increases as you level and scales with your Melee damage.
With the Ghost Blade is become easy to tackle a tower, Fire off your Ultimate, which now has an incredibly short cool down so that you can use it to tackle Battles of Any Size as well as short tasks such as dragon and towers. You R gives you an additional 20% attack damage and increases the range of both your basics and your abilities. Activate Ghost Blade's active ability to increase your attack speed by 50% as well as a bit of Movement speed.
You've also got a decently strong selection of Crowd Control. You're 3rd Q will push back nearby enemies, it doesn't push far, but it is a good interupt and may even allow u to slightly push apart the enemy champions. Your W is also a wonderful interupt. It may give only a 0.5 Second Stun, but it's AOE damage and CC will give your team the chance to focus the enemy very easy.

Riven, Easily My Favorite Champion

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Easily my Favorite Solo top in the game.
A Very powerful Melee Based Champion with built in Life Steal lets him maintain decent presence all through out the game. My build is designed to give you the mana to be able to use your abilities as Nasus will often run out of mana. It then provides the ability to tank as that is something many players expect out of Nasus. With your Ultimate Ability up, you are one of the most powerful champions in the game, people know this and may most likely back-off unless they have appropriate support nearby.
The trinity force comes late by many regards, but in my experience it is just right and by the time you get it your Siphon Strike will already have increased damage, if you are smart enough to last hit minions. Speaking of which, your E, Spirit Fire is a great Farming tool and wonderful for getting the minions down to the point where they are easy last hit targets.
The end of the Build you will have a strong Crit Chance and great damage output with or without any of your abilities.

*Just made a Change to my nasus build, turned Frozen Mallet and Infinity Edge into Warmog's and Atma's

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Ahh, fizz, truly one of the most amazing champions... He is still the new release and everyone who has played with or against him understands that he WILL be getting nerfed big time.
You have the never ending ability to avoid unit collision and take reduced damage from basic attacks. This allows you to dive more readily through minions to attack and harass enemy champions. It also explains why you build boots and health potions for the beginning of the game, making sure you can get in and out of the harassing quickly. Catalyst and Sorc. Boots are next on the list of items, Fizz does use lots of mana, you need to have the mana return. Once your Rod of Ages is built, you'll be building the base of Nashor's Tooth, which provides you some mana regen, ability power, and cool down reduction. The rest of the build seems rather self explanitory. It is designed to give wonderful damage out put on every ability and allow you too even go into a pure melee based fight with high chance of surviving to gloat.

Every one of Fizz's abilities deserved to be talked about...
Urchin Strike, targets an nearby enemy, dashing in a set distance and dealing magic damage, plus attack damage and any on hit effects you may have built, including your poison. I put two points in this before I hit 6 so that I have great consistency in getting in to harass like no tomorrow. It can also be used to get away from nearby enemies as no matter what, you travel that set distance. This is the main reason Lich Bane is used with Fizz.

Seastone Trident, this is going to be hit the hardest when it comes to Fizz getting nerfed. this applies a poison that is based upon a scaling AP damage as well as the percent of health the enemy is missing. It can be activated to deal additional damage as well as apply a grevious wound, halving the amount the infected champion can heal. This is a MUST to max first.

Playful / Trickster, an annoying ability when playing against Fizz. Playing *** Fizz, this lets you do just about anything. Against Fizz, you really have to worry about him popping incoming abilities. Playful makes Fizz untargetable for the fraction of a second you are in this pose. This lets you out of any damage from targeting skills, most notably Karthus' Ultimate. Playing as Fizz, this ability lets you cover much ground in small amounts of time, removing the need for flash. Like flash you can hop over walls, but due to its shorter range, you are only able to jump over the ledges near the River. This also has the ability to clear an entire wave of minions should they be grouped together. Max this 2nd.

Chum the Waters. Fizz' Ultimate and rightfully so. This is a skill shot that will either stick to a champion that it hits and slow them OR will go to the end of the distance you chose to fire it, where it will sit and may still be picked up if an enemy champion should run through it. Upon the end of its time you're shark friend shall leap up from underneath the fish and knock up any nearby enemy units dealing great damage. This can be used as an initiating ability, a disruption in a team fight or even an escape tool as it slows the enemy a great deal.

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The Last of my mighty five and the first time I used her I honestly flat out **cked.
I didn't touch Leona for several months but when I saw she was on sale I purchased her to try her again.
I realized quickly that she was an incredibly tank champion and when built right may as well be a wall in the lane with all of her abilities.
With use of 2 Great Crowd Controls. A singular stun as well as a relatively long ranged AOE that stuns the targets at the center and slows those further out.

You most important ability however is your W, Eclipse, it provides you with powerful boosts to your armor and Magic resistance in addition to a nice AOE burst which may increase the duration of your buffs should it hit an enemy. This is a need to Max First.

Your E, Zenith Blade, is a skill shot which deals damage to all enemies it passes through and dashes to the last enemy champion it hits. This is great for getting in close to either save your teammate or to chain to Shield of Daybreak so that you can stun an enemy under a tower or so teammates may catch up and finish the champion off.

Leona is a wonderfully strong Tank and truly a champ to be messed with.
If you question why I am building a piece of each item in the final build before finishing an items, you will see that unless you are a very aggressive player or are able to KS from your lane mate you won't be seeing lots of gold come your way. This build allows you to have a great position in lane and the ability to evolve into an even greater tank late game.

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Final Remarks

This build was sorta just made as a reminder for myself.
I apologize for the poor quality of the written aspect and again ask for some help in making it more visually... awesome, well that would just be wonderful.
I also apologize for my spelling, I know many of my words are spelt wrong.

Any Critiques would be much welcomed.


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