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Team Guide by Zero Aurora

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zero Aurora

Guide to The Solo Lanes

Zero Aurora Last updated on December 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Guide Top

The Solo Lanes: 2nd Guide

Guide 1 was Bottom Lane, comprised of AD Carries and the all important Support.
Guide 2 is to include the two lanes that will level most quickly. Although I play Bottom Lane most frequently, some of my favorite champions are within Top and Mid Lane.

So, Here we go...

Guide Top

Top Lane Briefing

You should know by now, Top Lane is a place to grow your champion that fits nowhere else. I say that in the most... loving manor possible. The Champions that end up in this lane are powerful enough to see constant ELO play but are not able to be in Mid Lane, and do not fill the roles of Support or Ranged AD Carry that make up bottom lane. Many of these champions are capable of jungling but make just as powerful of a presence laning. The champions almost always end up as a tank or off-tank, being able to absorb high amounts of damage.
Solo Top are often the fastest to level up and a great powerhouse at all points in the game.

Guide Top

Solo Top Champs

If there ever was a champion designed to run about and completely ruin everything about this game… It’s Singed. That’s right, Singed is the master of running amuck… well really just the master of running, not being caught and poisoning anyone dumb enough to try to catch him. Early game, Singed can be incredibly offensive or defensive. If anyone comes too close to your tower, Fling them over your shoulder, slow them, and watch ‘em die to the power of a tower. Or, if you feel like pushing a lane, turn on Poison Trail and run about the enemy minions. They’ll die. Late game you do the same to enemy champions as you previously did to their minions, it really is a good laugh. You have a huge purpose of separating enemy champions from the pack so that your team can target them more easily. Run in, fling, and turn to melee while you team actually kills the target. Repeat. Watch out, while Singed’s fling is great for separating enemy champions, you may also pull them out of a teammates AOE ability. Alternatively, you can use it to throw someone into an AOE. Singed isn’t big on kills after the laning phase, but he is sure to get a massive number of assists.

This bad boy is my favorite champion, I honestly can't think of something that can wreck an enemy harder in any sense. First things first, Spirit Fire allows you to clear minions and is helpful in lane to get your enemy away from the minions, no one is going to willingly stand on ground that deals damage to them and lowers armor. Lay this on the ground in a team fight and watch the win come. You've got Siphoning Strike which is easily your most important ability, when you use it and score the killing blow on an enemy all siphon strikes from then on will deal 3 more damage. You have to last hit as many enemies as possible with this... end game gets easier the higher this is. Wither gives you an advantage in a 1v1 by slowing them and decreasing attack speed. When your enemies try to gank you have no fear, Fury of the Sands is here. HP boost and Shredding enemy Life? This is the icing on the cake, proving that Nasus is one of the most fearsome close ranger fighters in all of the League.

Tibbers is Child’s play, right Annie? Volibear is for big boys & girls. Volibear is new in town (Today: December 5th, Release: November 29th). Although he is new, this fuzzy-wuzzy bear earned a spot in my heart rather quickly. Chosen of the Storm allows him to heal for 30% of his Max Health when it falls below 30%. This will save you too many times to count. So you have this ability like Singed that lets you fling an enemy over your shoulder, except yours is called Rolling Thunder and works as an on-next-hit effect. You have an ability that passively increases your attack speed and then allows you to deal crazy high damage (that scales with your extra health and the health the enemy is missing). You can Fear minions and slow enemies. And you can smack four enemies with every basic attack. What’s not to love? Nothing!! This isn’t the kind of teddy bear you buy your girlfriend for the holidays, not unless she loves LoL.

There are get rich quick schemes for everything we as humans do. Gangplank is this for LoL. With Parrrley, Gangplank gets gold if he kills a unit. Use this, farm your lane of every single minion. This is good, it lets you buy more expensive items more quicker… for more merriment. Gangplank has a few reasons that he is an excellent choice besides this, see, he has his own heal. It’s not very powerful, but it’s the thought that counts. He also has a secondary passive to increase his movement speed and attack damage that can be activated to increase that gain and give half to nearby ally champions. If you were worried about getting a low Kill/Assist to Death ratio, think again. Gangplank's ultimate, Cannon Barrage, is a large AOE that can be activated anywhere on the map. Its useful to use over your head in a 1v1 battle, but there are better things. If a teammate needs you to turn the fight or finish off an opponent, you do it, simply because you can. In other words… this is how Solo Tops kill “secure,” and you are the only Solo Top that can do it. So do it. And do it often.

Nom Nom Nom. Yeah, that is what Cho’Gath does. This guys is more frightening then the creature that lives in your closest and the beast that live under your bed Combined. Cho’Gath is filled with crowd control options and is capable of dealing massive damage through Feast. But that is late game. Early game you want to be sure to last hit minions to receive the health and mana regen you are rewarded from Carnivore. Once you reach Level 6 and get that point in feast you can start gorging on minions. When feast kills an enemy unit it gives you a stack, that stack increases your max health, so Cho’Gath naturally gets rather tanky. Even if you find yourself incapable of taking the hits for your team, you can simply stand in the foreground. As Cho’Gath gains stacks of feast, he literally grows to a point where he can block from view a champion or two behind him... It’s annoying to play against, but so useful. Then you just lay waste with your crowd control, Rupture to slow and make air-born and Feral Scream to silence, and let your hidden allies finish the enemies off.

Guide Top

Mid Lane Briefing

The most common thing to see in Mid Lane is an AP Carry and there sure are plenty of them to choose from. Typically having raged attacks and being capable of launching several deadly spells, Mid Lane is home to questionably the most powerful Champions of the 3 lanes. That is my opinion however, but I will stick to it. Gank-able from nearly any direction, players in mid have be able to drill their opponent while always having the most supreme map awareness. In teams fights, odds are you will be one of the more squishy members of your team, but your spells can easily destroy a target or two.
Remember, High AP is a driving force to your usefulness, but its not all there is.

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Solo Mid Champs

Do like the Poison on the infamous Teemo, Twitch, and Singed (and Fizz)? If you do you really gotta try little miss Cassiopeia. This is the only Mage Carry that has some powerful poison and she has it on 2 of her abilities. I always start with Miasma as it is Cassiopeia's best ability for clearing minions, it also slows the enemies that are within it for 2 seconds, which is better than Noxious Blast for an early gank. Speaking of noxious blast, this is going to be an ability which you spam every second of the game. If gives you a speed boost when it hits a champion but the real purpose is for bursting down the HP of champions and minions. Twin Fang is another highly abusive spell, it comes off cooldown instantly if it hits a poisoned target, getting in this damage just is too much for many people to handle as often as it is on cooldown. Petrifying Gaze, your ulti, gives you great crowd control if you are standing on the outside of the fight, stunning or slowing all enemies in range. Cass is great in team fights for wearing down the enemies very quickly, but try not to be targeted, you do need to stay on the edge of the fight to be most effective.

Lux is called a "Support" champion... but thats really a pathetic name for her, she is, by all means, a mage carry. With great crowd control in Light Binding and Lucent Singularity you can deal some huge damage to your opponents. And make sure to deal your passive's damage, Illumination can pop out a huge chunk of health. Finales funkeln isn't a full map ultimate like Ashe and Ezreal have, but it does still have a huge range. There is a little warning in the red line that appears on screen where the skill shot will be going, but more or less its hard to avoid and is great for kill "securing". Lux is honestly one powerful mage and does much better as such then as a support. You can however still support with Prismatic Barrier, which is a boomerang skill shot that grants a shield to any allied champion it passes over, this means, if you aim properly you can shield an ally, then restore the shield as your wand returns to you.

LeBlanc will either be the most powerful champion in the game, or arguably the worst one you'll play with. There is little chance she'll be mediocre. Reason for this is that LeBlanc has extreme burst damage and is typically played with Mejai's Soulstealer, so that her AP increases quickly. The thing is, she typically has to get in close to finish off her opponent with a quick roll of sigil of silence, then Mimic (which is a 2nd, more powerful, sigil), and then get in with a 3rd spell so that you trigger the mark, typically killing the enemy of leaving them low enough that any other ally can finish them in seconds. In order to get those kills in, you'll want some obscene Ability power... and because of this, LeBlanc players are often the easiest thing to kill if you can survive the spells. If you do grab the summoner spell Flash, then by using Distortion and then mimic, you can close ground on a fleeing enemy quickly, or flee at some crazy speed yourself. If you would rather interrupt the enemy, you've got Ethereal Chains, which becomes LeBlanc's best damage dealer as well as a good single target crowd control.

Perhaps the only off-tank mage. Vladimir is capable of some impressive 1v1 victories and is wonderful in team fights. You are going to want Spell Vamp, Health, and Ability Power... not much else will really matter by the end of the game. Its important to max your q, Transfusion, first. See, Vladimir is a blood mage, meaning he doesn't use mana and instead, each spell takes away a bit of your HP. Transfusion is the only spell to not take HP away and instead recovers a large amount of health. Sanguine Pool is an incredible move, with powerful LifeSteal, a strong Crowd Control and the ability to pop incoming missiles. Tides of Blood is a move with a stack effect. As the stacks increase, you deal more damage but it requires a greater and greater cost, no worries, you'll be able to recover that life easily due health regeneration and life steal increases it gives. Hemoplague is just an awesome ability for which you and your team will love your output. Vladimir is hard to kill, but he becomes ever harder when he is built to be an off-tank with high Ability Power, thanks in part to Crimson Pact.

If you don't find Karthus to the most annoying Mage Carry their is then something is wrong. Whether or not Karthus is on your team or on the enemies' you will be hating his Requiem. Requiem is Karthus' ultimate, it targets all enemy champions and deals Massive damage. It's capable of ending the life of any enemy on the run. Dealing the finishing blow to someone hiding behind their turret, out of reach from your opponents as well as kill "securing" from your team mates. Learning when to cast this ability will make you the most hated summoner in your game. Lay Waste is going to be the spell you spam all game long, it deals significant damage under your mouse, even more if only one enemy is hit. Defile is for clearing minions and getting great damage in if you are the center of a team fight. Wall of Pain is going to help you set up ganks incredibly well early game and basically have enemies running into their own demise late game.


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