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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zero Aurora

Guide to Bottom Lane

Zero Aurora Last updated on December 18, 2011
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AD Carry



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Not Updated For Current Season

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Starting My Guide

I've decided to put what little knowledge I have of Ranked Play into a series of Guides.
I'm starting my series of 3 guides off with the Lane I most often find myself in. Bottom.

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Bottom Lane Briefing

If you've been in ELO, you'll be quick to realize, Bottom lane is home to AD Carries and Supports. The AD Carries are expected to be well skilled players wielding Ranged AD champions. They'll often build for attack speed and damage output and are very fragile. Supports are there to lessen the fragility of their powerful lane-mates. Most of which have a heal on short cool down and are the main purchaser of wards. Vision is everything. Support tend to be low on minion kills, but do get fed on assist gold, the issue here is you won't have large sums of gold most games to build intricate items as other champions will.

Within the sections below I will discuss each of the 10 champions I have builds for, as well as explain a little further the purpose and reason for each Role.

The Purpose of the Guide is to give you a little info about each champion and their abilities, hopefully allowing you to select your right Role and even Champion.

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AD Carries

Power is your Friend, or rather, Power is You. And Supports are your Friend.
Looking at the builds, it is rather clear that your main attributes are: Attack Damage, Attack Speed, and Critical Chance.

Easily one of the most loved (or hated depending on which team you ask) AD Carries in the game. You have long range which allows you to pick off other champions before they will be able to land a basic attack on you. Every 8/7/6th basic attack deals additional damage, which is your main reason for stacking Attack Speed items your whole build. While being incredibly squishy, if you stay on the outside of team battles, you'll be able to deal loads of damage easily. Its very clear to see how Caitlyn is a very simple champion, meant to simply lay waste with basic attacks, while harassing with her abilities and finishing off running opponents with your ultimate. Your 90 Caliber Net can be used to blink over walls, as well as close gaps between you and other champions, or simply escape a from a gank.

Highly questioned for how he should be built. AD, AP, or Hybrid? My build combines a little bit of the best, while making you clearly the AD Carry. Early game, Mystic Shot is your best friend, it has a 1:1 Attack damage ratio, which is the number 1 reason to build AD on Ezreal. When an ability hits a target you gain a stack on your passive, Rising Spell Force, which temporarily increases your attack speed by 10%, stacking up to 5 times. Targeting minions with abilities while attempting to take down a tower will speed up the demise of the tower greatly. Woohoo. Ezreal has rather short cool downs on all abilities, using Sheen and Trinity Force is a great way to truly scare off enemies. Trueshot Barrage is a full field skill shot. While slow moving, it deals damage to all units it passes through (dealing less to successive targets). If you have poor map awareness make sure to remind your teammates to call out for when you should cast.

Miss Fortune:
Strangely, my favorite of the AD Carries that I have used thus far. With an easy way to move about the map due to Strut, you have the ability to help your other lanes and return back to yours in much less time than other champions, because of this, don't be afraid to coordinate ganks on mid or even top with your Jungler. You have good crowd control in Make it Rain, but because of its high mana cost, and your low Mana level, it is more effective to actually leave it at 1 until later game. Your Double Up deals damage to both the target it hits and then a greater amount to 1 random enemy behind that target. Early game, it is more effective to target a minion with Double Up and let the second portion hit a champion. Late game, target the champion you wish to focus with double up and let the second portion hit another champion (or minion).

A cute little Yordle with a bug gun... it makes for an interesting picture and a wonderful AD Carry. Tristana is a very powerful minion clearing champion, her secondary passive, granted by Explosive Shot deals damage to enemies near an enemy Tristana kills. I know 'll get hate for using Tiamat, but the item gives splash damage, and while it is only 35% on Tristana's ranged basic attacks, is clears minions even faster and gives a but of health and mana regeneration as well as decent attack power. Tristana's Rapid Fire ups her attack speed by a considerable amount, great for damaging towers and harassing slower enemies that get in too close. Explosive shot has its own Ignite-like active ability and Buster Shot can push back enemies. Your best crowd control is in Rocket Jump. Acting as a Second Flash, powerful AOE, and a great Slowing ability, this amazing little number is made better with the fact that when Tristana scores a champion kill or assist its cool down is instantly refreshed. It should also be mentioned, that as you level your basic attack range increases, so eventually you can compete with Caitlyn's range... you'll hit her before she can get you. Your ranged goes from 550 to 712 (if I did the math right) all thanks to Draw a Bead.

This girl has just gone through a bit of a MASSIVE Update. I was personally always a fan of Sivir's, but using her toggle drained mana way too fast for my tastes. This build is designed to let Sivir do the Massive Farming she was made for while still giving the most from On The Hunt. Sivir's new passive allows her to stay in range of champions when chasing them down and her new Ricochet is an ability that effects your next basic attack and resets the attack timer. Designed to get out massive damage and become nearly immortal from Life Steal + Attack Speed and thanks to Spell Shield, Sivir is a rather powerful AD Carry. Being an AD Carry with an Aura and nearly required to build an Aura item, team fights will become lots of fun if your support has several as well. So to the champion who gets first removal of the Dodge Status, you've found a place in the Bottom Lane of my Heart.

Replacing that Last Doran's Blade:
As you have most likely noticed, in all of my builds, whether or not the champion has 1 or 2 Doran's Blades to begin, they will have 1 at the end of the build. I left this last blade there because in all honestly, if you are playing a good group of opponents, you will most likely not be able to build another item. Should you find yourself with enough money to purchase one last item in a game, I have some of the best choices here for you:
Madred's Bloodrazor: The ultimate anti-tank item, this shaves off a solid 4% off your targets maximum health each hit. That is besides its 40% Attack Speed boost and minor Attack and Armor bonuses. If your opponents are in large part Tanks or Off-tanks, BUY this.
Last Whisper: Another, much less expensive item to counter the most tanky of tanks. This provides wonderful armor penetration that can allow you to tear through even those with the highest of armor. Few times I've grabbed it in games I've never had a real reason for it, but its got great potential.
Banshee's Veil: Should you be plagued by many a Mage, this is your item. Once every 45 seconds you get protection from the next ability to hit you. Yay. You also get additional health, mana, AND magic resistance. This will help you live.
The Bloodthirster: Too much of a good thing won't hurt. With full stacks, this provides the most Attack damage of any item. That is not to mention it gives another 15-25% Life Steal. If you are faced with powerful AD Carries, this will help you come out ahead... I mean, with your's still on your shoulders.
Phantom Dancer: Like I said, too much of a good thing never hurts. Attack Speed, Crit Chance and Movement Speed. This little number does wonders.
Frozen Mallet: Should you want more HP, grab this, Bashee's Veil is probably better for living though. The main reason for this however, is if your opponents have been able to run away all game. This provides a 15% slow to the target, you'll be able to catch and kill them before they get away, no problem.
Warmog's Armor: Should you like being tanky-ish and wanting more health that what frozen mallet can provide you, you go with Warmogs. Being able to get you an approximate 1270 health boost makes you durable enough to mess with most champions.
Quicksilver Sash: A good item to grab early game if you find yourself becoming the target of crowd control. Giving you a solid amount of magic resistance is nice and all, but mainly for the active ability to remove all crowd control effect, such as the debuffs from Exhaust or a slow from Nasus' Wither. No worries, it costs almost nothing and is well worth it.

Potential Summoner Spells:
Exhaust: Slows and Weakens an opponent. AD Carries typically have this to either fend off an on coming gank or to turn the battle in their favor. I'd recommend it.
Flash: One of the most used Summoner Spells, flash allows you to blink to target location, closing any distance and avoiding all obstacles. Escape over Walls. Run from a Gank. Catch up to an enemy. Tower Dive and Flash Out. So Many Uses.
Ignite: For an AD Carry, this is more or less useful only early game, but it deals damage over time as well as halves all healing and regeneration the affected character gets while taking the damage. Good for making sure that the Supports don't stop you from getting a kill or to ensure that the champion running away actually dies.
Ghost: For the slower champions, this is questionably better than Flash, it increases movement speed and allows you to ignore movement collision. Many of the same uses as flash, but it can't get you over walls.
Surge: For those AD carries that need an attack speed boost and may have a few abilities that scale with ability power, this is a great way to turn the tides of a battle or take down a tower.

I'm not one for the names of runes. But for Marks and Quints, I HIGHLY recommend you go with Armor Penetration. With Glyphs and Seals it is more of a gray. Attack Speed, Crit Chance, Crit Damage, and yes Mana Regen are my top 4 recommendations, but there are a world of runes out there... with so many options its a little crazy. Solid options are also those of the defensive variety, namely flat armor. I put what I use and what I use it what has worked best for me thus far.

Other AD Carries Worth Mentioning:

Ashe: The Archer from the Frozen North. She gives a cold shoulder to all her enemies. Strong single target Crowd Control with abilities to slow and a cross-map ultimate that can stun. She may be slow moving, but her Crit Chance increases out of battle, so when she does get there, look out.
Corki: Near or far, Corki can use his abilities to drive down an opponent. This little fighter pilot deals extra damage due to his passive and is great for shredding armor.
Graves: Easily the most beefy of all AD carries. Graves' passive gives him armor and magic resistance. He is good at getting in close, battering an opponent and killing them as the run off.
Vayne: She slays Vampires AND Dragons. Vayne is a bit of a stealthy AD Carry, being movement based due to Tumble and her passive. She can easily shred off health with her Silver Bolts, so watch out as she can pin you to a wall, activate her ultimate for more attack damage and effects on her abilities and then you're dead.

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I can't even begin to explain the fact that you are the most important role in Ranked Play. Keeping your AD Carry alive so that he or she can kill the opposing AD carry is your job early game. Late game, you are there to provide you aura, healing, and anything else you can bring to the fight.

My best Support Champion to date. Taric is a naturally tanky support champion. He has to get in the fight, both to decrease the cool down of Imbue and to regain mana due to Gemcraft. With a natural Aura in Shatter, that increases Taric's Armor and that of the ally champions around him. Shatter can be popped to deal AOE damage and lower the armor of nearby enemy champions. When Radiance is activated, damage is dealt to enemies around him, he gains Attack and Ability Power, as do nearby ally champions. Build to take a few more hits, and there isn't anything this guy can't do. Get in when you team needs you, use Radiance. If your team needs the ability to bash through enemy armor more than have armor for themselves, then pop Shatter and do what you will. Dazzle is taken first for its ability to give you jungler a target when they gank or to stun and get away from an enemy gank. It is left there because no matter what it won't being doing incredibly impressive damage, nor does the stun duration scale with level.

The Cheapest costing support champion and what an awesome thing that is. The only support that has two heals. Soraka has a base aura as her passive that grants magic resistance. building aura's on Soraka isn't always needed, that is not to say it shouldn't be done. Soraka can control a fight very well however. Being able to hit all nearby enemies with a falling star and shred their magic resistance is a wonderful thing, it helps your team's other mages. Astral Blessing heals a single target and grants them additional armor for 5 seconds. If they are in the center of a fight, they'll live through it. You can pump mana into your teammates with Infuse or use it to silence a single opponent. Wish is the best Heal of all champions in my opinion. Heal all ally champions from anywhere on the map? Sign me up. This is the reason you build cool down reduction. Soraka, you're awesome.

Hey Girl, I hear you like supports, so we put a support in your support. Sona is a Aura Based support champion that activates her abilities for an active effect and then a persistent aura that has a relation to that effect. All of your abilities have short cool downs, but after activating an ability you have to wait 2 seconds before using another, don't worry, its not that much of a bad thing. Sona rocks, she is usually the first picked support due to her ability to switch to which ever aura her team needs and oh yeah, to laugh at people who you make dance with Crescendo. Thats right, you get to make your opponents dance, but it is really a 1.5 second stun in disguise and it deals some impressive damage. You're fun to use, Sona gets some great play, rightfully so.

You're a Minotaur... a fearful monster from Greek Myths... and you have a heal? I don't get it. Doesn't matter though, you an excellent support as Alistar. Being able to heal yourself, your allies, and Minions all with one move is so impressive. You do heal the most to yourself, which isn't always the best, but you are still a wonderful heal. Stay by minions that are dying, the death of an allied unit decreases your Triumphant Roar cool down. You have the capability to disrupt anything your opponent tries, and you can change team fights with all that disruption. Pop units up into the air or push a single target a good deal back. Okay, so what else is their on this powerful champion? Thats right, you can boost your attack, remove all crowd control AND reduce incoming damage... all with Unbreakable Will. You're one support, that can really fight it out in a battle while still doing what you are meant to with support and disruption.

Wait... don't supports have heals? Yeah... Janna has one of those, its her Ultimate, Monsoon. That one is a tricky number, see it pushes back all enemies and then heals all ally champions. This is one heck of a parlor trick, but it allows you to do a number of things. The first and most important thing may be that you can split enemies up, there is strength in numbers and Janna can mess that up for her enemies. She also has another good disruption with Howling Gale, it allows you to pop enemies up... lots of enemies... you win team fights with these kinds of things. Instead of your heal you've got this nifty little shield called Eye Of The Storm, which may seem cliche, but its one hell of a powerful shield, plus, it grants additional attack damage. That AD Carry you partner with will love you for this. Not to mention, you can use it on your allied towers to pump up their damage.

Potential Summoner Spells:
Clairvoyance: The most prominent summoner spell for all Supports. Clairvoyance grants vision to a small section of the map for all members of your team for 4 or 6 seconds. This is the super ward. See anywhere on the map just by clicking the mini map, you don't need to risk your life in the enemy jungle in order to see if they are getting the red or blue buff.
Flash: This is used for the same reason any AD Carry, or even ANY champion would use it. Blink over walls, out of ganks, turret dive... so many uses, great for a more defensive champion such as a Support.
Heal: If you are worried that you won't be able to get the powerful heals out to keep your team alive, grab this. I've said it before, too much of a good thing can't hurt. This heals a large chunk of health to you and nearby ally champions. It IS wonderful in a team fight if your name isn't Soraka and your whole team needs Health.
Clarity: Just like Heal, but it restores Mana, woohoo!! Typically mana regeneration is very slow, supports and ad carries alike tend to run low on mana if they play aggressive, this allows you to use those high mana cost abilities and still have mana to spare.
Teleport: Movement is helpful and supports are typically slow... getting up to top lane to save your Solo friend or getting back to your lane or a team fight may easily turn the course of the battle, and the game. Teleport transports you to the location of any ally minion, turret, ward, mushroom, hiem's turret, shaco's jack in the box... almost anything, except ally champions.

Again, not a Fan of memorizing Ruin names:
The base idea is that you need your defensive abilities to be up there and you need to be able to get your Heals and abilities up as much as often. Flat Armor, Magic Resistance, Cool Down Reduction, Ability Power, Mana Regeneration, and Health Regeneration are the types of Runes I recommend for supports.

Other Support for Bottom Lane:

Zilean: Known widely for his ability to revive a champion with his Ultimate, Zilean some how makes it into the support category. Able to drop times on your opponent, reduce your own cool downs and affect the movement speed of an ally or enemy champion, nice little effect. Zilean doesn't have a heal though... just a great revive, I wouldn't recommend it unless you are going for an undying champion with Yorick or Tryndamere.
Kayle: Okay, here we have a good champion, not one primarily used as a support, but she can very well be. With a heal that has a speed buff and the ultimate capable of making any ally champion unable to be killed for a short time. You've also got some great ability to go for the offense and deal some good damage.
Karma: a truly one of a kind champion that can be effective if you know what your doing. Your ultimate is unlocked from the very beginning, works on an ammo system, and gives your abilities secondary effects. Your short AOE becomes a heal as well, and you shield does some damage. Very fun, but not a common choice at all, she just isn't up to par with the others.

What All Supports Must Know

Each of Builds is missing something incredibly important in the role of a Support champion. Remember, vision IS everything. Because I desired my builds to show the true level 18 stats of the champions I had to remove Wards from the build. The last items slot is left open so that you can hold wards, please, don't fill this spot with anything.
My basic rule is as follows: Every Time You Return to Base, Buy at least 2 Wards.

What are Wards?
These are stealth units that are incapable of moving. They grant the user and his/her team vision of the surrounding area.

Why are Wards used?
Don't you just hate when that Fiddlesticks uses Crowstorm from out of bushes, catching you and your lane-mate off guard, leading to your swift death? Yeah... Wards stop that. Wards are for the knowledge of incoming ganks as well as to see where the enemy is hiding in brush, when they are clearing your jungle and even when they are clearing strategic points of their own jungle. The two most notable points in the jungle to ward are at the mouths of Dragon and Baron. The brush near the ends of Rivers are also incredibly important during the early parts of games. The brush near Ancient Golem and the Lizard Elder are also very important, but don't take a huge risk just to place a ward.

There are two types, which do I buy?
This is a simple question with a simple answer. Look at your opponents. Do any of the have stealth? The main two champions to worry about here are Shaco and Twitch, not forgetting Akali, Teemo, and Evelynn. If they do have Stealth champions, you should most likely buy 1 vision and 1 sight ward. If these Stealth champions are moving between lanes a large amount and giving you trouble, buy 2 vision wards each time you go back. If the enemy team has no stealths, then early game it is more important to buy vision wards, but by the time you are around level 8 you should switch it up to 1 of each. Late game, no matter what, but 2 sight wards. Sight wards besides being for champions are incredibly useful for seeing the opponents wards, destroying them and blinding your opponent.

Okay, Now that I have them, Where do They Go?
This is a question I find Easiest answered through a color-coded picture, and as such, I have one here for you:
  • Lane Protection
  • Jungler Protection
  • Baron & Dragon Viewing
  • Counter Jungling & Buff Stealing
  • Late Game Base Protection

One last little Vision Note:
Maybe you've noticed that link little vial that is 4th from the end of the build for every support? Its called Oracle's Elixir. This is not an item that you buy just at the end of the game. Every once and a while you want to buy one of these, but you only need one every time you respawn as it wears off when you die. This allows you to see all stealthed units that are in your immediate field of vision. The main purpose of this isn't to see hidden enemies like Shaco, though that is a nice little touch, it is mainly to see enemy wards and destroy them.


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