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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by C9Balls

Tank Top Lane Dr. Mundo by C9 Balls

Tank Top Lane Dr. Mundo by C9 Balls

Updated on February 12, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author C9Balls Build Guide By C9Balls 25 2 1,095,509 Views 32 Comments
25 2 1,095,509 Views 32 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author C9Balls Dr. Mundo Build Guide By C9Balls Updated on February 12, 2015
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Dr. Mundo is a tanky top lane champion who is most commonly picked against teams which deal heavy magic damage (consisting of an AP top laner and mid laner). The reason Mundo is generally chosen against these teams is because it allows him to rush Spirit Visage, an item which was practically made for him considering the increased healing passive and the fact that all the stats which the item provides are useful on him.

Mundo has a relatively weak early game, but once he gets some of his core items he is able to tank insane amounts of damage and run at the enemy carries to chase them down one by one. A late game Mundo can become extremely hard to kill, especially if the enemy team lacks ways to reduce his healing and does not deal percentage health damage.
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greater mark of hybrid penetration (Hybrid Penetration Marks)
The magic penetration makes Mundo's abilities more effective as they are all magic based damage spells. However, Mundo does end up in a lot of close range trades as he needs to be in melee range for his Heart Zapper and his Blunt Force Trauma also greatly increases his attack damage for a short duration. This makes the armor penetration extremely effective on Mundo as well.
(Scaling Health Seals)
Mundo is a health based champion: the more health, the better. The reason why I opt to use scaling health seals over flat health seals is because the scaling seals provide more health than the flat ones starting at level 6. This just makes the late game of Mundo even scarier.
(Magic Resist Glyphs)
Magic resist glyphs are pretty standard on most champions. Even if you are not laning against an AP champion, you will likely need them against the jungler and/or the enemy mid laner. There might be a super rare situation where the enemy team is entirely AD based: in that case using flat or scaling CDR glyphs would be great.
(Health Regeneration Quintessences)
These runes greatly help weak early laners like Mundo to survive lane. The health regen not only gives Mundo more sustain in lane, but it also helps him while casting abilities, because his health serves as a resource for his abilities.
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There are a few different setups which can be used on Mundo, but they are all heavy invested into the Defensive Tree as his goal is to be as tanky as possible.

In this setup, the 5 points which are spent in the Offense Tree are mainly used to help Mundo in the laning phase. The cooldown reduction from Sorcery allows you to spam more cleavers, which is even more effective considering that Mundo does not use mana as a recourse. Butcher and Feast are strictly taken for laning as they will help you last hit as well as give you just a little bit more sustain.

Some of the alternatives to this setup are to spend all 30 points in the Defense tree or going 4/26/0 (only taking the cooldown reduction in the Offense tree).
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(Starting Item)
Doran's Shield lets you sustain early and allows you to farm safely while taking less damage from enemy auto attacks. More importantly, this item helps you survive the laning phase and be able to scale into late game, which is the ultimate goal of Dr. Mundo.
(Laning vs AP)
Rush Spirit Visage first if you are against a magic damage heavy laner like Rumble or Lulu. Then get a Warmog's Armor to make the health more effective with the resistance that you already have. If they have a lot of magic damage threats, you can build more MR items like a Banshee's Veil.
(Laning vs AD)
Against AD laners you want to rush Sunfire Aegis, which provides you with both the Health and Armor that you need against your opponent. Then get a Warmog's Armor to make the health more effective with the resistance that you already have. If there is a magic damage threat on the enemy team you can always choose to get Spirit Visage after.
As mentioned above, this item should be built after Spirit Visage / Sunfire Aegis to increase the effectiveness of the resistances which those items provide.
(Late Game Armor)
If you do not need any additional magic resistance aside from Spirit Visage, these are the two items you should be aiming for next. The combination of these items along with your Warmog's Armor will make you nearly unkillable against late game carries.
Guardian Angel is typically a solid late game pick up for a lot of situations due to the fact that death timers will be so long. If Dr. Mundo dies with his ultimate activated, the ability will continue to heal him as he is reviving from the GA passive.
Good against some initiation heavy compositions and it's mostly picked up as a second magic resist item if you really need it.
The choice between Ninja Tabi and Mercury's Treads comes down to your lane opponent as well as how much crowd control the other team has. Typically, if you are against an AD lane bully like Renekton, an early pick up of Ninja Tabi would be beneficial and you will still have some tenacity from your kit. If the enemy team has a good amount of crowd control then Mercury's Treads is the best option.
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Early/Mid Game

At level 1, you just want to get to lane safe and avoid paths which leave you vulnerable to being cheesed by the enemy laner.

Start off with one point in Infected Bonesaw and use them to last hit. If the other laner tries to harass you, just kite him with cleavers: there's a good chance he will take minion aggro, allowing you to win the trade as long as you don't take creep aggro too.

In Dr. Mundo's early game, you basically want to farm until there is an opportunity to kill. Be very careful of possible early dives on you because you will likely be shoved to your tower during the early stages of the game.

Once you hit level 6, you can start trading and healing up with your ult. If you see the jungler on the other side of the map, you can run past the enemy laner's turret and start proxying creeps. After you kill all the creeps, you should start counter jungling to get ahead of the other lane and make the other jungler lose camps.

During the mid game, you pretty much just push your lane all the way up to the enemy tower before looking for opportunities to gank other lanes or clear camps/buffs. If the enemy AD carry or AP carry is alone, you should take advantage of the fact that you are Mundo with two items and just rush at them and kill them. Mundo's damage is ridiculous mid game and he can almost always solo the enemy carries (the only exception being if they are really fed).
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Late Game / Teamfighting

At this point in the game, you are the tank of your team and if someone initiates a teamfight, you just rush in on the carries and stick on them until they die or you die.

As Mundo, you want to survive as long as possible. If you get really low and they Ignite you, you have to try to avoid damage until the Ignite goes away and then you can run back into the fight while healing from Maximum Dosage.

If you have Teleport on Mundo, you can also start split pushing a lane and use it after the enemy team comes to cover the lane. Make sure to always be aware of where the enemy team is and keep an eye on your own team, too: if your team is getting caught, they might need you to use the Teleport to assist them in a fight.

In teamfights, your goal is to reach and stick to the enemy carries. However, make sure not to go in 1 vs 5 if the enemy carry is far away with his teammates (no matter how badly you want to chase them!). Be sure that your teammates are next to you so that they can back you up once you go in or so that the enemies have to also worry about their positioning (because if they decide to focus you, your teammates can kill them). In short, avoid taking unnecessary damage, just be able to stick to the enemy carries until your team cuts through the frontline.
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Tips and Tricks

  • Dr. Mundo is actually extremely good at level 1 because of his Infected Bonesaw. During early invades, you can check brushes with cleavers to make sure that you won't be facechecking into the enemy team. You can also use cleavers to scare away / poke out an opponent in the river at level 1 if you want to place a deep trinket ward.
  • Keep in mind that Mundo's Infected Bonesaws deal percentage health damage: not only is it a tool for harassing, but it also allows him to do objectives like Baron and Dragon quickly.
  • When you are at low health, keep in mind that your abilities use health as a resource, so don't up end killing yourself.
  • Be very careful of Ignite and the Grieves Wound passive that some champions or items have as it will heavily reduce the healing you'll get from your ultimate.
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Thanks for reading my guide and I hope you guys can learn from it!

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League of Legends Build Guide Author C9Balls
C9Balls Dr. Mundo Guide
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Top Lane Dr. Mundo by C9 Balls

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