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Rumble Build Guide by C9Balls

AP Carry Top Lane Rumble by C9 Balls

By C9Balls | Updated on February 12, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Rumble is a very strong AP solo lane champion that has the ability to dominate lane, provide excellent damage and support in team fights and snowball to victory.

Rumble is also a fun champion to play that does not require mana and has tools to aid him, such as a shield to negate damage and a speed boost to escape, all while dishing out lots of damage.
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Summoner Spells

Teleport + Flash
Ignite + Flash

You want Flash because you already have a movement speed boost from your Scrap Shield and you can catch people off guard with Flash. Teleport is good on pretty much any top lane champion now, and it works especially well on Rumble when used to join fights as he's really good at teamfighting.

You can also take Ignite so you have more kill pressure in lane (people might not expect this). It really depends on what you're looking to achieve: if you are confident enough in your ability to get a kill on your lane and snowball, take Ignite. If you prefer to lane safely and to be able to join your team in fights, take Teleport.
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(Magic Penetration Marks)
Take these because all of Rumble's damage is magic damage.
(Armor Seals)
Standard choice against champions that deal physical damage because these reduce the damage you take from them by a significant amount.
(Alternative - Scaling Health Seals)
Good when you aren't up against a physical damage top laner. These runes scale better into late game and allow you to be tankier against burst from magic damage dealers.
(Magic Resist Glyphs)
Standard glyphs against top laners that deal magic damage.
(Alternative - Scaling Ability Power Glyphs)
Great for scaling better into late game in terms of damage. Only to be used when you are up against a physical damage dealer in top lane.
(Ability Power Quintessences)
These allow you to deal more damage with your abilities. All of Rumble's abilities have decent AP ratios and I think these are the best quintessences that you can use on Rumble. People used to use movement speed quintessences, but I prefer to go for more damage instead.
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I take 21 points in Offense and 9 in Defense since all the offensive stats scale so well with Rumble's damage and he deals massive damage to squishy targets with this setup. I take two points in Fury over Sorcery because having the attack speed lets me cs better and allows me to auto attack more often while overheated. I don't find the cooldown reduction as helpful because that makes me overheat faster. It's all preference, but I think this choice helps me out more during the early game, which in turn means I'll scale better to late game (assuming I'm able to cs better while using this setup).
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Item Builds

(Starting Item)
Doran's Shield lets you sustain in lane and makes you take less damage from auto attacks. Your shield combined with this start should be enough to lane efficiently.
(Alternative Start)
This should be used instead when laning against a champion with high early physical damage (e.g. Riven, Renekton). This start reduces the damage taken from their abilities and auto attacks while also giving you a lot of sustain. The Cloth Armor also builds into Seeker's Armguard later on.
Haunting Guise is an important item to get on the first back, ideally together with Sorcerer's Shoes because these two items combined give you a big spike in damage with all the magic penetration they provide.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter should be one of your next items, because it gives you tons of utility and makes it easier to combo targets while they are slowed.
Void Staff is important because the % magic penetration makes it the most efficient way to burn through the defense of tanks and other enemies with magic resistance.
You can buy Abyssal Mask if you have an AP mid or AP jungler and you need some magic resistance because the other team has a heavy AP caster. This helps you and your team to deal more damage while also providing some tankiness.
Only buy this if the entire enemy team deals physical damage. This allows you to be able to tank more damage from enemy auto attacks while you're burning enemies down with Flamespitter.
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Early Game

During the early game, your main objective is to survive and farm. Depending on where the enemy jungler is, you might be able to play more aggressive, though normally you want to wait until level four before trying to do so. Depending on how healthy you are, you can start controlling the lane and pressuring the opponent from that point on. For example, if you are safe and think the enemy jungler won't gank, you should try to start pushing the lane with Flamespitter before harassing your lane opponent while he's under his turret.
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Mid Game

After level six, your kill pressure is even higher and you can try to hide in a brush and wait for an enemy to overextend and kill him. When you push up the lane all the way to the turret and your lane opponent has CC, you're normally not able to dive him, so you probably want to roam and try to make plays with The Equalizer instead. Because Rumble has good mobility, he can travel to lanes which are being pushed back to his ally's tower and gank before the enemies in that lane can react to it.
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Late Game

During the late game, you want to group up with your teammates while your ultimate is up and roam for objectives. Rumble's ultimate is a good tool to use to catch someone who is overextended and kill him. Normally, you want to just force objectives and have teamfights with Rumble.
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In teamfights, you want to focus on landing The Equalizer on either the enemy AP carry or the enemy AD carry (whoever you think is stronger). There are some situations where you can ult the frontline and help peel for your teammates while killing the enemy frontline before moving on to the backline. Just make sure you combo your skills right and that you overheat once all your abilities are on cooldown to increase your auto attack damage.
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Thanks for reading my guide!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author C9Balls
C9Balls Rumble Guide
Top Lane Rumble by C9 Balls
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