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Master Yi Build Guide by Lepado

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lepado

Top lane yi, the low elo king

Lepado Last updated on June 29, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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So.... why yi?

- Is a dunkmaster
- Has a possibility to one-hit-kill squishies late game
- Alpha Strike can crit
- Really fast
- Can tank damage and stay in lane longer with Meditate
- Low elo king
- Easy to last hit
- Best backdoor champion the game

- Squishy without defensive items
- Easily countered with hard cc
- No cc
- No utility

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Yi's power moves

Yi has 4 special abilities.

Alpha strike lets yi become invulnerable for around a second and hit enemies. This power is one of the most important powers yi has. This power can crit, dealing wondrous ad damage, causing above 600+.

Meditate allows yi to tank incredible amounts of damage and heal him. This is pretty much saying to the attacker you're invincible or it is a message saying "green pea damage".

Wuju style's passive givs yi bonus ad. That's why with the correct setup he can have the most ad when everyone spawns. When it is activated then yi deals true damage so you can call yi's dunking "True dunking". This means all other dunks are less real/true than yi's.

Highlander, lets you run away if you are super scared and let's you kill stuff faster. It is basically improves all speed attributes.


This combo will teach you how to effectively dunk.

E gives you more attack damage to deal more damage with your q, and highlander before the q let's you come into battle faster, and no need to press r after q.

You are ready to dunk.

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The chapters below will explain what happens here. If we only had 2 chapters this guide would be pretty, pretty boring.

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Counters are very hard to lane against. I will list the strongest few.

Jax is a really difficult champion to lane against when you're Yi. Yi relies on his basic attack to deal the most damage and Jax just counters that with his e and a stun right after. Avoid him when he turns on his e and go on short trades. His passive gives him higher attack speed and his ultimate gives jax a bonus 100 magic damage. Try short trading before 6 and call in your jungler if you can.

Teemo's q will just wreck you, along with the shrooms and poison. The poison deals a great deal of damage without mr and the shrooms deal great over-time damage too along with a slow. I consider buying oracle's elixir or getting a sweeping lens to clear out his shrooms and attacking him from the bush. Attacking from the bush gives you the advantage of dealing damage before he does and you can meditate to tank his counterattack.

Rammus' q has knockback and he was made to have a large amount of armor. His w reflects damage back on you, meaning the more damage you do, the more damage you get. If you manage to get him low, he will q away and you can't slow him, unless you get Botrk/bilgewater cutlass. To counter his w, I suggest building the core items/damage later and build more defense. To counter his q, get that Botrk to slow him down a bit. To counter his e (taunt), get the mercurial scimitar.

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Laning phase - Early game

You have gotten your items and gone into the lane. What next?

I'll tell you!

Of course, you should always last hit the minions to gain gold advantage over your opponent. If you're up against a squishy top champion that's melee, go for big trades, since you deal great ad damage, unless it's teemo. If it is a tank champion, go for short trades or harass with q. Go for the kill if you are above 92% confident. How to deal against a ranged champion? If you're opponent is a lower elo, try making him push, then call the jungler or chase him, which will allow you to farm with ease after he has recalled to base.

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Laning phase - Mid game

Start helping out other lanes.
If they are already okay/doing a FAAAAAAAAAAANTASTIC job, farm your lane and gain gold. You should start getting dragon now, and finishing the core items. Finished the core? Great. Remember, you do not have to follow the example builds, build depending on the opposition. Pay attention to the mini-map, sometimes an enemy will backdoor a tower. Now for the late game!

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You should have finished all your items or nearly finished. Engage last if you have build more on offense than defense. Or close to last. You are squishy and will be easily killed due to hard cc. Vice versa for defense. Hey, it's late game, there might be some tower snacks lying around. Why not eat some? There might even be a special nexus cake lying in the open!

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End of Guide

Thank you for reading.
I hope this helped you in any way.
This was my first guide I hope you loved it.
Here is my token of appreciation.
Music for playing as yi.