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Zac Build Guide by djapanogometas

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League of Legends Build Guide Author djapanogometas

Top-Lane Zac Means Buisness

djapanogometas Last updated on July 31, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 4

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my name is djapanogometas and this is my first build so I am new to this but i gave it a try, I am not a high ranked player but I try ya know how it goes, but never mind that. I just wanted to start a guide and preety much here I am. Excuse me if I miss-spelled some because I am from Croatia. So this is my Top-lane Zac build. I play Zac full tank because it's fun and I just like playing him that way. Please leave comments to make me make better guides and leave me feedback about this one I really appreciate it.

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For runes i take my full tank rune page. I really like it and I use it every time. I have good results with it and good defensive stats early.

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As for masteries I take 4 23 3 because it gives me fairly tankyness some CDR and MS. You can play around with it, try some stuff, whatever you want.

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As for items I would usually rush a Spirit Visage or a Sunfire Cape, depending on the enemy team composition. After those two times I would get a Warmog's Armor for the extra HP and HP regen. My next item would be either a Randuin's Omen or Banshee's Veil depending on the enemy team's composition as well as the first item. Than the last item I would take Rylai's Crystal Scepter for the extra HP, some AP for more damage and an extra slow, as well as Zac's other CC; slow on his Q, knockback and stun on his E as well on his Ultimate.

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Skill Sequence

For the skills I would max firstly Q for the extra poke and hor*** and for a bigger slow. But if you're against a duo tank top and you need AoE damage W is the thing to max first. Against a lane e.g. Zac and Nasus I would max W because of Zac's passive you need AoE damage to fastly kil him and they are both tanks so W's HP% damage goes quite well, as well as a 4 second CD on it.

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I would take Flash for some escape,chasing and kill potential. Teleport I would take because you can get faster in lane or go help your teammates all around the map, just teleport in and Ult and that's how you disrupt the enemy team and earn your team some nice kills.

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Team Work

When a large teamfight occurs I would E in Q then W and instantly Ult on the whole enemy team. That will CC them fairly, deal some nice damage and preventing them to fight for a second or two. Keep smashing W and picking up blobs whenever you can during your Ultimate to maximize damage and survivability. Try to give your team kills but you can take one here and there so you don't have a bad score or anything like that. If the enemy team manages to kill everyone but you they still need too kill you in your passive while Sunfire is ticking. Then, if they don't kill you, you will come back even stronger; with half HP, and try to kill them so they must be very careful.

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Unique Skills

And last I have to mention something useful to play with, or something against Zac. When you play with him be careful when their jungler is nearby because your blobs can me Consumed by Nunu or just Smited. If your teammates have teleport up they can teleport to your blobs when you split with your passive. Enemies can step on your blobs. Be vary if the enemy team is avare of that or not. As for playing against Zac, when he splits with his passive it's fairly easly to kill him, but AoE magic damage does 33% less magic damage. So I said in Skill Sequence maxing W does more damage to blobs but not the full damage. But it still helps. If you die with your passive under a tower the tower will prioritize your blobs than other minions. If you have a Guardian Angel or if Zilean puts Crono Shift on you it will trigger before your passive.

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So this was my build on Zac the Blob, if you guys have feedback please leave it down in the comments and tell me if this guide has helped you, how did everything work out. So I will be doing more guides later on but till that time I'll be reading comments constantly. Bye