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Ekko Build Guide by guygo9000

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author guygo9000

[TOP] Tank Ekko: The Trojan Horse

guygo9000 Last updated on December 6, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Ekko with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Nasus Just push him away from his farm and harass a ton. Deny him all his farm. Make it a living hell, and put him back in the pound.
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Yello, I'm Guygo9000 and this is a quick guide to Tank Ekko. This build focuses on retaining his damage output by having some AP items like Iceborn Gauntlet, but also boosting Ekko's survivability with items like Sunfire Cape and Spirit Visage. With this setup, he can dish out damage really quickly by using his damage abilities like Timewinder while also staying alive through the whole ordeal using Chronobreak and his various tank items. The CDR provided by much of the items allow for a lot more spells to be used in a shorter time, boosting his damage potential. Basically, you can deal loads of damage without worrying too much. I hope you enjoy my guide and take it into consideration. This is my first guide, so it might be a little messy. I am open for suggestion and I really want to do my best to provide a guide you won't barf at when reading it. Thanks for checking it out anyway!

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+ High damage
+ High survivability
+ Great late game
+ Easy ganks
Since a lot of Ekko's damage comes from his high base damage and AP ratios, he will be able to dish out enough damage while still being... alive. Lots of the tanky items in this build allow him to use more spells in a shorter amount of time, like Spirit Visage. He shines the most during the late game when he's got enough damage and tankiness.

+ Suffers during the early game
+ Can't facemelt
+ Hard matchups
+ Very farm dependent
As Ekko's matchups over at top are mostly hard and a nuisance (Looking at you, Teemo.) it's hard to farm with him unless you spam abilities to get the opponents out of lane. Since he's not building AP either, he definitely can't one-shot people and his W is pretty useless since it scales off AP, not HP.

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Z-Drive Resonance
// Every third hit you do **** tons of damage, slow the opponent, and run fast if it's a champion.
// This is where your main damage output comes from, since your Timewinder won't be doing as much damage. When you hit the enemy, try to proc the last stack with your Phase Dive as it does even more damage.

// Ekko throws a yo-yo that travels outwards in a line, damaging peeps. When it comes back it damages even more and slows.
// Try to save this skill for when you're done teleporting to the enemy with Phase Dive. It's a guaranteed hit and will probably put two stacks of Z-Drive Resonance on the enemy and then you can deal **** tons of damage. Since this doesn't do too much damage without AP items, use it mainly for the slow and the stacks it gives. In the laning phase, use it to clear waves or harass.

Parallel Convergence
// Ekko detaches a hologram from himself aims, and shoots a little ball thingy to an area. If you step in it, it explodes and stuns people in it. Also you get a shield. Also you deal more damage to people under 30% HP.
// This skill is by far your hardest skill to hit, so save it for when your enemy is running. You have to really predict where the enemy is going and try to hit it as best as you can or use it as a sort of bait to make enemies run in a direction you want them to. Shooting it from a bush can also be quite the surprise and you can use Phase Dive in order to jump in the field if it's too far away and explode it. The shield isn't that great anymore but it's still pretty handy in sticky situations. When the ball launches, it also gives you vision, so you can scout with it once you have CDR. The main thing with this skill is the % health damage if your opponent is really low. Be sure to take the bonus damage in account if you want to finish a guy off.

Phase Dive
// Ekko goes full on Lucian mode and rolls forward. Afterwards, he can teleport to an enemy by right clicking and it deals more damage. Procs Z-Drive Resonance and the teleport damages towers.
// Use this ability to run, close gaps, and finish off your stacks. You can use it to jump over short walls and ledges, so be sure to juke with it. A good way to escape with this is to roll and then teleport to an enemy minion, or roll, place a warding totem, then teleport to a jungle creep. Be creative with it and play some mindgames! Since you're maxing this out first, use it's high base damage to initiate with a Sheen proc and deal, well... Tons of damage.

// Ekko pulls his thingy-madoohicker and teleports back where he was a few seconds ago, exploding the area around his hologram.
// Your most annoying skill, use it to escape or just get off a huge heal. The damage isn't as high, but it still is pretty good so you can use it as a finisher if you're good at aiming it. Mainly though, be clever with it and switch up your game every time you use it. Whether it be for crazy initiating, running away, or simply just for damages.

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Fights and Combos


Where the heck should I be in teamfights?

You should go straight for the ADC or any other squishy targets. Your tankiness can help aid in your survival so you most likely will not die if you go for the ADC. Basically, your goal is to assassinate the ADC before he can even blink, and then start to tank hits for your team. Almost dead? Use Chronobreak. You should use the large amount of slows coming out from your Timewinder and Iceborn Gauntlet to limit the opponent's movement and keep on their tail at all times.

When should I initiate a teamfight?

Got Chronobreak? Are the enemies kinda just lounging around? Is your Morgana in position to snare? Are your teammates all there? If you said yes to all of these, then throw out a Parallel Convergence to scatter the enemies around, then use Timewinder If you're close enough to them. If not, Phase Dive, then use Timewinder. Smack them a couple times and get your stacks off, and repeat on their squishiest target. Continue doing this until you're done bursting them down or if you're about to die, then Chronobreak. A handy trick in initiating is you can Phase Dive in so that your teammates will start the fight, back off after dealing a bit of damage, and your Chronobreak illusion will be right on top of the enemies. Press R. Profit.


Space Invasion
This combo is mainly used to harass the opponent during the laning phase. Use your Timewinder, and make sure you get at least two stacks on the enemy. If you do, then simply jump on him with Phase Dive and pop the stacks. Your movement speed will be too fast for them to catch up, so don't be afraid to do this. If you don't get the second stack but still insist on harassing, then just hit the guy one more time and then Phase Dive or the other way around. The main point is you should pop the stacks and run away before they have a chance to hit you.

The Diveroll
Start with Phase Dive and teleport onto the opponent. Throw out your Timewinder, and finish off your Z-Drive Resonance Stacks. Afterwards, as your enemy is running away like a fish out of water, smack him on the head a couple times and throw out your Parallel Convergence. Your enemy will either:
    1.Run into the AoE or
    2.Try and evade it
If option one happens, simply Phase Dive into the AoE or just run in. If option two happens, follow up with Timewinder and keep whacking away at your opponent.

The Surprise Delivery
Another good combo to use is when you're getting ganked. Attempt to run away, and when they are chasing after you, jump back in with Chronobreak or throw out Parallel Convergence first as they are going to be forced to fight you inside it, which means an easy stun. Throw out your Timewinder if you're right in their face and use Phase Dive to finish off your stacks. Get tons of damage off in a short time and maybe(?) you'll get a double. Maybe.

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Item Sequence

Iceborn Gauntlet

Ionian Boots of Lucidity

Sunfire Cape

Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Randuin's Omen

Zhonya's Hourglass

Core Items

The perfect item for this build. It gives CDR, mana, armor, AP, and a Sheen proc. This makes your damage output very high and helps you get kills with Phase Dive and Z-Drive Resonance. It also slows, meaning you can stick to your opponents easily. Without this item you won't be dealing that much damage and you won't have enough mana to cast that much spells. Once you get the Sheen, start getting a lot more aggressive in lane and push out the enemy as much as possible.
We choose these boots since we want maximum CDR to dish out a lot of damage with our spells. Also they make you run faster.
The slow effect on this item lets you stick to your opponents more along with Iceborn Gauntlet's slow. It gives you tons of HP and a lot of AP as well, so you can hit harder and tank well. You can buy this before Sunfire Cape if you intend to be more offensive.
Gives you tons of HP and armor. Coupled with Rylai's Crystal Scepter, your tankiness will continue to grow and you can still hurt the opponents with the combination of Iceborn Gauntlet procs, your E and passive. Get this first if your lane opponent is really being a large problem.

Defensive Items

If you are ever need to shake off some CC, then get this. Usually, I would opt for another item.
Tons of armor, tons of HP, and a slow that makes it even easier for you to stick to your opponents like super glue? Yes please.
Even more HP. Buy it to finish off your build or just stack a ton more HP if you keep dying.
Gives you much needed tankiness, CDR, and magic resist. Gives you a lot more overall tankiness, and is a good item all around. Get this before Sunfire Cape if your lane opponent is AP, or the enemy team is mainly AP.

Offensive Items
Typically the go-to option for AP, it raises your CDR and gives you a lot of mana regen. This helps in the early stages of the game and boosts your damage potential by quite a lot.
Gives you much needed defense and a big boost to AP. The preferred AP booster.
If you want some more damage along with tankiness, this is the perfect item.
This item allows you to deal a lot of damage and bypass a lot of MR if the opponent builds it. Generally, it's a good item as it improves your tankiness slightly but heightens your killing power at the same time.


Typically, you want to be getting a balance of Tank and AP, but lean more to one side. For example, a tankier build would have the core defensive items and have Warmog's Armor along with a Zhonya's Hourglass. A more AP oriented build would have Void Staff or Morellonomicon. Just be creative with the builds and switch it up according to what suits you and your playstyle, whether it be camping it out or going straight in and getting damage off on the opponent.

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Ekko- The Trojan Horse
Tanky DPS, Assassin

Synergy: 420/10
Ganking potential: Too stronk
Speciality: Never die, always kill
Explanation: Harass with Timewinder. Go in with Phase Dive. Buy Sheen. Kill people. Buy tanky items. Kill people. Roam map. Kill people. Get tankier items and never die. Get AP items and always kill.

P.S. Please, feel free to put your constructive criticism down in the comments and also I am open to suggestions! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy.