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Thresh Build Guide by Tourizm

Tourizms Guide To Support Thresh

Tourizms Guide To Support Thresh

Updated on March 29, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tourizm Build Guide By Tourizm 11 0 12,168 Views 2 Comments
11 0 12,168 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Tourizm Thresh Build Guide By Tourizm Updated on March 29, 2019
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Bone Plating

Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

+8 ability haste
+8 Magic Resist
+8 Magic Resist


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Ability Order Skill Sequence

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

Tourizms Guide To Support Thresh

By Tourizm
1. Welcome
2. What is good about Tresh?
3. Runes
4. Abilities and Sequence
5. Gameplay
6. Summary: Thresh in a Nutshell
1. Welcome
Hello! I am Tourizm a long time League of Legends Player since season 3! Since Season 5 I have almost just played Support in all different variations, styles, and Champions.
I have peaked in Diamond 4 last season, were I maintain until today. Since Thresh came out his Kit, Playstyle and Champion design hooked me. Until today I play him regularly and overall I've played over 500 Thresh Games in Gold-Diamond Elo.
I attend to stream regularly and if you want I would highly appreciate it, if you check out my Twitch Channel. Here Is my Channel
2. What is good About Thresh?
Thresh is a very popular Support in League of Legends. His Ability Kit makes him one of the Leagues most remarkable Support. His Ability to Engage, Disengage and make Plays really make him outstanding.

Very Tanky

Very aggressive Lane Bully

Death Sentence and Flay Can Make and Break Teamfights

Brings a lot of CC for your Team

Ranged Support With High Damage

Very Fun Kit


Skillshot reliant

Takes A Lot of Practice

Very Little to no Sustain in Lane
3. Runes


When you CC an opponent, you will gain a big boost to your resistances for 2 and a half seconds, then explode dealing magic damage in an surroundding area. This Keystone
has a perfect synergy with Thresh, meaning hitting your Q or E will usually allowing you leaping into melee range and getting bonus resistances and applying your damage.


This mastery gives you health scaling extra tower damage and allows you to execute enemy towers mega fast. Its perfect for pushing!

Bone Plating

Gives you reduced Damage for consecutive attacks. A valuable rune and necessary to sustain in poke and team fights.


This mastery gives you Tenacity (CC Resistance) after you used an enemy spell. Very good to maintain in fight and execute your combos and spells.

Biscuit Delivery

This mastery from the Inspiration Tree gives you a Cookie, that restores health and mana every 3 minutes. Since you have no sustain it helps you massively to stay in lane and provides you a steady presence.

Approach Velocity

An inrecdible good Keystone from the Inspiration Tree, that allows you to come faster to CCed Champions, allowing you to execute your Combos much smoothe.
4. Abilities, Sequence
FLASH: Bread and Butter Skill. Allowing you to engange for a play, disengange for a rescue or positioning yourself simply in a better position in situations.
IGNITE:The Summoner Spell to Go in Laning Phase. It Allows you to execute your Plays and Finishing Off Kills to get a msassive Lead for you and your ADC



> > >
Early Game

Within all phases of a game, Thresh has a good Status. Right after Level 2, there's a Chokepoint. In the beginning, you want to push as fast as possible with the help of your ADC to get Level 2 first.

When you get Level 2 First as a Thresh you will have a big advantage. At Level 2 you have your Death Sentence and your Flay allowing you to execute your first big play and getting first blood. Important is to use Ignite right of the start to reduce the enemy ADCS healing. Even if you don't get a kill most of the time you will get the enemy Flash and Heal. You can use your own Flash to get first blood, but I would only suggest trading Flashes situational.

Playstyle During Laning Phase

As a tanky and ranged support it is your main goal to constantly bully enemy ADC and punishing him while farming., making it hard for him to get any gold and hitting your ADC. When you're in Lead by Gold or Kill Lead enemy ADC should be scared by your presence alone.

Every time, when the enemy ADC goes for the last hit you should punish him by auto attacking him. But don't forget your own positioning while doing it. You should constantly be applying pressure on the enemy and when he is low enough finish him off with your Flay and Death Sentence

If the enemy support is a squishy target like Soraka Sona or Janna it me easier to harass them and get your combo off on them when they are low or missplay in positioning. Against melee ranged Support like Taric Leona or Alistar try to harass them everytime they step up to engage or use their support sharing gold item.

Once your summoners, especially your Flash is down you should play a more aware playtyle and be carefull with overcommitment.

To avoid getting zoned and poked outta lane you should use health potions everytime you get back in laning phase. And dont forget to buy vision. Vision is the they key factor to win.
Summary: Thresh in a Nutshell

Max Q first. Harass with autos. **** em up and show them who's boss. You don't need to be actively hooking, because your presence should be just as strong, if not, stronger than the hook itself. Engage with your hook when they blow mobility spells, or if it's free. When looking for a good hook, you want to be actively predicting movement inputs and mobility spells and flashes. So if enemy Lucian still has E up, and you have to try to hook him, aim the hook to where he's gonna dash to. DO NOT FLAY IMMEDIATELY AFTER REACTIVATING HOOK. Save your flay for when you can get the maximum benefit from it, for example, to cancel Tristana's jump. Lantern to engage/disengage. Box to engage/disengage. Don't be a wuss; take Coin and Ignite. Buy peeling items, not selfish tank items. Mikael's crucible, Locket, Frozen Heart/Randuins, are better for peeling than a Sunfire/Spirit Visage. In a teamfight you should be locking down squishies with your Hook and Flay, and keeping the damage off of your backline with your Box, Flay, Hook and item actives. Try not to take the kill unless you have to in order to save a teammate. Every support matchup besides maybe Morgana or Soraka or Janna is freelo. Buy pinks. Rush Sightstone on 100/100 of your games. Get swifties and keep engaging and peeling. Don't dive in 1v5 with your hook. Use quickcast for better, more natural hooks and flays. When chucking the lantern, throw it a little ways in front of your ally, because of the travel time. Ping objectives. Get picks. Destroy towers. Deny dragons. Ward key areas around objectives before they're contested. Don't flame. Don't rage. Don't feed

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