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Caitlyn Build Guide by VioleGreis

AD Carry Trap style. Not AS. ( Sorry about my english )

AD Carry Trap style. Not AS. ( Sorry about my english )

Updated on April 14, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author VioleGreis Build Guide By VioleGreis 6,464 Views 0 Comments
6,464 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author VioleGreis Caitlyn Build Guide By VioleGreis Updated on April 14, 2016
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Caitlin hero who kills the enemy from a distance. Why such a hero needs runes on armor and resist if he can simply not to allow the enemies to yourself ?. 99% ADC pick heal and flash - i hate it. People do not know about Cleanse\Exhaust or something new?

It's my experemintal build and i testing him in every game in caitlyn
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About build

That build it's semi-agressive play style(In my mind it's very funny). You just farm Creeps and place traps.

you can easily kill any enemy, but we have exeptions like a blitz or tresh or zed

1. When enemy catch in your trap -> attack him if you have enough range.
2. If it's danger to attack -> then don't attack.
3. If enemy support like Braum\Leona try to catch you -> shot net -> Headshot
3. If enemy run to you -> Place trap and try to move enemy to them
4. Play against Kha'Zix or Rengar and they irritated you? -> casts trap himself
Combo -> Enemy in trap -> Headshot -> Q -> Move to enemy -> Net -> Headshot.
just damage enemy, not necessarily kill them.
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Pros / Cons

    You can easy stay in line
    Do a lot of damage if you do it right
    Perfect survability if you do it right
    You like narrow area
    A lot of junglers can't gank you without flash
    You can easy lose line
    Impossible to newbie
    Not have lifesteal in start and mid game
    You hate open area
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About runes

Simple: 70 aD 9% crit 10% AS
We not have Survability from runes THEN don't run to enemy, let them run to you.
You can boost your crits to enemy like:
if 6-7 attack not drop crit then just do 1-2 attack to enemy
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About Damage (5 lvl with BF)

Piltover 3 lvl damage = 110+130*1.5 = 305 damage(if enemy first target)
Trap 3 lvl damage = 110 + 130*(1.55 + 0.7) = 400 damage
Yes if we maxing Q and do Combo Trap+Headshot+Piltover it's do more damage than we maxing E,
but if we maxing E then we can place 4 traps and their cd ~ 20 sec and 20 mp against 80.

If we attack cathed target then it has done instantly despite the attack cd
If all enemies has been catched we can do more them 3 attack in 1 second( with 0.8 AS )
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You can Jungle

Gank: Use traps to block way
Run: Net to face
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Team Work

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League of Legends Build Guide Author VioleGreis
VioleGreis Caitlyn Guide
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Trap style. Not AS. ( Sorry about my english )

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