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Teemo Build Guide by LordAdrian

Treacherous Teemo (AD Guide)

Treacherous Teemo (AD Guide)

Updated on June 29, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LordAdrian Build Guide By LordAdrian 26 10 460,916 Views 17 Comments
26 10 460,916 Views 17 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author LordAdrian Teemo Build Guide By LordAdrian Updated on June 29, 2012
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Hello everyone, I'm Adrian. This will be my 2nd Mobafire guide, and so far, it is the only one I use for playing Teemo, The Swift Scout. This build has a great blend between incredible attack speed and massive attack damage, and it fits Teemo very well. If you like this guide, vote it up and favorite (if you would like). I would greatly appreciated feedback in the comments section, as I will always be looking to improve my guide. However, PLEASE explain why you voted either way. Otherwise, lets get started on how to dominate with this sneaky sport!

Thanks to jhoihoi for the sweet banner!
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    -Guide was created 5/9/12
    -Added the Situational Items Section in the "Items" Chapter: 5/16/12
    -Added custom banner for guide in Introduction chapter (made by jhoihoi)
    -5/26/12: Added a chapter on "Abilities/Skills", and a chapter on Teemo's roles in game. Also, added Infinity Edge as a situational item, and switched out the Ionic Spark for a Frozen Mallet in the item purchases (all item changes mentioned in the "Items - Continued" chapter)
    -5/29/12: Properly cited jhoihoi's template, edited the "Pro/Cons" chapter, changed Teemo's passive definition and added italics to all ability definitions in the "Abilities/Skills" chapter, and added line dividers in a couple of chapters.
    -5/31/12: Replaced break lines in chapters with jhoihoi's custom line dividers.
    -6/29/12: Changed to comment to vote, as troll voting has gotten this guide out of the top ten. :P
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Why Play Teemo? (Pros and Cons)

You might ask, why play Teemo? Well, here are the benefits and disadvantages of playing him.

Pros / Cons

+ Highly benefits from large damage sources.
+ Very Sneaky (Backdoors EXTREMELY well!)
+ Can be used as a ward thanks to his ultimate!
+ Has abilities for escaping and chasing.
+ Farms very easily and well!
+ Is a strong fighter all throughout stages of the game.
+ Mushrooms help finish and slow enemies in times of need.
+ Can shred armor and tanky champions efficiently!



- Very squishy early game.
- Is commonly targeted during team fights.
- Does not have much crowd control
- Very vulnerable to AP and AD carries.
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Camouflage - If Teemo stands still and takes no action for 2 seconds, he becomes stealthed. Moving or taking actions will break Teemo out of stealth and will boost his attack speed by 40% for 3 seconds.

Tips and Tricks:

+Using this next to a turret when the enemy is pushing, and then popping out and attacking them by surprise.
+When you are being chased, and the enemy is at a decent enough distance for you to use this without worry.
+When an enemy is coming your way for a gank on an ally, but doesn't know you're there, you can make a sort of counter-ganking position, and use it to make them retreat or to kill them.

Blinding Dart - Teemo shoots a venom-coated dart at the target enemy, dealing magic damage and blinding them for a few seconds, causing all their autoattacks to miss for its duration.

Tips and Tricks:

+Using this at level 2 is extremely useful and crucial to a kill because your enemy cannot attack you. Take this advantage to kill him/her with or without an ally while they are down.
+When you are being chased and you aren't too low, throw a quick dart at your chaser to kill some time.
+Use this when an enemy is pushing a turret to cut some time on their pushing.

Move Quick - (Passive): Grants increased movement speed until struck by a champion or turret. This bonus is restored 5 seconds after last being struck by a champion or turret.
(Active): For 3 seconds, Teemo gains double his passive movement speed and will not lose it regardless of whether he is hit or not. The passive is restored after the duration of the active.

Tips and Tricks:

+Great for mobility in placing your mushrooms around the map and jungling.
+Chasing down a kill or running away!
+Getting to an area on the map or your lane more quickly.

Toxic Shot - Teemo deals extra magic damage with his autoattacks. Additionally, his attacks will poison the target, dealing magic damage each second for 4 seconds. This poison will not stack but the duration will be refreshed with every subsequent attack.

Tips and Tricks:
+This is Teemo's primary source of damage, so make sure you get this first and max this first! Aside from that, there is not much more to explain about this deadly ability.

Noxious Trap - Teemo places a trap which stealths and arms after 1 second. The traps grant vision around a very small radius while armed. If an enemy steps on the trap, it will detonate, poisoning all nearby enemies. The poison slows enemies and deals damage to them every second. This poison will not stack but the duration will be refreshed with every subsequent detonation. Mushrooms have 100 health and can be destroyed by autoattacks if they are visible, but they are immune to spell damage.

The traps last 10 minutes. Teemo will store one every several seconds, the charge time is affected by cooldown reduction, and Teemo can have a maximum of three traps stocked up. Each cast uses one trap.

Tips and Tricks:
+This ultimate is like a given ward, so make sure to use it to no extent! Try placing these in every bush around the map for vision purposes!
+Along with vision, these deal damage. Therefore, putting these in bushes all around the map will give you more chances to secure kills on unsuspecting weak champions!
+Place these around lanes to prevent ganking.
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Greater Mark of Attack Damage - First, I use Flat Attack Damage marks. These help a lot early game with damage, and are good additions to the attack damage items you will be getting.

Greater Seal of Armor - Next, I have Armor seals. These are great for sustainability, especially early game where Teemo may be a bit squishy.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - As for Glyphs, I use Magic Resist per Level. I think that getting these per level is better because late game is when all of those AP carries start to get REALLY annoying, so these help a lot when it comes to facing mages and other AP casters.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed - Finally, for quintessences, I use these. For these, what can I say? This build has a lot of focus on attack speed, so it is only natural that these quintessences are a good choice.
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Items - Introduction


Here is how you should begin your Teemo game.

: You gotta start with this. The early game sustain from the +80 Health and the +10 Attack Damage is just perfect. It will help greatly in achieving first blood.
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A Break in Items - What Boots Should I Get?

What Boots Should I Get?

What boots should you build on Teemo? Well, it is important to consider the other team's champion line-up when choosing boots, but here are my recommendations on proper boots for Teemo!

My #1 Choice
: - These are the boots that I use on Teemo most of the time. The reason for this is that not only are these boots essential for most AD carries, but also, this build is strong in attack damage, so it is logical to get attack speed boots. After all, they are a noticeably effective touch of early game AD, so if you think you are struggling, get these!

Optional Choices

- These boots are wonderful if you are having trouble with annoying AP carries that are doing a lot of damage. make sure who you are dealing against when purchasing these!

- Not a usual choice for Teemo, but can be a viable one. These boots are great if the opposing team has an overabundance of AD carries, and fed ones at that.

All other boots are not good choices on AD Teemo in my opinion, Mobility Boots are pointless because of Teemo's Move Quick, Teemo has no big cooldowns, so Ionian Boots of Lucidity are not smart to get, etc.
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Items - Continued

Items - Continued

- Get this item for the excellent early game attack speed. It is also not very pricey, so make sure to pick it up as your first main item.

- This is a perfect mid-game item for Teemo. Get this item for 3 improved attributes that will be very helpful in game, armor, attack speed, AND attack damage. This item is a bit pricey, but very much worth it!

- This is a great item at this time in the game, because around now, Teemo should be pretty squishy. That is a problem. What greater way than to give him 700 health with this guy? Also, Teemo doesn't have much crowd control, so he HIGHLY benefits from the 40% movement slowing ability of this item. Sure, it's a big investment, but if you are getting kills, this should be no sweat. Make sure to pick it up before you start feeding from squishy-ness!

- At this point, you should have great attack speed in your build, and decent attack damage. DECENT. You need more than the amount of attack damage that Madred's Bloodrazor gives you, so buy Bloodthirster for that reason. Not only this, but you must get this item because of something Teemo needs, Lifesteal! And a great amount of it too, when you get this item.

- Finally, get this item to get Teemo to the attack speed cap 2.500, and give him a great critical strike chance for soloing enemies. A great finale to this epic item build!

And those are the items! If the order of the items may be better or worse depending on your situation, then adjust! It's always okay to switch the order of the items!

Situational Items

- Get this if you are satisfied with your level of attack speed, but you feel that you need more damage output. What better way to end off the build? This great item gives you a high amount of attack damage and critical strike chance. You may swap this item for your Wit's End if you feel your attack speed is sufficient.

A Sidenote/Tip: If in doubt, get a Vampiric Scepter. It will help you farm and stick in fights if you are struggling!
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Skill Sequence

Skill Sequence
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

As you can see, I max Toxic Shot first. This is necessary because it is Teemo's primary damage source. Next, I get Blinding Dart at level 2, and max it next. I do this because Teemo benefits strongly from long blinds on your opponents, especially if you are soloing champion in a fight. Afterwards, I put a point into Move Quick at level 3, and max it last. I do this because Teemo benefits from the early speed, but dosen't need it too much until later in the game. Note: if you think you need If you are using Flash for Teemo, like I do, then using Move Quick as a ticket to escaping shouldn't really be a problem. Last, no surprise, I get Noxious Trap at levels 6, 11, and 18.
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Summoner Spells

Summmoner Spells

These are the summoner spells that I use:

- I use this summoner because of the early game advantage it could give you. This is a key to getting first blood, and paired with Teemo's Toxic Shot, it is a deadly finisher to an early kill.

- There is really no explanation for Flash, except that it is an additional escape tool, as well as a source of being able to catch up with an opposing enemy.

All other summoner spells are not necessary but are fine on Teemo, just be careful what you choose!
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Gameplay Roles

Early Game: Your early game objective as Teemo is to obtain first blood (or at least assist to it), poke the enemy madly, push, and ward the area with your Noxious Trap. This will result in lane domination early game, and you becoming fed over your enemy laners. This will also give you availability to gank lanes without worrying about your own.

Mid-Game: Your mid-game objective is to gank lanes, place more mushrooms, and push with your team. Additionally, if you are in mid-game teamfights, make sure to stay in the back of your team. Teemo is not a tank, nor is he an initiator. He is an attack damage dps, so you must make sure to play him like one! Do not get too cocky or kill-greedy either, Teemo is very squishy, so don't start feeding because of a stupid reason. Remember, part of carrying involves minimal deaths!

Late Game: Your late-game role is to shred the tanks, keep staying in the back of team fights, placing more mushrooms, and back-dooring lanes. This can be accomplished by using Move Quick to rush to lanes while the enemy isn't expecting it. Destroy turrets one by one and don't go overboard. Keep following with the build, don't feed, and you will be fine.
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If your looking to play Teemo, give this build a try, it works quite well! I have won a lot of games with this build, and I just want to share it with everyone to enjoy!

Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here!

Thank you all so much for reading, and leave comments, I am always up for feedback! But remember, explain why you voted either way!

Thank you all! Adrian
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