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Lucian Build Guide by hidan159

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hidan159

♕ Trickshot, the trick is not to get shot ♕ Updated!

hidan159 Last updated on March 22, 2014
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Ability Sequence

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Plz test this guide in normal games before u vote :) ty :)

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Pros / Cons


+ Great wave clear and poke dmg
+ High mobility and low CD escape spell
+ Ult makes tons of dmg if well aimed
+ Really good Passive
+ Relentless Pursuit through walls

- Hard to master
- Minions can be hit by The Culling
- No cc
- He is weak in the earlygame

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Yellow: explanation of the skill
white: Cooldowns, Mana costs and Range
Normal: tips and tricks

After a delay, Lucian fires a laser in the direction of the target enemy dealing physical damage to all enemies in a line. Minions take 75% damage.

Cost 60/65/70/75/80 mana
Cooldown 9/8/7/6/5 seconds
Range 550

First I max out Piercing Light, because it´s the best damage dealer and the best skill you can use in lane to harras. If you max it Piercing Light´s CD is very low and you can use it often. With The Bloodthirster it makes insane dmg.

In this picture you can see how I harras Ashe with my Piercing Light. I use my Q on a minion to hit Ashe easily. After you hit your Piercing Light u must dicide if it´s possible to hit her with one basic attack too discharge your Lightslinger.
If you play against Caitlyn play safe and only hit her with your Piercing Light. With her long range it´s really hard too land your Lightslinger without taking damagefrom her.
Dont try to harras if you hit to many minions. If you hit to many minions u push ur lane needless.

Lucian fires a shot that explodes in a cross pattern upon hitting an enemy or reaching the end of its path, dealing magic damage and marking enemies hit for 6 seconds. If Lucian damages a marked target, he gains 40 movement speed for 2 seconds. This does not consume the mark.

Cost 60 mana
Cooldown 14/13/12/11/10 seconds
Range 1000

After I have maxed Lightslinger, I level Ardent Blaze, for a better movement speed bonus. If i max Ardent Blaze I can follow enemys better.

It's realy important that you hit your Ardent Blaze so that you can follow your opponent easily with the movement speed bonus. Therefore, you should use your Relentless Pursuit to hit your Ardent Blaze safely.

In the following pictures you can see how i use my Relentless Pursuit and my Ardent Blaze.

I use my Relentless Pursuit to get to a good position to land my skillshots.

I hit both champions with my Ardent Blaze. Now i can hunt my enemys and kill them.

Lucian dashes a short distance and removes all slows. Relentless Pursuit's cooldown resets if Lucian scores a kill or assist during The Culling.

Cost 60/45/30/15/0 mana
Cooldown 18/16/14/12/10 seconds
Range 425

Lastly I max Relentless Pursuit. It´s only an escape spell and it don´t give any attack bonus. It doesn´t worth to skill. Mana costs are very low and CD is low enough to escape good.

Relentless Pursuit is a really nice gap closer. I love that skill, because it´s an "all-rounder" skill. I can use it to get a great positioning in fights. You can use it to escape, because it remove all slows on you. Nasus will hate u.^^ You can also use it to activate Lucian´s passive Lightslinger to make extra dmg. It´s also a nice dodge skill.

In this picture I kill Miss Fortune. I hit her with my Piercing Light, follow her with Relentless Pursuit and finish off with auto attack and Lightslinger

OOn this map I have marked the places where you can jump over walls with Relentless Pursuit.

Lucian starts firing shots in the target direction for 3 seconds, each shot dealing physical damage to the first enemy it hits. The amount of shots fired scales with his attack speed. The Culling is considered a channeled ability and it can be interrupted, but Lucian can move freely (including movement abilities) without interrupting it himself. Reactivate The Culling to cancel the ability early.

Cost 100 mana
Cooldown 100/75/50 seconds
Range 1400

Only use the The Culling, if you dont need Lifesteal. Activate The Culling if u want to escape and make damage at the same time and if u want to kill a enemy champion when he is out of range.

This skill can be used in many ways. The Culling is realy nice if the enemy champion is slowed or stunned, so you can make as much dmg as possible to one target. With his long range its a realy nice finisher. If enemy low-life champions flash away you nevertheless can still get them with The Culling. The Culling can be also used to clear a wave from minions. Every projectile does 200% more dmg to monsters and minions.

It´s also good to getting kills at the enemy tower. The enemy AD-Carry is low-life, but he walk to his tower and u die if u tower problem for Lucian.
Use The Culling to kill the enemy champion.

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In this part i will show you wich items I buy with Lucian. The first item you should buy is Doran's Blade. For Lane sustain and dmg. But you can also buy Long Sword and 2x Health Potion.

Trinity Force is the first item you should buy with Lucian. It´s a really nice addition for your Skill|Attack-Combo. The Mix of Attack Damage, Attack Speed and Critcal Strike Chance is the best item choice of Lucian.

Buy The Bloodthirster for Lifesteal and dmg. Additional you should buy a Zeal, for the attack speed. U also should upgrade ur boots to Berserker's Greaves.

Buy Infinity Edge for critical damage bonus, damage and critical strike chance. Its a normal AD-Carry item, but its realy good for Lucian because his second shot of his passiv can hi critcal.

If they enemy team is tanky or you play against a fed tank buy Last Whisper for the armor penetration.

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>Here is a construction site where it will be much more detailed and better<

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Here are the best Support Champions for Lucian. Lucian has no CC, so every Support with CC is a good Support for him.

I think Thresh is the best Support for Lucian. His CC is great.

With him on your side u can harras your opponents to death. He have your wife, but doesn´t matter! With him you **** your enemys, you will never need a wife. ^^

Leona is a nice Support for Lucian. With her passive Sunlight you
be able to deal tons of damage.

He is a very nice Support for Lucian. Lucian´s trades be better
with Taric´s stun and his Shatter gives you a nice armor bonus.

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Laning Phase

I do not think Lucian is the best Early-Game champion. Play passively, farm and harras the enemy AD-Carry. If have a support like Leona, Thresh, Blitzcrank or Taric, harras as much as possible. If your support engages and you have a good positioning focus the enemy Ad-Carry and kill them. Lucian frals tons of damage if you play him right.

Lucian´s Piercing Light is a realy nice waveclearer and farm skill. If a new wave minions come, place ur Piercing Light.If placed correctly you can hit all of the minions in a wave, which is very good for pushing lanes.

U can also use it to get last hits you cant get with normal attacks. Especially when two low-life minions stand behind each other.

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Lucian is really strong in Mid-Game. Use this. If the enemy bot tower is fallen, gank mid with your support. It works really well if you have Leona, Thresh or Taric as support. Have your support stun the Mid-Laner and you can join the fight with Relentless Pursuit, Lightslinger, then Ardent Blaze to follow him easily, Piercing Light and use your The Culling to get him after he flashes away or Relentless Pursuit after him if it's not on CD.

Easy to gank

Hard to gank

If neither your mid laner nor your support has CC, don not gank. It´s not worth it.Farm in bot lane and be ready to do dragon , golems and helping your jungler.

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Lucian is not the best AD-Carry in Late-Game because he has a a short range and can therefore be focused easily. Stay safe and deal as much damage as possible.

If you win a fight and u got your ult ready, you can use it to clear waves and push fast.

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How to become a better Lucian player

How you handle your passiv shows how well you play Lucian. His Lightslinger can deal tons of extra damage if you use it right. So dont waste your skills. Land a basic attack between every skill to deal as much damage as possible. This is very important in lane and can make the difference between winning and losing your lane.

Place your skills like this:

Piercing Light> Lightslinger> Relentless Pursuit(to get in right position to safely hit your W)>
Lightslinger> Ardent Blaze> Lightslinger> The Culling( to get kill if he is out of range)

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The Lightslinger-Trick

With ur Lightslinger you can hit one minion with two shots, but if you killed the Minion with the first shot its possible that you hit a near Minion with the second. The second Minion must stand next too the first one.

Here on this picture you can see how it works. The second minion must stand in the range from Lucian and he must stand in the shot direction.

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Hall of Fame

Here is the Hall of Fame, a collection of scores that people have sent to me! If you want your score here, it is easy, just comment or PM me a picture of your score!

My matches with Lucian:

Thanks to PrinceStaubSaug:

Thanks to HaruTora:

Thanks to n Justice:

Thanks to Mikestar:

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Last Words

This is my first guide on Mobafire. Please have constructive feedback and criticisms, and don't just tell me my guide sucks.

You can tell me it sucks, but please comment your reasons on it.

Thanks for reading and I hope my guide helps you in succeeding with Lucian :)


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