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Tryndamere Build Guide by Hamstertamer



Updated on October 26, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hamstertamer Build Guide By Hamstertamer 16 3 22,060 Views 1 Comments
16 3 22,060 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Hamstertamer Tryndamere Build Guide By Hamstertamer Updated on October 26, 2019
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Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Cosmic Insight
Magical Footwear

+8 ability haste
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Champion Build Guide


By Hamstertamer
Hey guys, welcome to my guide to Tryndamere. Trynd is a toplaner who is arguably the best split pusher in the game. He's a very snowbally laner, if played well he can get early kills and become pretty much unstoppable, but if played from behind he can really struggle to have an impact. So it's very important to get your early game right when playing him.

Trynd's build evolved quite a bit over season 8 because of item changes so the main purpose of this guide is to give an up-to-date build.
Precision primary and Inspiration secondary are IMO the best combination in almost every game, Sorcery secondary is viable but greedy since it does nothing early game, and Resolve secondary is situational in certain matchups.

Cookie-cutter build

Mostly taken on Trynd over Conqueror since the conqueror nerfs.

The heal is a huge help when diving for kills, especially towerdiving which is kind of your specialty.

Legend: Alacrity is great on Trynd for obvious reasons, but when facing a lot of CC don't forget to switch to Legend: Tenacity, you won't deal any damage if you're perma CC'd in the first place.

Perfect synergy with your ultimate, since you sit at low HP for its whole duration.

300 free gold, plus 10 movement speed. Trynd is extremely gold-hungry early game to get his core items so not having to buy boots is a big accelerator.

CDR is extremely important on Trynd for mobility and having your ult up in every fight, reducing cooldown of summoner spells is also very valuable.

Situational runes

Sorcery runes have the best scaling but sadly they do nothing early game. Transcendence allows you to reach 40% CDR with stat shards and trinity force. Take in easy matchups.

Tons of AD late game, again good but greedy.

Some people like this on Trynd, it's a decent way to deal with people kiting your ult.

Situational sustain rune against heavy poke lanes, e.g Pantheon.

Anti-burst rune in hard matchups against combo-based champions, Renekton is a great example.

Allows you to slowly chip at the tower, a solid choice in tank matchups.

Gives tenacity, CC lineups are a pain for Trynd.

Adaptive stats (Season 9)

Always go cooldown reduction for offense, CDR is an extremely valuable stat on Trynd and much harder to get with items.

For flex and defense, you can adapt to what you're facing but generally going AD and MR is the best, getting oneshot by magic damage before you can R is always a threat.
Summoner spells
Because of how important it is for Trynd to win his 1v1 matchup, he is not played with teleportation, instead he's always played with a combat summoner's spell.

If you E and then flash, the enemy you land on will take the spin damage.

Most of the times the best spell to win your 1v1, for obvious reasons.

Go ghost instead of ignite against kiting matchups. It makes a massive difference to be able to simply run down your lane opponent, especially those who rely on movement speed boosts to run away from you.

Skills & skill build
Trynd passively gains up to 35% crit chance and 60 AD. That's as much as you get from two items. So your autoattacks hit extremely hard in the early game when your fury bar is high, hardly anyone can match that DPS, be sure to take advantage of that.

Notice the 850 range on this skill so it's best used *before* spinning on someone. This way you'll only go in if the slow hits them (there's a chicken indicator if it does). Also note that the icon for this skill only shows when there's an enemy champion in the this skill is actually a radar that detects enemies in bushes, invisible, doing objectives, etc.

Straightforward skill, but keep this in mind :
- If you E and then Flash, you will deal the damage, so use it that way
- For trading, walk up to your opponent and then spin *back*. They'll take the damage if you're standing on top of them. This is good poke under tower so abuse that.
- Press your laugh command while spinning. The spin+laugh combo is said to grant you superpowers, although only the most skilled Koreans can pull it off.

Proper timing is the key to use this. Abuse it for tower diving, that's one of Trynd's main strengths. Don't get screwed by tower shots chasing you and hitting you after your ult expires, stop moving and let the tower shot hit you instead.

Skill build

Always max Bloodlust first for the heal and the bonus AD. You max Spinning Slash second because it gives you chasing power *and* damage, unlike Mocking Shout which only gives chasing power. Undying Rage is skilled at 6 but don't put additional points in it at level 11, leveling up R only slightly reduces the cooldown, your other skills scale better.
Dblade + potion are the best starting items in most matchups, they give you the most fighting power.

Dshield + potion against poke matchups.

Trynd always goes Tiamat for waveclear, so get this ASAP. Statikk Shiv is no longer an alternative since the 8.6 nerf.

You can rush a vamp scepter for sustain in poke matchups, e.g Pantheon or Jayce.

Boots always after tiamat. Berserker's Greaves in almost every game, but you have to go mercs in certain cases. Tabis are very rarely worth it on Trynd, only in the worst AD matchups.

Trynd reaches 100% crit chance with only two crit items so this is your big powerspike.

Trinity Force is a core item because Trynd needs cooldown reduction and attack speed and it's the best item that gives these stats, plus it has good synergy with his high base damage and split pushing playstyle since it increases tower damage by a lot. Don't be put off by the fact that Trynd doesn't have mana, you just lose on the price of a Sapphire Crystal which is nothing compared to what the item gives you. Stinger first.

A good late game item, gives lots of sustain and waveclear, just don't upgrade your tiamat until you have your 3 core items, which are way more important.

Your go-to anti tank item, which is also a good damage item in general since the offensive stats scale with crits. Don't hesitate to get this as a first item against champions that stack HP, since the active also helps you with all-ins.

Very rare to have to buy this on Trynd, but don't forget about it.

Unusual item on Trynd but a personal favorite of mine. It's the best counter to kiting, which is Trynd's major weakness. In a teamfight you'll never be able to rely on Mocking Shout to slow since 1) it's a 50/50 skill since it can miss if they turn towards you and 2) it has a long cooldown. With mallet you can just charge at the enemy ADC and right-click them down, and the slow will help you catch up even if they get out with flash or mobility skills. Also slows stack multiplicatively so this item absolutely destroys champions that rely on high MS to kite ( Malphite or Singed I'm looking at you). Having a big HP pool also allows Trynd to rely less on his ultimate.

Avoid these items :

- Guinsoo's Rageblade : Rageblade Trynd is completely outdated. The item got a rework in 8.6 which made it increase your AD by up to 24% so people started picking it up on Trynd for that alone, despite him having no on-hit effects whatsoever. However this got nerfed hard and then removed completely, and now the current rageblade is terrible on Trynd and completely outclassed by Trinity Force which gives equally good stats, more tower damage, and 20% CDR to boot.

- Black Cleaver : Basically just a weaker version of Trinity Force, especially since Trynd needs attack speed more than he needs damage (He has low AS growth and a passive that gives AD). Besides you already have 2 sources of true damage, more armor penetration isn't really needed.
Fogged did an amazing matchup section which covers everything, so I'll just link it.
Look up how to manage minion waves, it's very important for winning your lane.

In the early game always try to put minions low HP and then go on your opponent when you have a full rage bar. Finish off those minions with Spinning Slash, this way you'll take way less minion damage.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hamstertamer
Hamstertamer Tryndamere Guide
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