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Tristana Build Guide by littlerice

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author littlerice

Tristana - The True Late Game Carry

littlerice Last updated on August 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi Everyone, welcome to my built of Tristana. I'm neither a Since Beta player nor a high ELO player, but I've been playing Tristana a lot ever since I started LOL and this is how I see fit him the best. So hope this guide will help you in some ways.

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Pros / Cons


- Has pretty strong early game as an ranged AD carry. Her skills scale pretty well.
- Extremely Strong late game with his Rapid Fire and Draw a Bead. The prior gives insane attack speed, and the latter gives her one of the longest auto attack range in game.
- Pretty mobile with her Rocket Jump.
- can farm/push creeps easily with Explosive Shot.
- She's just AWESOMELY CUTE!


- Really squishy, just like her size.
- Skills drains mana pretty quick.
- Even though farming isn't hard for Tristana, she still sometimes suffers from not killing enough creeps.
- Really weak against CCs and ganks.
- No form of healing other than pots and life-steal.

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These runes are for general situations.

Greater Mark of Desolation x9
Armor Penetration works well on pretty much all AD carries.
Greater Seal of Armor x6
Some armors great for early laning against AD champions.
Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration x3
Though not much boost in mana-regen, but should be enough if you conserve your mana. Mp5/lvl rather than flat Mp5 because late game she needs to spam Rapid Fire
Greater Quintessence of Health x3
Tristana is really squishy, and this gives her a little smoother early game.

If you are duo-laning with a support that can heal you well(i.e. Sona, Soraka, etc.), then think about getting:

Greater Seal of Replenishment x9
to spam your skills more early game. Also
Greater Quintessence of Desolation x3
for stronger auto attacks

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For masteries I run 21-0-9 which is pretty standard for AD Carries. Archaic Knowledge is a must for early game damage which is mainly from skills.

I get 2 points in Offensive Mastery because it gives me easier time farming. But that's personal preference and could be swapped for Alacrity or even Burning Embers for little extra damage on your skills.

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Skill Sequence

- First get 2 level in Explosive Shot. This is mainly used for controlling creep waves. It allows you to keep creeps out of tower range so you won't miss creep kills and also allows you to be aggressive if you wish to do so.
- Then max out Rocket Jump as it's both a nice nuke early game and grants you mobility you would need. Don't max Explosive Shot just thinking it scales better, because the reduced cool-down on Rocket Jump really saves lives.
- After maxing out Rocket Jump start maxing Rapid Fire because by this time you should have finished your Infinity Edge. Your auto attack would deal a lot more than your skills. If for some reasons you are really behind (DCed for awhile, or maybe just having a really terrible game?) consider keep leveling Explosive Shot, in which case you should avoid team fights and focusing farming.
- For the obvious reason Max Buster Shot whenever possible for the utility and high damage.

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Boots of Speed with 3 Health Potion
The boots gives the mobility you need for early game and the pots allows you to be more aggressive and exchange auto attacks/skills with enemy champions.

Doran's Blade
Pretty decent item with attack damage, a little life-steal, and some health. But it's not quite enough to cover 3 pots difference.(600hp total) It's idealistic for duo-laning bot with a support that does decent heal.

Try to get the early game items in the following orders:
Boots of Speed -> Doran's Blade -> Berserker's Greaves -> Doran's Blade
and get Health Potion and Sight Ward whenever possible, with potion being priority.

Core Items:

Berserker's Greaves + Infinity Edge
Berserker's Greaves gives the movement speed and attack speed. It's also cheap to get.
Infinity Edge gives the most attack damage, some crits, and really strong passive of buffing the critical strike damage.

These two items are the Must Get No Matter What. The rest of the items are optional depending on situations.
One thing to keep in mind is that Tristana doesn't really need high attack speed. His Rapid Fire would buff his attack speed to almost double for 7 seconds, which should be enough for most fights if used at correct timing. So if you go for one attack speed item like Phantom Dancer or Madred's Bloodrazor then you should focus rest of the items on attack damage and survival.

Here are some of the items that I usually run:


Phantom Dancer: This item works really well with Infinity Edge. It gives attack speed and crit chance which works nicely with IE. The 15 movement speed buff is what I enjoy the most, as additional mobility allows Tristana to position herself easily in team fights, and positioning is the key element for team-fight for Tristana.

Madred's Bloodrazor: A great offensive item that shread down Tank's health like nothing. It also provides some armor but not by a great amount. One noticeable problem with this item is it's high cost. It could potentially delay your finishing built, perhaps delay some survival items.

The Bloodthirster: A great offensive item. It gives the life-steal and attack damage you need, and the passive can be maxed with killing 40 creeps, which should be quick for Tristana. This item gives Tristana the sustainability he needs and avoid the need to back to base too often.

Last Whisper: A great offensive item against high armor tanks. If in team fight the only champion you could hit without risking being caught off-position is the enemy tank, then don't hesitate getting this.

The Black Cleaver: Also a great offensive item against high armor tanks. Reduce the armor up to 45 when auto attack stacks. But if the enemy simply has too much armor like Rammus, then getting Last Whisper would probably be better.


Frozen Mallet: This item imo is more of a defensive item. the 20 attack damage isn't what the item is for, even though it is a good bonus. The health pool it gives is huge and is great for survival. The passive slow is pretty decent. Even though red buff would do the same, and Tristana is usually on top priority for red buff, she couldn't afford getting 2 points in Utility Mastery and thus will have quite awhile without it. My thoughts on Frozen Mallet is that it couldn't replace Banshee's Veil Even though it gives 2x health. The Spell shield on Banshee's can easily cancel out a spell that deals more than 350 hp(especially when you get to late game), or even more, cancel out CCs that could really kill Tristana.

Banshee's Veil: A really great defensive item. Gives pretty much everything Tristana would need along with a spell shield that blocks one spell every 30 sec. This item should generally be enough for Tristana to survive if he's positioned correctly.

Guardian Angel: The item I would get right before the game deciding team fight, and usually my sixth item because game should be close to ending by the time you almost finish ur built. If the game drags on, and you know your next fight will determine the result of the game, get this item. The extra life you would have would often be the game changing factor as you can push through towers in seconds if lived through the fight.

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Summoner Spells

An all-around great spell that gets one out of many situations. In my opinion a must for Tristana. Some might argue that Tristana has Rocket Jump which moves farther than flash. But Rocket Jump actually has a really small delay and that delay could sometimes get you killed. Rocket Jump also can be stopped by some champions' skill like Alistar's Pulverize and Headbutt. Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab, etc.
Ignite is a really great spell for early damage. It often makes the difference between kill or no kill. The healing reduction part isn't as attractive as Tristana has a built in ignite Explosive Shot. But it often grants the early kill(or sometimes even first blood) which is a nice start.

Some other summoner spells to consider:

Exhaust: Another all-round great skill. It's generally a must need in a team. So if your teammates aren't getting it, grab this instead of Ignite. It's AD reduction is great against champions like Master Yi and Trydemere. 35% spell damage reduction is also great against AOE damage like Kennen's Slicing Maelstrom.

Teleport: This is a decent skill for Tristana from early game to late game. It's great skill early game to get back in lane after Shop back to base. It also allows her to get to her team fast after blue-pilling. This spell is probably the only reason for Tristana to even consider backdooring against a decent enemy team. However, there are other champions that can backdoor better.

Ghost: An okay skill for Tristana, could be useful in times when chasing enemy. But isn't really useful for escaping as Rocket Jump and Flash should bring Tristana to safety already. If those two spells are not enough to escape, it only means you are really off-positioned to the point you might as well die and learn the lesson.

Cleanse: This is an okay spell for Tristana. This spell is really situational and really only work if you know enemy has a lot of CCs. Could be a good pick in Ranked games.

Other Skills are not really recommended for Tristana.