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Tristana Build Guide by Top Argetlam

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Top Argetlam

Tristana: Where did your health go?

Top Argetlam Last updated on April 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone! I am Top Argetlam, and today I am going to be showing you one of the best ways to build Tristana. This is an AD/AS build, and it focuses on late game power. Because of some of Tristanas abilities, some believe that at the moment she is better late game than any other ranged carry!

This is my first guide, so feel free to post at the bottom some tips on how to improve this guide and all of the future guides I create! If you find this guide helpful, please spread the word.

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This build has very specific strengths and weaknesses. Below they are outlined for you, so you can decide if this is the build for you.

  • Terrific late game power.
  • Fantastic pushing ability.
  • Great movement speed with rocket jump (but also has a decent base movement speed).
  • DOT that doubles as a healing reduction.
  • Easy last hitting with Explosive Shot and Rocket Jump for those pesky mage minions.
  • Longest natural basic attack at level eighteen.
SPACE Negatives
  • Not as powerful early game.
  • Will not snowball into lategame if you do not farm/kill early games.
  • Very squishy.
  • Will be targeted in teamfights.
  • Hard to position in teamfights, but easier because of Rocket Jump

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Summoner Spells

There are many viable summoner spells when playing Tristana, and it is really up to you which ones you chose depending on your playing style. However, I have done very well in the past with the spells below so check them out. These spells focus on the ability to chase opponents as well as escape.

Flash is an extremely useful spell for Tristana because combined with "Rocket Jump", she can jump over two walls in a row. There are very few enemy champions that will be able to follow you over two walls.

I find this spell to be very helpful when combined with ["Rocket Jump"]. This is what I would recommend doing if you are chasing a low health enemy champion:
1.) Jump to them with "Rocket Jump"
2.) Immediately use Exhaust and Explosive Shot on them.
3.) Continue to basic attack until they die. If necessary, activate your ultimate or use Flash.

Ignite is a very viable summoner spell for almost all champions. Since Tristana already has a DOT-healing reduction, this is not needed, but it is still a fine choice for taking the sliver of health off of that pesky Ashe, or to shut down that crazy [Dr. Mundo. He won't be able to go where he pleases anymore.

Heal is a decent spell since it's been buffed to fit into lategame circumstances, and heal-baiting in lane is always fun. The only problem with heal is that Ignite, Executioner's Calling, or any other healing reduction can shut it down fairly easily. Heal is still nice in lane, and it can save you from Requiem or Ace in the Hole.

Teleport is great for pushing, sustain, backdooring lategame, and even to save you in some situations. The reason teleport is not taken is because, even though you have great backdooring capabilities, Tristana has a high movement speed, and it shouldn't be too hard to get back to lane.

The other spells not mentioned here shouldn't be used. Let a support take Clarity, let your jungler take Smite, and let Karthus or newbies take Revive.

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This guide's build mostly focuses on late game power and mobility. Although some items like Infinity Edge is a must have with this build; Berserker's Greaves and Frozen Mallet are highly optional, and will often vary depending on your playstyle and your opponents. If you do not mind being very squishy, or if you are playing against tanky opponents, one change you might like to make is switching your Frozen Mallet for The Black Cleaver. Another option is that because you already have two Phantom Dancers in your build, your champion is extremely fast. Because of this you might want to consider selling your Berserker's Greaves later in the game, as you will still be faster than champions with just standard +2 boots. Replace the item with whatever you see fit; whether it be another defensive item to stop yourself from being killed quickly, or an item that allows you to deal even more damage, it is really up to you.

Situational Items[center/]
Last Whisper is a fine item to buy if the enemy tanks and bruisers are shutting down your power. Rammus will shiver when he taunts you, and Malphite will have rock shards going down his back.
Banshee's Veil is a great item for survivability, mana costs, magic resist, and it even saves you from many deadly encounters. Rammus's Puncturing Taunt is no longer a problem; Karthus cries when his Requiem is denied by a blue yordle girl; Caitlyn just hates it when Tristana gets away with 200 health left.

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Ability Overview

Draw a Bead (Passive):
Increases Tristana's attack speed as she levels.
Late game, her passive allows Tristana to have the longest basic attack range in the game, which is useful, because even when you are fighting a ranged carry, you should be able to get at least one attack in before they are able to hit you.

Rapid Fire (Q):
Tristana fires her weapon rapidly, increasing her attack speed for a short time.
Late game this is possibly one of Tristana's best abilities. The extra attack speed allows Tristana to absolutely shred any opponent who gets in her way.

Rocket Jump (W):
Tristana fires at the ground to propel herself to a distant location, dealing damage and slowing surrounding units for 3 seconds when she lands.
Tristana's W is her main utility ability. It moves you a little further than a flash, albeit with a short delay. The damage dealt upon impact is not exceptional, but this ability is still good for escaping and for chasing opponents.

Explosive Shot (E):
When Tristana kills a unit, her cannonballs burst into shrapnel, dealing damage to surrounding enemies. Can be activated to deal damage to target unit over time, and reduce healing received.

The passive of this ability transforms Tristana into one of the best power pushers/ backdoorers in the game. Late game, Tristana should only need to kill around 2 minions to completely kill and entire wave, which results in pushing a lane extremely quickly.

Explosive Shot's Active is Tristana's best friend early game. It is her main harass ability at lower levels, and does decent damage to enemies. It is also very useful because the DOT often kills people after they believe they have gotten away.

Buster Shot (R)
Tristana loads a massive cannonball into her weapon and fires it at an enemy unit. This deals magic damage and knocks the target back.
This is an extremely good ability for two reasons. One reason is Tristana's range is the longest in the game, so if you knock back a character and they run back at you, then even if they are ranged they will take around two basic hits before they can begin to attack back. The other reason is its exceptional damage. While most people use this spell for the knock back, people often forget it does great damage as well. So if you are in a dire situation as Tristana, don't be afraid to use your ult!

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General Gameplay

Before you begin to play Tristana in ranked games, you will need to get a few tricks down pat. Below, I will overview some of the necessary skills to play any ranged carry as well as some neat combos you can pull off with Tristana.

Getting last hits:
Because Tristana is a ranged carry, she requires a lot of gold to be good. As such, you should really work on getting the last hit for around 70% of the minions in each wave. If this seems like a challenge for you, then pace yourself in steps. Train in bot games. You will get there eventually! A good way to last hit is not to mindlessly auto-attack every minion in the lane. Wait until a minion is at low health, and then attack it one time to get the gold. The only time you should stop doing this is if your opponent is pushing hard, your opponent is dead and you wish to push, or if you are late game enough so you can 1 or 2 hit the minions. Still, even if this happens, push while last hitting at least 50% of the minions to gain a gold advantage versus your opponent. That extra 415 gold for the longsword in Last Whisper will define the winner of a fight.

Middle Lane vs. Duel Lane:
Because she is a ranged character as Tristana you can chose whether you wish to play mid or in another lane. In my opinion mages are usually best in mid but only slightly better. It is very easy to play Tristana mid as her harass is an easy to land skill shot, and her long attack range allows her to lower her opponents health from far away. Whatever lane you are in, once you begin to get fed feel free to begin to roam around. Her (w) ability is good for ganks as it both slows opponents and gets her in close range to attack.

Jump Ultimate Combo:
If an enemy is running away from you a nice combination you can do is to jump past them with your w, and then ultimate back in the direction they came from with your ultimate.

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A team's ranged carry is a necessity in every team fight. Because this build causes you to be very squishy, take advantage of your passive and nuke down your opponents from far away. Beware of crowd control as that is very dangerous to Tristana. In team fights you should target your opponents in the following order:

1.)Either the mage or ranged carry (hichever does more damage, or whichever stops your team from advancing).
2.) Either the mage or ranged carry (whichever is not already dead.)
3.) Opponent with most crowd control in enemy team (your main threat).
4.) Bruiser or tank, whichever is left..

Be sure to try to use your combos (the ones listed in the "General Gameplay" section.) It is also reccomended to use your ultimate to temporarily get the enemy team's main source of damage out of the fight.

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I hope that you all loved my Tristana guide, and please be nice. This is my first guide.
Much credit to jhoijhoi for the BBCoding guide and the "How to make a guide" guide. I loved the introduction with Karthus, and it must've been very painful to write.