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Blitzcrank Build Guide by GotchaWithMaGrab

Support TROLLCRANK | The Ultimate Guide to Technology |

Support TROLLCRANK | The Ultimate Guide to Technology |

Updated on March 18, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author GotchaWithMaGrab Build Guide By GotchaWithMaGrab 7,135 Views 0 Comments
7,135 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author GotchaWithMaGrab Blitzcrank Build Guide By GotchaWithMaGrab Updated on March 18, 2013
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Hey and welcome to my guide for Blitzcrank he's by far my favourite champion on League of Legends as he just has such a comical atmosphere to him... An absolute troll! I have a level 30 account dedicated to him (GotchaWithMaGrab) which I have every skin for Blitzcrank available and only play Blitzcrank on (on the odd occasion I vary champion e.g. if someone has already locked in support or we are playing with a friend who enjoys support).

I have played 3 different ways of playing Blitzcrank and found them all fun. The main place for Blitzcrank to be is support but of course if your team refuse to go mid or top you can always switch out to AD/AP and switch lane depending on the circumstance.

If AD/AP Blitzcrank isn't up to your standards this is because AP relies on Rocket Grab and when that is on Cooldown you can only use Power fist and static field which also has a cooldown. AP is also very item dependent, this means you have to be either fed or wait until late game to start bursting with damage. It is also likely that you will be poked to death by stronger laners as you have no sustain or early game damage therefore I recommend sitting back and watching the monsters battle it out.
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Mana Barrier [Passive]: This is Blitzcranks passive which means it'll apply by itself without the player having to use it. Mana Barrier applies when Blitzcrank is brought below 20% health it creates a shield that is equal to 50% of your current mana. Therefore the more mana items you build the bigger the shield.

Rocket Grab [Q]: This is Blitzcrank's main spell and what makes him so unique. This is my favourite ability in the whole game because basically as soon as you fire it and it successfully brings back an enemy you can just imagine them swearing away behind their keyboard as they face the giant metal grim reaper. It is a skillshot that grabs the first enemy hit (monster/champion) within a 1000 yd range and brings them back to Blitzcrank.

Overdrive [W]: This spell is Blitzcrank's cheat to the game. He's unstoppable with the right amount of defensive stats and Overdrive maxed out because when fully maxed it increases his movement speed by 32% which basically means you have faster movement speed than any other champion on the map. It also increases attack speed for maximum damage input in fights.

Power Fist [E]: This spell is a CC which knocks the enemy up on the next attack with a low cooldown, this is best used after having a successful pull for maximum CC rendering the target unable to attack. This should also be used with Overdrive when chasing a kill to knock them up in the air and allow your adc/team to catch up and grab the kill.

Static Field[R]: This is Blitzcrank's ultimate (a spell which you can only get once level 6 usually having a large cooldown but blitz' has quite a short CD, 30 seconds). This ultimate a passive feature and a feature which you can use yourself! This is another way Blitzcrank can interrupt a channeling spell (along with his Q and E) it silences and deals damage to all enemies within 600 yards!
League of Legends Build Guide Author GotchaWithMaGrab
GotchaWithMaGrab Blitzcrank Guide
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