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League of Legends Build Guide Author Periphetes

Trundle - How Trundle Got His Groove Back (NEW)

Periphetes Last updated on April 26, 2011
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This is a tanky dps build for Trundle. Not an original thought, but the build order is particularly fresh with the Wriggle's changes and the new metagame of "moar tanky dps and stuff guys". What this build is intended to accomplish is to ANNIHILATE tanky dps, or singular tanks, or just anyone bulky and fed. Trundle's R is a hard counter to tanky dps, as they do not have enough survivability once they lose that sunfire/atma's armor, additionally Madred's just TEARS through their health while their MR is cut. The build works quite well for offtanking and 1v1ing as well.

I have gotten quadra kills with this build against teams of all tanky dps with no brains.

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Pros / Cons

-High dps, high survivability, there's really no tradeoff in either direction
-Can perform the most outrageous early game ganks ever
-Can carry teams of bads when your enemies are also bad (elo hell)
-Nearly nobody knows what Trundle does or how to counter him due to unpopularity
-You have an excuse to say TROLOLOLOLO and "umad" in chat

-High skill cap
-No escape mechanisms, map and self awareness is essential

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After some experimentation, these are the best marks when you rush Madred's. Alternatives can work, particular armor penetration marks, but not well enough to outshine these.

WHY ZOMG ARPEN IS BETTER: Most of this build's damage is not physical, which makes all the math done about pure physical damage irrelevant. Wriggles is magic damage now, which further deprecates armor pen.

greater seal of defense+ : These are hands down the best seals/glyphs to match a high health champion. If you don't have these, you can use other ones, you just might be squishy.

: Required for early game red buff rush. Arpen/whatever else are hardly better if at all anyway when your damage is mostly madred's/wriggles.

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Summoner Spells

: The best option by far, because what trundle lacks is mobility.

: Necessary for jungling.

: You could use this if your opponents are absolute trash and never run from ganks.

: You could use this if your opponents always fight, but you can't seem to overpower them.

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Skill Sequence

We rush Rabid Bite first primarily for the defense, but also because it's only useful in early game, while Contaminate and Pillar of Filth are only particularly useful mid/late game. Contaminate is second for more damage.

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-> -> -> -> -> -> -> ->




Replace with

Rushing Wriggle's turns Trundle's farming from mediocre to amazing. Wriggles can proc from Rabid Bite.

Frozen Mallet is next for extra support once the red buffs are drying up + you need surv. As an added bonus, higher uptime on that madred's dps.

We get Madred's Bloodrazor next because by experimentation, it's the best dps item on trundle even at midgame. Has good synergy with our non-arpen setup as well. Between BOTH Wriggle's Lantern and Madred's Bloodrazor, you will be completely annihilating buff and gold monsters.

Guardian Angel is next because it provides more great all-purpose surv and makes kids try to ignore you in fights while you are wrecking their carries or main tank.

Fifth item is ENTIRELY up to you, I just put each item which I consider to be the best of their class (dps, armor, MR). I highly suggest not trying warmog's, though.

Last you just replace Wriggle's Lantern with The Bloodthirster because bloodthirster has the same stats but superior and you no longer need minion kills.

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Ranked Play

Don't use this in ranked. I don't care how well you did in norms. There are better champions than Trundle which play the same role. Mostly these are Nocturne, Jarvan, and Renekton. The ONLY time I would EVER even consider using this in ranked is when you're 4/5th pick and the other team all picked tanky dps.

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There's a couple tricks to farming with Trundle.

1. Use Q to last hit only. When you use Q, it instantly swings, so there's a speed bonus to last hitting the minions. Non-last hitting with Q means waiting for attack timers and all manner of hullabaloo. Plus, Q has a slower reset time than auto-attacks if you have over 50% attack speed (that includes base).

2. Always drop Contaminate. It makes last hitting faster, it lets you push harder, etc.

3. When you're not sure if your farming lane is safe, bush check with Pillar of Filth

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Your jungle path is extremely lenient, and that's part of what I like with Trundle. You farm jungle so fast that you will always be off-path helping your team.

However, if your timing is off during the first two camps, you will die. Practice it till you get it down.

Important jungling skills:
-Wait till the last hit of your Rabid Bite buff before rebuffing (early game) or you will waste all your mana. All rabid bites should immediately follow an auto-attack, taking advantage of the fact it resets the attack timer.

-Don't use Contaminate even once until you hit level 3 unless you're being ganked.

-Keep your health potions rolling back to back for the first three levels.

That said, here's what I start with:

Cloth Armor and Health Potions aboard, Rabid Bite leveled, head to minigolems. Use Smite immediately. Once you hit 2 take Contaminate.

Once you've finished minigolems, you should still have full health because you used your pot and you have armor quintessences/cloth armor. Kill red the same way, but once you finish red wait a few seconds for health pots/smite cooldown. I often use contaminate twice during red to make it safer.

When smite is on 10 or less seconds cd and you have 150 hp or so, kill red wraiths and smite blue wraith. You'll hit 3, take Pillar of Filth. Recall and buy Boots of Speed, and if you can accidentally afford it 1-2 Health Potions.

You are now ready to gank. Go wherever looks easiest to punt, with a mild emphasis on duo lanes because there's twice as much to gain. MOST of the time, you will end up killing two players bottom or the one top. If all lanes look risky or ungankable, just go get blue and patrol killing minions. When you're ganking, don't put too much faith into your lane holding buddy, if you can't get the kills basically solo, don't bother. This is trickier with bottom duo, but as a general guideline look at HP. If the enemies have much more hp with no healer, it means your bottom is getting out-harrassed and will likely fail you during the gank.

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Unique Skills

-Your ult is basically "oh noes he's tanky, oh wait ****ASOFPOIEWPFIOWEOPIF now i'm tanky and you're squishy." Use it as such. When tanks or tanky dps over-extend, smash them down with Pillar of Filth and ult. What was impossible to break down before is now within your grasp.

-ALWAYS have W up as much as possible during fights.

-Don't Q during fights unless it's level 3 gank time, or it's midgame and you're on a AD dps, or you're getting the killing blow. The timer is too slow compared to auto-attacks.

-Pop ghost, have red on, no chance of backlash, smash face, collect kill. It's really that simple.

-Ult often when you have blue and MIGHT need the ult dmg/heal. The cooldown is pretty short.

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Trundle is the most ridiculously underplayed champion in the game right now. Don't let that deter you from trying this build. People kind of "forgot" that he counters tanky dps, use it to annihilate some kids.