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Trundle Build Guide by CertifiedTrundle

Top Trundle in Silver

Top Trundle in Silver

Updated on June 7, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author CertifiedTrundle Build Guide By CertifiedTrundle 5,363 Views 0 Comments
5,363 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author CertifiedTrundle Trundle Build Guide By CertifiedTrundle Updated on June 7, 2021
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Runes: Main rune

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5
Most of the Times
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Trundle in Silver

By CertifiedTrundle
Why Trundle
You like to push and make enemy mad? Well trundle is your friend what trundle service offers? Well ty for asking
Trundle service offers:
Good dmg
Good push
Good game
Good dps
What Trundle service cant offer u:
Good teammates
Non-toxic teammates
Non-toxic enemy
Early game
Well well well we meet again
Welcome to early game as TRUNDLE

In early game try to farm with your q ( not like u do with nasus ) your early goal is to get a good farm and maybe get 1 kill ( then tilt your enemy )
lvl 1 strat:
My fav way to get a decent advantage is to go and kill the mage creeps ( only 2 ) and then focus on melee attack your enemy when he comes close to farm
* auto q auto * then dengage
lvl 2:
Lvl 2 is simple u have kill potential even without ignite
let enemy come close to farm * auto q w auto and follow him until close to turr * ( dont let turr hit u )
lvl 6:
Now u cant lose 1v1
let enemy come close if posible to a wall
* block enemy with piller w auto q auto *
all in option:
* block enemy with piller r w auto q auto *
If u cant do any of it and or cant win 1v1 dont super push your lane
U want to take advantage of early game to farm for ER( Essence River )
After 6 u can push your lane and dengage when your enemy comes to you
Bait your enemy to push the lane while u sit in bush getting exp from minions
Mid-Late game
In Mid game u must have at least ER ( Essence River )
Try to push your t1 turret after you take it try to force enemy to stop u from pushing top.
Let your team focus mid/drakes/fights

Go bot and push as hard as u can while watching minimap for enemy
If u see 3-4 enemy GO PUSH
If u dont see any enemy Wait for a bit farm some jg camps and then push bot/top
Your prioriti is to melt turrs to put pressure on enemy team
If enemy team split 2 comeing for stoping u from pushing other 3 will sit mid and do nothing tell your team to force fight mid/jg while ppl come to you
After your took at least 1 inhib look for small skimish in jg
Try to track 1 enemy and see if u can catch him solo kill him and bait other enemy to come to u to trade his teammate

Try to focus drakes if enemy team fights topside and your team is too busy not focusing drakes or turrs.

My option for a team that dont focus drakes is simple
Track enemy team and be sure u are alone topside let them come to u recall and rush drake.
Tell your team to find skimish topside while u take dragon

If u want to take herald....u dont u cant play for herald like u play for dragons you need your jungler to help u but in silver is *JG diff pls rep him*
Why top and not JG
Trundle top has a potential of 60% to win the game only by pushing
Remember 1 thing when u play trundle


Trundle can easy 1v1 any champ in league
Your q Steal enemy ad slow him and gives u ad
Your w Give Movement speed Attack speed and Life Steal Amplify 25%

But theres a problem with trundle
High mana demand:
Your q is a decently low cdr and so you use it for farming
There are moments in lvl 6-7 when after u farmed 3-4 waves u are out of mana and you are confident u can kill your laner dont do it just go base and get your items refill mana and hp and go back u gonna have countless times u gonna kill your enemy

He's easy to nuke:
For me nuke means 2-3 skills u dont have a lot of max hp like other top laners : Darius/Urgot/Ornn/Malph
But your passive helps u with lane sustain Remember stay semi-close to enemy farm when they die so u can get hp back * low hp faster regen from passive *

Now let's talk about a losing lane as Trundle

When u lose early as trundle let's say 0/3 in min 10 isnt then end for u
Use w under turr to farm faster and more efficient Take all minions even if u run out of mana your goal isnt to stay high hp high mana for a 1v1 cause u most likly gonna lose cause u are 0/3 so u need to grow from farm and safe play sit in bush and get exp and avoid fights after u finish your ER ( Essence River ) go and push and recal Push and recall on bot on top on mid Avoid fights and push take farm and grow after 2 items + Boots let them 1v1 u and kill them
Worst game
You are Trundle top you are 1/6 min 20
You have 1 item done ER ( Essence River ) basic boots and refillable pot and 20cs diff

In this situation you Have YOU MUST PUSH HARD AS POSSIBLE push and recall push and recall if enemy turr in low hp and u are 1 hit away but u risk to die take the risk and die for turr why? turr dont come back but u do.

Do this over and over until all of them come to stop u and your team take Drakes/Nash or other lane turrs

Why i say Take the risk? cause u are walking 100g u are worth nothing for enemy economy more then this u make them have bounty. Try to have good morale and dont give up

Try to play as much as a rat possible

Rat playstyle:
Wait in dewarded zone for enemy team to dont be around and push when u dont see them on minimap run away and hide after they come ward go deward and push fall back and repeat after u see all of them come to u and i mean all 5 recall and switch lane and od the same until they get tired of chaseing u and u get the base.
What build to make?
Simple u must have a decent logic and be sure u want to go this item:
Basic build : ER,SB,SB- 3 items for a good trundle
If enemy team take Anti-Heal items Change SB with DIVINE
If enemy team Build armour for u just use r and shred them but for items still DIVINE

Enemy team have 3 tanks- ER,SB,DS,BOTRK

Enemy team have 3 Ad non tanks- ER,SB,ShB,Randuin
Why randuin? Randuin gives good amount of Armour and Hp beside that you can slow them so u can stay near him/them.

Enemy team have 3 Ap champs - ER,SB,SV,Wit's End
Spirit Visage for SB lifesteal and Wit's end for movement speed but Wit's end is optional u can go another MR item but for me Wit's End is a superior item

Enemy team have 2 Assassin champs- ER,SB,ShB,Randuin

If u want to be tank:
ER- Mana sustain
SB- 1v1 potential
DS- Sustain in fight
SV- Anti Magic
Randuin- Slow + Good Stats

If u want to go Trundle Assassin:
Well Trundle cant go full out Assassin in my opinion
ER- Mana in fight
SB- 1v1 potential
Collector- Lowhp=Kill secured
Galeforce- If enemy run use galeforce and get the kill with collector
StormRazor- Slow
Make Trundle great again.

I am a silver player and i belive Trundle can do Huge things
Trundle dont have a great kit TRUE
Trundle inst very skillfull TRUE
Trundle is good only in low ELO FALSE
Trundle is and will be like this until will be reworked
For me Trundle is a MMR Farmer.
Trundle isnt the kind of Hero u pick cause u want to have fun do this: Play 1 week only Trundle top and play like a split pusher and u will see the results
Trundle offers ppl like me that arent mechanical gifted with good outplay potential and fun cause after all Trundle is the kind of hero that makes have fun why? you make ppl mad u melt tanks u melt Enemy team win potential and turrs

Trundle is like a pizza u can do anything to him he will do good but keep 1 thing in mind *player makes the hero good not hero makes the player good * hard for ppl to understand but its kinda true.
Trundle can be in the same time Tank assassin dps and support in same time

I hope ppl will at least try to play Trundle for fun and maybe will win some games
I must say this Guide is made from personal experience and i didnt do it to support Trolling.
Most of the builds Most of the runes were used by me in ranked In low elo TRUE but elo dont metter when ppl tryhard and never ive trolled with any of these builds more then it i won games solo with Trundle tank with Trundle Mega Split Pusher and Trundle Assassin cause i knew how to use him and how to use his kit in my advantage.
I will hopefully make more guides for more heroes that i play like Urgot or WW.
And whoever use any of the builds play the game and dont look on ppl from your team telling u * you trolled the game and we gonna ff * or * rep top look his troll build * do your best do your Trundle job and show them how its done 80% of my games ive been called Troller for no reason Ive got 3 accounts banned cause i playd my rat strat with Trundle and i still want to play more and more games to show as many ppl that Trundle has potential to be one of the best hero in the game AND yes i play Trundle TOP Trundle JG Trundle MID Trundle ADC Trundle Supp without wanting to troll at any moment of the game

I wish yall good luck in your Trundle Game!

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