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Trundle Build Guide by simpan

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League of Legends Build Guide Author simpan

Trundle rock the club (TOP)

simpan Last updated on January 6, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I will keep this reading part short becuase i know that you never have the time to read it all:P This is my first guide so dont expect to much :D
When we looking for a new champion to play we often seek one who can deal much damage but still live more then 5 seconds in teamfights. Before i found Trundle as my main champion in toplane I had a hard time to carry my team to victory, but now I dont have any trouble to carry my teamfight with this beast.
Trundle is one of tho few champions who deal much dmg even if u play him as tank.
In this guide i will make that build I use to carry my teammate with and i hope u will like it:)

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How to win your lane

thier is two good ways you can play Trundle you can go aggresiv roming around in other lanes for kills or you can play defence and go all in for farming and take down turrets.
When im against a ranged champion with much dmg i like to go the defence play style to not risk feeding the opponent. If your oppenent harras you much and u lose to much hp to stay in lane, then make short that you buy vampiric scepter so you can regen your hp faster. when you control the lane make sure that you dont PUSH, if you loosing you dont want the jungler to gank you and make it even more difficult for you.
If you winning the lane then make sure to harras often with your E to slow him and then your Q for damage. When the enemy jungler ganks you, you have to make a choice
run or fight. If the enemy team slow you, you will have a hard time to escape. So when you know that you wont survive you can tun away then you will have to fight, start buy out your ulti on the weekest enemy and start to throw out all your spells, make sure that you use your W in the begin so you will get use of all life steal and attack speed. I have notice when you deside to fight when the enemy jungler ganks you often get one of them or even both thx to your massiv life steal and hp drain from your ulti.
Make sure to always have a ward out to avoid ganks from enemy jungler, better one ward to much then 10 deaths on your scoreboard.

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Unique Skills

Trundle have that sustain that most of the other champions in the game dont have. When you play Trundle you will notic that you are the one who dies last in your team.
I just love them momenst when it's just Trundle and 3 of the enemys left,becuase then you Trundle really show his massiv sustain. In the end of the teamfight when it's just you left you will see that your hp are rising even tho that the enemy team are focusing you. This will happen when you mix your lifesteal, 20% extra lifesteal from spirit visage, Blade of the ruined king, Trundels W and finale Trundels ulti. you will get the best sustain in the game:)

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Final part

When you winning your lane dont forget to farm, it's a common misstake that you just romming around for kills and stop care about the farm. If that happends you oppenent will farm peacefull in toplane and then we might do a comeback lategame.

To avoid a lose in your lane put many wards around the lane so the jungler cant gank you.

And remember better one ward to much then 10 deaths on your scoreboard :p