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Tryndamere Humor Guide by Vlasec

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vlasec

Trynda as a mage-tank (mostly a joke)

Vlasec Last updated on June 8, 2012
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Introduction - Is this a joke?

Trynda is your favorite or hated autoattacker. You might think, "why does anyone even try to play him pure AP?" Well, I don't think it is a thing good for rankeds. Even though his abilities scale well with AP, he is not best used as a mage. I wrote about a serious AD/AP build with 40% CDR earlier, this build is mostly for fun. Try it in custom with your friends or in dominion, maybe even normals, but don't use it in rankeds unless you seriously think it can counter their solo top well. Even with no AD item, I was able to defeat Sivir Bot 1v1 with that, as for players, I had no luck on a good team with this build yet.

Trynda is usually not played tanky, because he has this 5 seconds immortality no matter how squishy he is. Well, in this build I concentrate on boosting his healing power of his Bloodlust to roughly 975 and his Spinning Slash to 840 damage. This means he is still a perfect farmer and does some damage in fights and he can heal to full in roughly 22 seconds. He can also take much more damage before he must start raging with Undying Rage. His Mocking Shout is complemented by Randuin's Omen to provide another means of slowing the enemies and lowering their damage output.

Don't take this build seriously. It is meant mostly as a joke. You can be successful against some opponents, but it is probably trash against most. I didn't even experiment with it well enough to tell you if it works well, which items are situational or so. If you have a nice or funny idea for this build, feel free to say it in discussion. Downvote me if you wish, but I think there shouldn't be much voting about it. After all, it is just meant for fun.

It is rather a trolling pick, however, you can win a normal with this. From four games, I was trolled by someone else in three, so my best score so far is 9/5/12. Our team was generally not bad and I gave them some help with catching running enemies with Mocking Shout.

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I took mostly tanky runes. Trynda should be as tanky as he can be in this build. He has a heal of 1000 HP, but it is useless if enemies burn through it too quickly.

The only exception is in marks and quintessences, you pick Greater Mark of Critical Chance and Greater Quintessence of Critical Chance. You will build no items containing crit chance, but your rage bar grows more quickly if you can crit and your Spinning Slash even reduces its cooldown on crit. You can take defensive quintessences though, but keep those marks at least.

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Masteries are purely defensive, plus a bit of cooldown reduction. You should take least damage possible from enemy attacks and be overally more tanky. From offense, take only some flat AP and 2% CDR (it gives you 10% combined with defense tree), for utility, take only Good Hands in case you died.

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The items are shown there without boots. It will make you slow, but don't worry, you can slow the enemies as well, plus you can spin every 5.4 seconds. This will make you still quite able of initiating or chasing.

Follow the sequence in the order I wrote, revese the order of some items if you need some extra armor or MR sooner. In early game, you should rush some cooldown reduction and AP, the best candidate for this is Nashor's Tooth, since it gives you some extra attack speed good for building rage or landing crits for reducing your Spinning Slash's cooldown. Having faster autoattacks is useful for pushing as well.

You should pick most of hybrid AP/defense items like Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Zhonya's Hourglass and maybe even Abyssal Mask instead of boots (even though its unique aura doesn't help you, your Spinning Slash is physical damage). Boost your AP further by taking Rabadon's Deathcap.

I picked one purely defensive item, Randuin's Omen It is situational, select the one that suits the enemy team the most. For heavy magic damage, take Force of Nature, for heavy AD better take Thornmail. You can also take Guardian Angel instead of this. Suit yourself.

If you don't are in off-tank's role, not the biggest tank, toss your Randuin's Omen and buy some Phantom Dancer or Yoummu's Ghostblade instead. It will boost your movement speed and thanks to your attack speed and critical chance, you will land more crits and spin more often for tons of damage.

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Skill Sequence

You should max your Spinning Slash first, as it is both your main source of damage and your escape tool. The extra points increase the damage only slightly, but the lower cooldown can help you.

As second, you should upgrade you Mocking Shout. It can help in teamfight, it can slow the enemies or at least lower their AD. Best used against a carry that relies on huge crits.

Upgrading Bloodlust is not a priority for AP Trynda, as it mostly just gives you more AD and more health for consumed rage. You should have AP for better healing, so put one point in it early so you can heal yourself, but max it as last.

Your ultimate, Undying Rage, is really useful and you should upgrade it on levels 6. 11 and 16.

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Summoner Spells

I am not yet sure which are best. Cleanse is really helpful if you are being ignited and you want to heal for full. It can help you run away from too much CC as well.

Ignite is a good summoner's spell. If by some coincidence an enemy is running on low HP or you expect him to heal much, you can make him burn.

Exhaust is good as well, giving you some more slow and damage reduction or a single enemy. Not sure if it's better than Ignite.

Heal can be useful if you want to use your ulti a bit later.

Teleport is a good spell for any solo laner. Especially for solo top.

I am not sure which should I pick. However, most of the other spells shouldn't be very useful for AP Trynda, so I think you should pick one of these.

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When you get some AP, you should be able to kill the mage minions in one pass of your Spinning Slash. Slay the rest with your autoattack. Autoattacks are much weaker than in AD build, but they still do some damage at least. AP Trynda is a good farmer.

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Team Work

You are obviously a tank, with this build. When you initiate, your team should know of that and use it as an advantage and possibility.

As a tank, you have no hard CC, though. Your Mocking Shout is your main source of CC. The active of Randuin's Omen is also useful.

Your role is tanking the fights, taking heavy damage. For that, you will need your heal and when it goes bad, Undying Rage. Your team should do most of the killing. However, you can still spin through the enemies repeatedly back and forth, hitting at least two of them by one cast, to make your damage count a bit, too. If you end up in a 1v1 fight after everyone else dies or flees, your chances aren't that bad, you are tanky and you still do lot of damage.

You own a Zhonya's Hourglass as well. If you are getting down with HP right after healing yourself with Bloodlust, use your Zhonya's Hourglass first. Then turn on your Undying Rage unless you aren't focused at all now. After that, you should have an option to use Bloodlust before Undying Rage ends, getting you back to some HP that must be burned through. If you even have Guardian Angel, you can do a similar thing: Get "killed" first, then use your ulti to stay alive a little longer while being focused by greedy enemies. Turn on Undying Rage when it's needed to survive even longer, but flee in time.

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Unique Skills

With Tryndamere like this one, you heal over 600 extra health in your Bloodlust.

Thanks to hybrid AP/defense items, you are quite a tanky chap as well, so your healths boost your "effective health" even more.

Your Spinning Slash does much more damage than in most guides. It is your escape tool as well, though - use it wisely.

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Well, I thing it is enough of gibberish for just a joke. You can add some more in the comments section though.

Use this build for fun wherever it is funny, for example with your friends in custom. Use it elsewhere only if you really think you can succeed with it.

Be prepared to being flamed by your allies, even if you are the best in your team. Most people have never seen an AP Trynda and they consider you a troll. Maybe you are, a little, but AP Trynda is more viable than you'd expect.


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