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Tryndamere Build Guide by Grambo

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Grambo

Tryndamere 3v3

Grambo Last updated on April 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to my guide for Tryndamere. I plan to provide you with as much information as I can, mainly UNIQUE to 3v3. Refer to Apotheosis's Guide... for more information about Tryndamere and 5v5. Many people think Tryndamere in 3v3 is self explanatory, seeing as how he is SO overpowered. While I agree with this to some extent, I would like to provide you with tricks that will win almost every game. I will continue updating to make this guide the "GO-TO" place for Tryndamere 3v3! Your input (if deserving recognition) will be taken into consideration during updates.

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Your Role

Your role is to Melee Carry obviously and to Win the Top Lane! You have a Strong 3v3 champion that deals strictly Physical Damage! It is very important that you learn how to Build and Play Tryndamere Unique to Each Game. I can not address every situation, and to only address one would be like catching you a fish. I would rather teach you how to fish!(metaphorically) With that said, my main goal is to point out important mechanics of Tryndamere that sometimes go unnoticed and tricks that will help you become the BEST that you can be. There is always room for improvement! (including me, I'm not the best, but I'm experienced and believe that this experience may help ANY Tryndamere player out there)

This is an example game for you to relate to... Very scary enemies! The Names were removed out of respect, seeing as this is for a guide.

The enemy Tryndamere went AFK for the last little bit of the game, so his stats are unrealistically low, but you get the point. Also, this is an example that I chose because I thought we were outmatched. There are many other examples that can be provided if you need more illustration but I would like to keep the guide clear from tons of pictures.

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Picking runes shouldn't be hard. With the new changes to masteries for 10% Weapon Expertise and +6 Armor Pen Sunder , the Armor Pen Quints are not necessarily the best pick, while still a good Quint choice. In its place, there are 2 other options... Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage or Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed. I prefer Strength because Tryndamere is one of the most, if not the MOST mobile champion in 3v3, and not to mention the speed buff that will almost always be yours if played right. The Greater Glyph of Magic Resist and Greater Seal of Armor runes are to make you more durable, and Greater Mark of Desolation is an obvious pick. Other choices are possible but are not my choice.

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Masteries and Summoner Spells

The masteries I chose are a great start for your Tryndamere. There are very few changes that could be made such as putting a point into Demolitionist , Summoner's Resolve , or Summoner's Insight

Summoner Spells

Exhaust A great spell to slow or weaken an opponent.

Ignite An offensive spell that is amazing for landing an unexpected First Blood.

If you are not confident using this aggressive setup, feel free to use the following...

Alternate Summoner Spells

Flash If you are accustomed to using Flash, it is still a great choice for 3v3, it will allow for impossible escapes.

Heal A decent spell that can be used in unison with your Bloodlust heal, or instead of it to let you keep your Rage/Crit after your Undying Rage.

Smite Tryndamere is a great Jungler without smite, so I see no need for this. However, if that is the permanent role you wish to fill, then its a good choice.

Cleanse A great spell to make CC a non-issue, but not only does this ability take skill to use Correctly, CC isn't as much of an issue in 3v3, as there is a lot more duels and less team fights, therefore less CC, not to mention you are dealing with 3 enemies, not 5. If you are worried about it(lets say they have Warwick and Malzahar!), Grab a Quicksilver Sash (cheap defensive item good for Tryndamere, but don't forget to use a key-binding for it ensuring maximum efficiency)!

Ghost Another good choice because, don't forget, you get a free Flash with your Spinning Slash. Having that extra movement speed as a melee champion will help you Chase, Escape, and Wreck your enemies!

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Use the Map!

This Map shows you the areas that you can Spinning Slash through to Escape or Gank. It's important to be aware of your surroundings at all times and be ready to Bail from a fight or Rush in for a Gank/Teamfight.

Keep Sight Ward at Dragon with your Wriggle's Lantern to keep control of the TOP jungle. Let your teammates ward Red Buff. Other wards are placed for luxury.

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Knowing your Abilities!

Take a moment to read each ability CAREFULLY!

Battle Fury (Passive)

Bloodlust [Q]

Did you know that you gain Attack Damage based on how low you are from Bloodlust or that you gain up to 35% Critical Strike Chance(at 100 rage) from Battle Fury, your passive? Why not wait for some extra rage next time you spin in for First Blood? Why not be more aggressive at lower Health? CONSTANTLY THINK ABOUT THESE THINGS for competitive game play!

Mocking Shout [W]

Did you know that you can use you Mocking Shout in 3 different ways?
1. Obviously slow the enemy only when their back is turned to you(watch out for enemies that like to face you quickly as their running from you in order to prevent the slow). When running away, try going into a bush, waiting for them to enter it, move forward as they enter and slow them, as they should not be facing you. Then Spin away and escape (I have escaped many time using this technique)
2. Reduce your targets physical damage output. This is effective in a standoff, against another physical damage doer, that you don't think they will be running from.
3. Use your Mocking Shout icon to DETECT NEARBY HIDDEN ENEMIES! This is CRUCIAL and EASY (just keep an eye on your Mocking Shout and if it lights up, then there is an enemy close by)! You are one of the few characters that can roam freely without face checking bushes. Try detecting a gank before its too late using this technique.

Spinning Slash [E]

Did you know that your Spinning Slash cool-down is REDUCED by 2 seconds every time you get a Critical Strike? USE THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. I have benefited multiple times by remembering this! (use your imagination and think of a situation that you could use that cool-down reduction!) Also make sure to use you Spinning Slash BETWEEN AUTO ATTACKS to maximize damage output when possible!
Example One time, at a team fight at Red Buff, I was ignited at the near end of my Undying Rage, ensuring my death. However, I chose to survive by spinning through the wall to top lane, using my LIFE STEAL, by attacking the minions(if they weren't there I would have died), and used Bloodlust heal to keep me alive. My critical strikes granted me the cool-down reduction needed to spin, yet again, through a wall to the Dragon Pit and Escape before my angry enemies could kill me!

Undying Rage [R] (Ultimate)

Did you know that Undying Rage, your Ultimate, grants you rage AS WELL AS invincibility? You could probably get away with out knowing this but why not understand everything about your champion? This is a general rule that applies any summoner pick! Make SURE to wait until the LAST POSSIBLE MOMENT to use your Bloodlust heal after blowing your ultimate(if going to die otherwise, but why would you NOT be almost dead if you blew your ultimate? missclick? lol).

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Item Choices

To Start

Almost always start with and 5 s... But why, and when do I not?

Well I do this for 2 main reasons, Durability(a lot of top lane opponents WILL do physical damage and you need those 5 pots most of the time to sustain long enough for your next major item) and Jungle DOMINATION! You may consider not starting this way versus heavy magic damage, if your team already has a Jungler(2 s doesn't hurt), or If you hate Jungling. But, in my opinion, using the Jungle is the most GUARANTEED WAY of success. Try to start at your Minion Camp with your team, or at your Top Minion Camp by yourself(ONLY if it is wolves... if it is Golems then you take too much damage w/o Smite) to get a great head start in Experience and Rage on your opponent in the top lane! You will most likely use 1-2 depending on crits/team help but it is usually worth it with a First Blood (you will hit level 2 first and be at max Rage faster!) Be aggressive! Most people think Tryndamere sucks at low level but you can easily prove them wrong!

First Time Back

Alot of the time I do not go back until I have 1650 gold. This may seem crazy but if you get First Blood (400 gold), which is easily possible most of the time, some Jungling, and good last hits, the gold will come fast! If this happens, buy and . You now have like a 80% chance of winning the game because you can landslide ahead of everyone by Jungling extremely fast!

Not so Lucky :(

If you end up being out-laned by your opponent, or just don't land the kill or get a gank on bottom, be smart about when you go back. Remember that the more you go back, the less Experience/Gold you get and the less Map Presence you have! Try to memorize key Gold Cut Offs for certain item combinations and know what you are going to buy BEFORE you go back! There will be times that you HAVE to go back even though you don't want to, but deal with it and make it quick! Once you get that wriggles you can most likely Jungle/Lane your way back to full HP!

Continuing Your Build!

Now that you have your and your , you are set for Attack Damage, Jungling, and Durability for the moment. You can solo dragon now, but make sure you choose to do so at the correct time, as to not get ganked (try getting the green buff before starting for increased Procs. Most of the time you are in the jungle, the enemy doesn't know where you are, especially if you stay away from common ward areas (take the upper bushes route to the Top Buffs etc.) This is great because it keeps the enemy team "scared" and second guessing their movement. Constantly ask yourself, "what would I be doing against this Tryndamere(you)?" in order to predict common counters.

The next item you will want is because it will provide every stat you so crucially need! After that, the boots you build are for you to decide. What do I mean? Well, if you are doing well and there is little CC, then grab for some extra attack speed. If there is heavy Physical Damage, grab , or heavy CC, grab .

Again, there is no ONE build for 3v3. What you build depends on what champions you are facing, how good they are, how good you are doing, etc. However, there are 3 KEY ITEMS that I build EVERY game if I get the chance. They Include , , and a Lifesteal Item, being or (usually its , but if the game goes long enough, there is no more need for that Jungle Help and you should switch to
if you have the extra gold, but very rarely is there a game that allows you to get FULLY built).

is a great defensive item to wrap up your build. At this point, one team fight could Make or Break the game for you. What happens if you are bursted down before you are able to pop your Undying Rage? Well, this is a Fool Proof way to give yourself a second chance of survival and a great way to not become a main target, allowing you to Destroy them with your damage!

Unless their team is STACKING armor, there is no good reason to get for Armor Pen. Grabbing sometimes even before is the way to go.

As said in the Cleanse Description, versus Heavy CC/Magic Damage, is a cheap item and works great. I do not recommend building a lot of defensive items though, because you HAVE to deal Massive Damage (THAT IS YOUR ROLE!)

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Some Counters to Tryndamere

Another important part of being good at ANY champion is KNOWING all of the champions abilities, ESPECIALLY the ones that directly affect you.

I will list a few and add more as i think of them...

1. Caitlyn's Ace in the Hole (Ultimate): She is a good champ versus Tryndamere. She can escape very easily so I recommend trying to surprise her from a bush and saving your Spinning Slash for when she uses her 90 Caliber Net (the knock back shot that slows you). Also, REMEMBER that her ult has a huge range and she can easily kill you if you try to escape with low health! Keeping this in mind, you can usually kill her fast with the aggressive Exhaust Ignite and Mocking Shout combo.
2. Nunu's Ice Blast: VERY ANNOYING! Your damage is cut in half, if not, completely shut down due to kiting.

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I hope this 3v3 guide provided some new information for you. I know it works for me, so you should try it too:) The Hardest thing to do on Tryndamere is manage your time between being Rambo and being a Team Player. What I mean is that you need to know the right time to help your team with a gank or team fight and when to Jungle/solo push top/solo dragon etc. This will come with time, trust me, and this skill can be applied to many other champions(ex. Lee Sin, Udyr, Shyvana, Trundle, Etc). Tryndamere in 3v3 will most likely always be labeled as an "OP champion", but it is the skill in the player that unleashes the true potential of him. When you start going against more experienced players that know how to deal with Tryndamere, or even another Tryndamere, EVERY trick counts. Take this guide and Apotheosis's Guide... and use it as the start of your flawless 3v3 record! Be the best you can be!

All of these wins were still against players with 1000+ wins (the last picture I had was with taken with my phone, as "Paner" pointed out, of different games). Two or three of these included an enemy Tryndamere. You can do it too! Unfortunately, in Ranked 3v3, I am forced to play other champions because of the inevitable Trynd ban. But, nevertheless, he's a fun champion worth trying out if you haven't already, and he's only 1350IP.