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Tryndamere Build Guide by josfel00

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author josfel00

Tryndamere: Best 5 seconds of your life

josfel00 Last updated on June 10, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey, Antique_Warrior here! I'm from the SEA server and this will be my first guide. This guide is about my very first champion since season 1 and have tried different combo builds but this one suited my taste well for this season.

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Pros / Cons

Tryndamere, one of the OP champions in this league. He's capable of taking down enemies in a flash, just like an burst champion. He's damage from auto attack rivals almost all the AP and AD bursts combo damage output.


[*] High attack damage at low health
[*] Excellent chasing/running ability
[*] Unkillable for 5 seconds
[*] All you need to do is press AA most of the time
[*] Can stay long in lane without recall
[*] Great 1v1 champion

[*] Item Dependant
[*] Ultimate dependant

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Item build

Boots of speed together with three health potions are taken as starting items. The increase in the movement speed helps you escape ganks when you over pushed your lane. The three health potions lets you stay in the lane longer.

An avarice blade for faster gold per second and an increase in crit chance, a zeal for an increase in your attack speed, movement speed, and critical chance. A brutalizer for some attack damage, armor penetration as well as to cut off some of the time in the cooldown of your skills and the must berserker's greaves to complete your early items.

Your core build starts by finishing your zeal to a phantom dancer and your avarice blade, together with the brutalizer, into a youmuu's ghostblade. You're now ready to kill those squishies in flash. Ghostblade serves as your very own master yi's ultimate, an increase in attack speed and movement speed when activated. Finishing up Infinity edge together with your last whisper, squishies and tanks a like will not live long enough to see you lose the ghostblade's buff when activated.

Situational Items are the items you buy when it's already late game. The items you will choose must be dependent on the enemy's team.

If they are team full of CC or some AP nukes got fed, this is the way to go. Increase your damaged output and at the same time preventing CC and nerfing those pesky AP champs.

Guardian Angel, gives you another life to bring those enemies to the grave. If AP or AD bursts, literally bursts you down before you can even activate your ultimate, GA is your solution. Armor and Magic Resist increases as well as it revives you on the spot. Just make sure you doesn't waste it.

Blade of the Ruined king is a must get if the enemies have a line full of tanks or enemies who has thinks that having a warmogs can increase their survivability.

Frozen mallet can be taken if the enemies can keep on running away from you and it provides decent amount of health so you can stay longer in clash without using your ultimate. Once you hit em, they just should raise their hands up.

Lacks damage and needed some magic resist? Maw of Malmortius is the item for you. Its passive synergize with the passive of your first skill and ultimate. Meaning, at 1 health you have that hell of a damage. Also, it provides a magic shield which prevents you from being burst down by their nukes at low health.

Just want to make sure that nobody ever survives after seeing you? Even though it's their tank? Black Cleaver provides that additional armor penetration, attack damage and a lower cool down for your skills. More slows, more spin a win. More ULTI.

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Abilities Sequence

First, Third, Second are the sequence of placing your skill point or you can go Third, First, Second.
I placed my skill points for levels 4 and 5 in my first to passively increase my attack damage and so that when I have my ult, these two synergize and I can dish decent amount of damage when my hp is down to 1. After that, max up your third to reduce that cooldown then back to first.

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My masteries are pretty self explanatory. 21 in offense, 6 in defense and 3 in utility. 21 in offense is of course needed for an AD carry like you. 6 in defense to buff up your champion in laning phase when you don't have your ulti yet and 3 in utility to increase that movement speed to prevent enemy champs from running or for them to eat your dust when ganked.

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Attack speed for secondary and tertiary runes as well as two of your quintissence. A movement speed quint will give you a decent amount of boost in, ofcourse, your movespeed. For the primary runes, I go for some armor penetration and critical damage.

My explanation for this runes are simple. I want to deal tons of damage in short amount of time. That's why it's mostly attack speed. Movement speed, literally to fasten you champion. and a little of armor penetration to shred some of the enemies armor runes and a little of crit damage.

I didn't go for armor or magic resist runes in one reason. You have your ult. In laning phase you rarely face a ranged champion at top and if you do, just tower hug and with your attack speed you could last hit and run those creeps under your tower.

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Go top and cs with care. You don't want to engage to fight early in the game especially when your fury bar ain't full. You could hit and run the enemy with your set of runes and boots of speed. Harass when you have your fury bar almost full to ensure a higher chance of crit and you won't lose the exchange of blows. Activate your first to save some of your pots for a longer staying power in lane.

When your team jungler goes for a gank, engage! Use your second and your exhaust to get that kill. Play safe until your team jungler ganks or you have your ultimate.

In clash, spin your way to those ranged carries in the back, activate youmuu's, when they flash out you can either use your second or flash to them as well. Hack em and hack em some more. Squishies and tanks alike won't stand a chance.

Also, try to hunt down alone enemiy who is overly pushing the lane but be sure to be aware of the map or else your the one who'll get hunt down. If that happens, try to take one or possibly two of the enemies together with you, to the grave.

Try to alternate push, when the enemies are busy in other lanes.

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My last words

Thanks for reading my guide and I hope you find it useful. I'll try to answer your questions as much as possible. But one thing's for sure, this is how I play, Do or DIE! I don't go much for survivability, thus, being the reason I didn't include any life steals in my core build. My gameplay only involves making the best out of those five seconds and making sure you take two to three enemies with you to the grave.

Anyways, thanks for reading my guide and my your undying rage be forever undying.