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League of Legends Build Guide Author AirOle

Tryndamere: How to jungle

AirOle Last updated on April 12, 2011
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Hi guys!
In this guide i want to show how to jungle with tryndamere!
It is not so easy, but if u do it right u will be succesfull.

Sry for my bad english :(

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Pros / Cons


-will get very fast lvl 6
-good farmer
-can spin trough walls
-no mana
-amazing Dmg
-nice ganker
-can heal himself
-can survive longer then other carries (because of his ulti)


-can be ganked in the jungle
-difficult jungling
-can be stoped with stuns , blindes and exhaustes ( = reason why u need cleanse)

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Thats a great passive. It just gives u much critical strike chance. This is very important for jungling , because u will survive longer (because of the life steal)
and u will farm much faster.


This is the skill that makes it possible to jungle with tryndamere. If u have 8 stacks it gives u 40 dmg even in lvl. 1 (It gives 5 per stack)! So u will make much more dmg and heal yourself because of your life steal. To use the active would be a waste in lvl.1 but in the mid game and late game this ability will often save you!


That is a nice ability for ganking. It slows the enemys and u and your teammates can catch them. The reduction of the physical damage is also good in the teamfights and in 1vs1 situations.
Always look on it! When u can use it somebody is nearby, even when u can not see him!


That is a very important apility. U can jump in the fight, escape or just move faster in the jungle. U also can spin trough walls. The passive reduces the cooldown if u crit. So u can spin in, hit some times and escape again. The damage is not so nice and that is why u have to skill this ability just once.


That is his ultimate. U can not be killed for 5 seconds. In this 5 seconds u also do much more damage because of you passive and the bloodlust stacks. U become 50% critical strike chance, 40 attack damage and 36% critical damage! But u have to time this abilty perfectly. If u use it to early u waste some seconds. If u use this to late u are dead :D.

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Summoner Spells

This is a must have! Without this spell u cant jungle.

Yery nice spell for tryndamere. If u are blinded, taunted, stuned, or somebody just use exhaust on u, u are useless. That`s why cleanse is the best spell for Tryn in my opinion.

Other options instead of cleanse:

Nice spell for ganking or for stopping other AD carrys.

This spell works with nearly every champion. U just can escape or catch somebody.

It is like your "E" skill. But it is always nice to have this twice.

I think that the other spells are better, but if u play ranked and u see that the enemys have champions, who can heal themselves (like mundo), u can take this spell.

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and :

U need this to get more bloodlust stacks in the jungle phase. In the late game critical damage runes would be better, but with them u can not jungle.

and :

It makes jungling much safer. The Glyphs are not a must have, but if u are very very unlucky and u never crit, u could lose too much hp. Then u have to port back and that costs lot of time.

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Jungle Route

Important!: U need the masteries and the runes to do this!

First of all u have to buy and skill .

1.Go to the golems, smite one and kill him first. Then kill the other one. Normaly u should have 5-7 bloodlust stacks now. Do NOT use them to heal yourself!

2.Now u are lvl 2. Skill and go to the wraiths. Spin in them and kill a small one first (to hold the bloodlust stacks), then kill the big one and then the others. If u were a bit unlucky at the golems and the wraiths are nearly killing u, use but try avoid this. Then spin trough the wall and go to the wolves.

3.Just kill them. The big one first. Now u are lvl 3. Skill . Normaly u should have more then 200 hp now. If it is like that go to the blue buff and kill the 2 small golems. If u see that u get killed use . After u have killed them, spin out. Do not try to kill the big golem. If u can`t kill the small ones u have to wait a bit before the 5th step.

4.Port back. If u have 400 gold buy , but normaly u should not have enough gold.

5.Like the 1st step.

6.Like the 2nd step. Just if u have 8 stacks use them to heal u, even if they are not already dead. If u get some new stacks do not use them and go to the wolves.

7.Kill them like in the 3rd step. Do NOT use .

8.Kill the golem and smite him to finish. If u nearly get killed use .

9.Port back and buy .

10.Kill the golems. Do not use .

11.Go to the red buff and kill him. Use after this and kill the small ones.

12.Kill the wraiths.

13.Kill the wolves. And NOW u are lvl. 6 !

Always look at the map. If your teammates need help or somewhere is a free kill, then go to help.

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: U just need it for jungling. But even in the mid and late game it`s very usefull. All your hits are healing u. So u won`t die that fast in teamfights and if u are almost dead, u can go in the jungle and heal yourself.

Boots: If the other team has many stunes, slowers and so on, and/or much mages, buy .It will reduce the time of the stuns, slows... and gives u Magic Resist. Nice boots for every champ. If they don`t have, buy . It just gives much movement speed. U can escape and catch them easier.

: This is my favorite item with trynda. It gives u everything u need: AD, crit chance, armor penetration, CD reduction and an amazing active, witch gives u movement speed and attack speed. U can use it in alomst every situation.

: What could i say.... Your crits are just much stronger ;)

: Well... AD and live steal. Your crits will be even more stronger and with the life steal u will survive longer.

: Without the active of your attack speed will be slow. So that is why u should by this one. It even gives u more critcal strice chance and movement speed.

Other options:

If they have much armor stackers.
or instead of the first .

If they have fed mages and u get too often stuned, slowed...:
instead of the first .

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Early game: Loot at "Jungle Route".

Mid game: U already should have . Help your teammates and gank a lot. If u canĀ“t help somewhere just farm. In the teamfights focus their carries and ignore their tanks.

Late game: It starts when u are only teamfighting. Always focus their carries and nerver forget to use and .

U and your teammates should place always a lot of wards. They are very important. U can see when an enemy is alone and gank him, u can not be ganked and if they do the baron, u can kill them.

Comments are welcome!
I hope u liked this guide ! ;)

PS: Pls inform me, if u see any mistakes.