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Tryndamere Build Guide by Tychus

AD Carry Tryndamere Spin and win

By Tychus | Updated on May 18, 2013

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Hello every one! My name is Tychus and I am going to present you a full build of Tryndamere. It is a glass cannon Tryndamere that I am going to teach you, so do not go around tanking the damage, it is not your role. Your role is to get in the fight, and deal the more damage possible before you die. In this guide I will Teach you how to use Tryndamere in a way that : Enemies wont be able to escape, Enemies wont be able to kill you before you do and I will also teach you how to farm. I will talk about Tryndamere skills, why I picked those masteries, and why these specific items. I will also give you tips and tricks that will make you a better tryndamere user. Lets start.
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About me

I am curently a level 29 and I have been playing Tryndamere since I was level 16-17 (can't remember). He is awesome! After so many games, I tried a lot of items, a lot of tactics, and a lot of masteries composition. Since I am level 29, I still can not play ranked games, but do not worry, I am not noob! I have read a lot of guides, I have asked a lot of high ranked persons in my clan, which is Infinity gaming, and I have came up with my very own build, Spin for win!
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Pro / Cons


[+] Manaless
[+] Can go trough wallS
[+] Has a nice Sustain [blood lust]
[+] Mid game Trynd is a carry
[+] Late game has ALOT ALOT ALOT ALOT of damage with 100% crit.strike.


[-] Not tanky at all
[-] Early game is weak due to not enough crit.strike.
[-] item dependant
[-] can be countered by stuns
[-] people hate trynd :(
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A LOT of damage. To do so, I think you need these masteries. You want to get [weapon expertise] because it is such a nice mastery. It's 8% armor penetration Rocks! Lethality and Brute Force help you deal more damage, and with Frenzy , your attack speed is increased by 10% almost every hit early game, which is really epic. We want Sunder because of the armor penetration, it helps you beat the **** out of those anoying tank who no one can kill, and it also makes you not dependent of Black Cleaver or Last Whisper on early games. Executioner is in my opinion, one of the best passive, because dealing 5% aditional damage, it helps you finish off people in team fights, 1 vs 1, it even helps killing mobs in the jungle. As for the 4 mastery points you put in Sorcery and not in any mastery of the deffensive or utility tree, it is because you dont wait either Perseverence , Durability nor Tough Skin . As for Wanderer , tryndamere is really slow, so that 2% helps a lot when ever you are ganking, escaping, or simply wandering in the map.
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
Our runes are really important, you can do a lot of rune combinations with tryndamere. One of them is this one. The damage marks give you extra damage, alowing you to kill mobs, champions easier and faster. The Seals and Glyphs give you some armor and magic resistance, with out them you will be really weak, note that you are not a tank, but these are the best choice for you.
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Summoner spells

This may seem obvious, but you need this sumoner spell, you will need it early on to clear the Blue or Red at jungle, it also helps securing a Dragon kill or the Baron nashor.

This summoner spell is really nice on trynd. Because you are so slow, Ghost makes you so fast, with the Summoner's Wrath passive to Ghost , you have +35% movement speed for 10 seconds. This is really nice for a lot of stuff, let me show you.
    [+] Come out of no where and gank a lane.
    [+] escape a gank.
    [+] Make fast runs to team fights and secure the win.
    [+] Run to people and kill them with your mocking shout skill.
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Champion abilities

This is a really, really, really, really nice passive, probably the best one in my opinion. I think so because at max fury (100) you have +35% critical strike. Do you know what is 35% critical strike!!!??? That is more than a phantom dancer! With this passive, early game you are quite op. I dont say early game lvl 2, 3 nor 7. Early game when you have your first zeal or phantom dancer. With zeal and your passive, you have 45% critical strike chance. This means every 1/2 attack or so, you will deal 200% damage. Is it not amazing?
: This skill is so great. Early game it will be your main skill because it allows you to heal yourself, and it also gives you 25 attack damage at max level. It is so cool because the less hp you have, the more damage you do. This skill works so well with your ultimate, because at 1 hp, you have + 35 damage, at low level, when you dive a tower and do your ultimate to finish a champion, +35 damage can change everything. Even late game, it may seem a not fair trade, because you trade all your hp for 35 ad, but anyways, its death or +35 ad, so what choice do you have?
: This skill is really nice. I will tell you why.
    [-] It slows people with their back turned.
    [-] At max level it removes 80 ad from enemies for 4 seconds.
    [-] It is not a skill shot, so can be casted on whole enemy team.
With this skill, you can do so many things, like gank, help an ally being chased by an enemy champion, or even turn the odds in your favor when 1 vs 1 since you remove 80 ad from the enemy. You want to use this skill at the right moment, because not doing so can put you in serious trouble for quite a long time since the cool down is fairly long.
: This skill is what makes tryndamere a really epic farmer. It is really nice because this skill's cool down is reduced by 2 seconds every time tryndamere lands a critical strike. In other words, every time you attack during mid-late game, this skill has -2 secs as cd. With this skill you can engage, dealing masive damage to grouped enemies. You can also gank, by passing trough walls. This skill added to your core item Ravenous Hydra , is a perfect farm. You can just Spinning Slash the mobs and then hit your Ravenous Hydra to insta kill the minions. Doing so, late game you will be extremely feed. Remember that You can and can not jump trough some walls. Some of them require a perfect position and a perfect spin direction, if you do it wrong, it can cost you your life.
: This skill is soooooo amazing! this makes tryndamere the most op ADC in game, because it allows you to just deny dying. However, you wanna make sure not to stay 2 long in the fight, because this skill does not last forever, it is only 5 seconds. You want to train yourself counting the time since you have done your ultimate, also, before diving and engaging, ask your self. Do I have enough time ( 5 second) to kill my enemy, is it worth? If the answer is yes, GO FOR IT. Also, do not forget this Skill grants you 50/75/100 fury when enabled, so you may want to use your Q before doing it.
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Tips and tricks

    [-] In really early game (before level 6) you should allways be spamming
Bloodlust . Doing so, you will not starve your hp and wont suffer from really low hp.
[-] You can use Spinning Slash to pass trough walls. Use this to go trough walls in your jungle, it will make you farm fast since you get to jungle camps faster than the enemy jungle.
[-] When jungling, kill the (Exemple: mini wraiths at wraith camp) first because when ever you kill a unit you receive 10 fury, you can kill then first to benefit a better heal from your Bloodlust.
[-]dont underestimate your ultimate, it may seem short, but in 5 seconds you have a lot of time to deal damage.
[-] Don't Overestimate your ultimate, it can seem a lot but it passes really fast, count the time.
[-] Using your Spinning Slash to farm is a great idea, but when you are pushing a lane, save it for some quick escape, exemple a wall pass trough. This will ensure a perfect escape while having pushed the lane.
[-] Before doing your undying rage], use your [[bloodlust skill if possible, because it heals you and you wont lose your fury, since Undying Rage gives you (50/75/100) fury when activated.
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Jungling route

This is your jungle route, you need to do this in order to a succesfull jungle. Doing this precise route, you will reach level 3 before your middle, giving you a head start. remember that you need SMITELESS . Let me explain the picture.
    [-] Black arrows = Priority
    [-] Red arrow =
IF possible
[-] Blue arrow = Harass their jungle by killing their wraith camp and let only 1 mini wraith alive.

Don't over extend yourself, if you think you wont be able to do RED and BLUE points, don't do them they are not priority. You want to have at least 1.100$ before your first back. Like I said, don't push yourself.
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Core items

Item Sequence

Ravenous Hydra 3500
Infinity Edge 3400
Blade of the Ruined King 3300
These are your main items. With out them, you areNOTHING . Phantom dancer will be your first item. It is one of the best items that makes Trynd what he is. Phantom dancer gives a nice amount of critical strike, which is what tryndamere needs. In adition, it gives you some movement speed, making you a danger who moves really fast on late games. The attack speed is just awesome, why I ALWAYS choose this item is simply because it gives so much amazing stats, they make trynd a real danger for every one.

The second item is Ravenous hydra. With this item, you are invencible. It gives you a nice AoE every attack you do, so when you are killing mobs, it is so easy to farm, this is why late game tryndamere is so op, because this item multiplies tryndamere's farming by atleast 3-4. Also, this item gives life leash, that makes it so cool, because you can heal up so fast with it. While combining your blood list and Ravenous hydra's life leash, you have a lot of sustain.

The third item is the BEST ITEM EVER. Well atleast for tryndamere. It is the best item because:
    [-] Gives you critical chance
    [-] Gives you more damage
    [-] Has an extremely OP passive when combined to tryndamere ability to do 100% crit strike.

    The fourth item is an item I dont see a lot on tryndamere, even if every tryndamere should have it. It is a really nice item because It has a really cool passive, since it does 5% damage of the enemy's current health. It does a really nice job clearing the half hp, because when the enemy is max hp, you deal (YOUR DAMAGE + 5% OF HIS CURENT HEALTH) so much damage. Also, this item's active is really nice, because you can slow people and deal 15% of their current hp, so its really nice. In addition, blade of RK gives you life steal with some AD and att. speed.
    With these 4 items at lvl 17-18, you can solo baron! These are your

You also want to add Black Cleaver or Last Whisper to these items, because after you start killing people in 3 secs, they will start building armor, and this will be really bad for you if you dont have any of these items.
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Situational items

Item Sequence

Black Cleaver 3000
Maw of Malmortius 3250
These items are Situational. Meaning you dont get them if you dont need to. However, it is fairly imposible to not need the first 2 items, which are Black Cleaver and Last Whisper . Lets start by Last Whisper. This item is so great. It crushes tanks. Having 35% armour penetration, it also gives you 40 damage, which is not nothing for an armour. pen item. It is so great because sometimes, tanks think they will be immune to you since you are a adc, but they got it all wrong. This item mixed with your huge damage, kills every body, I say every body! (except probably Rammus who is op IMO) . Black Cleaver is really nice also. It's passive is really nice also, but it is less than Last Whisper and works differently. Picking Maw of Malmortius is a hard situation. Because you have 2 choices. More AD or some survivability vs ap enemies. If you feel you are getingBURNED by the enemy's APC, you should get this item. It is really good because of the 55 AD and 35 MR. It's passive is really cool also, but don't pick this if you are looking for additional damage.
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How you should be playing Tryndamere.

Tryndamere is a really tricky character. Why? it is simple, whenever you are fighting, you are GAMBLING . Yes, gambling. I say this because you have no idea when you will do a critical (exept probably late game when you have 100% crit.) Being said so, you should always engage when you have max fury. This turns the odds in your favor, because you have +35% crit, which the enemy does NOT have. In early game, (level before level 11 IMO) you should always or almost always be farming. I say this because this build needs ENORMOUSLY a lot of farm to work ( it wont work if you have a 0 / 9 score). What I suggest is jungling until level 5. Why? because if you follow this build corectly, you wont have Mocking Shout until level 5. Some times, when we are wining, I like to gank at level 6, because I can reckless dive turret and escape with my ultimate Undying Rage.
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