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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Master Yi Build Guide by Tychus

Assassin (S4) Today, is a good day to win. [4.6 update]

Assassin (S4) Today, is a good day to win. [4.6 update]

Updated on April 27, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tychus Build Guide By Tychus 15 1 291,486 Views 36 Comments
15 1 291,486 Views 36 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Tychus Master Yi Build Guide By Tychus Updated on April 27, 2014
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Pros & Cons

+Has an excellent late game.
+Can kill squishy champions really easy.
+Has true damage.
+Immunity to slows during Highlander.

Master Yi is more of a late game champion. He excels at killing carries and sometimes tanks really fast thanks to his true damage and his amazing steroid. In top of that, Master Yi is a samurai and has an amazing look even without skins.
-Lacks life steal.
-Tends to get focused A LOT.
-If you engage at wrong moment you will get focused.
-Is extremely squishy

Like every champion, Master Yi has his weaknesses. Building him this way makes him lack lifesteal and an easy target if focused by many enemies. Also, if engages bad or at the wrong moment, enemies will turn on you and will kill you because you are so squishy.
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Majestic Masteries

Offensive masteries

Double-Edged Sword This mastery is nice, gives you 2% more damage, always get it.

Fury This is a nice mastery too, 5% attack speed. Helps you clear jungle and trade better.

Martial Mastery Because 4 attack damage for 1 mastery point is nice.

Executioner This mastery is really nice because you can drop people to 50% really fast, making it even easier after that.

Warlord So your total BONUS attack damage will be 5% higher, a nice thing to have.

Devastating Strikes 6% Armor and magic penetration, the magic penetration will be useless but the armor penetration will be handy versus tanky champions.

Frenzy This is really nice mastery since you will be doing a lot of criticals, 15% attack speed is pretty darn good.

Havoc Your damage will be 3% higher

Defensive masteries

Block This is just cool, if you sum up all the damage it blocks you would be surprised.

Tough Skin This just makes jungling easier, its preferable to Enchanted Armor since you are not really going to build armor with Master Yi.

Bladed Armor This helps you kill jungle faster, helps killing dragon and baron faster too.

Veteran's Scars because why would you say no to 36 health points :)

Juggernaut This really helps out, it gives you +60 hp at level 18 WITH OUT buying any health items, this is a really nice mastery if you plan to buy an item such as frozen mallet or buy a defensive item.
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Spa For your marks, the best runes you can get are either Greater Mark of Attack Damage or Greater Mark of Attack Speed. The reason is that Greater Mark of Attack Speed gives you more attack speed, therefore, granting more Double Strikes. Greater Mark of Attack Damage are also good, they give you good damage that helps you clear the jungle faster. You could also get greater mark of armor penetration but it would make you clear the jungle slower and would only really be effective late game. Spa

Spa For seals, there is only Greater Seal of Armor that are worth using. The reason is that seal type runes are mainly for defence, and other than that, there isn't a stat that Master Yi needs that is given by a seal. Spa

Spa For glyphs, you should take Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist. You wont be dealing with a lot of magic damage in early game, so better have it on late game is better. This will make it hard for champions such as LeBlanc or other champions to burst you down. Spa

Spa For quintessences, there are a lot of options. You could use Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage because it will make you deal more damage or you could go for Greater Quintessence of Life Steal which are nice too. with the quintessences you have a lot more options so feel free to pick by yourself. Spa
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Epic Summoner Spells

Space You ALWAYS want to get smite. The reason is, you are the jungler. Some of you might think "yea but what if I can jungle with out it". Well, to be honest, you can. The problem is, later on you will be doing dragon or baron . Now, you don't have a smite, but the enemy jungler does. What do you do if the jungler warwick comes, has the dragon warded, smites it and boom. You have no dragon. This is why you MUST get Smite

Space Ghost is a really nice summoner spell on Master Yi. The reason I take Ghost instead of Flash is simply because your Alpha Strike serves as a flash. You will almost always use Alpha Strike to follow a flashing enemy. Exemple: Your ganking top lane. the enemy is pushing but when he sees you, he flashes away to avoid being killed. What do you do? you alpha strike him.

Space Although ghost is better, you might want to take flash if you are new to Master Yi. As an unexperienced Master Yi, ghost will likely make you run like Usain bolt in their team and kill you. Flash is still a nice summoner spell if used corectly.

Space Exhaust is nice too, Master Yi is already REALLY fast so ghost is not a MUST. being said, you can take Exhaust so you can trade and gank even better.
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Best Skills

Spa Every time you attack, gives you a stack and your fourth attack will double strike, applying passives such as Ravenous Hydra's or Blade of the Ruined King's.

Spa When you use this on enemy, will make you leap to threee other enemies. this can crit on minions, dealing double damage.

  • You can stack your 3 Blade Weaving using Alpha Strike once if the spell hits 3 champions.
  • If the primary target dies or becomes invulnerable as Master Yi finishes Alpha Strike, he will appear at the cast location.

    Use this to harass enemies by Alpha Strike 'ing into minions. If done correctly, you will hit enemies and not get hit.
  • You can block spells such as Requiem with Alpha Strike if timed correctly.
Spa This is your sustain ability, it will heal you 1% more for each 1% of your missing health. This is nice to counter early dives since you get damage reduction while channelling.

Spa PASSIVE: You gain 10% of your bonus attack damage as attack damage while the skill is NOT on cooldown, this is great for builds with items that give tons of damage such as Ravenous Hydra
ACTIVE: Every auto attack you will deal true damage based on your total attack damage.

Spa PASSIVE: Every time you get a kill or an assist, all your other spells get a 70% cooldown reduction.
ACTIVE: For 10 seconds, you get bonus movement speed and attack speed and become immune to slows. Every time you get a kill or an assist, you get an additional 4 seconds.

  • Highlander can be used for many things. You can use it to fight, to escape, to kill towers fast or simply be faster :)
  • Don't forget that when ever you get a kill or an assist, all your spells exept Highlander get reduced cooldown of 70%
  • Each kill prolongs Highlander duration by 4 seconds.
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Skill Order




Max your ultimate as usual to increase it's efficiency. Doing so will grant you bonus attack speed and movement speed then max Alpha Strike to clear the jungle faster. This will also help you when ganking lanes because you will do more damage with Alpha Strike and close the gap between you and your enemies. You should then max Wuju Style to increase your damage. This will help you kill creeps/champions/ Teemo faster because it gives you true damage and more attack damage when it is out of cooldown. Meditate is the last skill you should max because it does not give any offensive advantage unlike Alpha Strike and Wuju Style, Meditate is a really weak skill during early game.
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Royal Combination

The potential of this build is based on activating:
This my friend, is a combination that makes you run like USAIN BOLT, hit like THIS and do tons of damage in a short amount of time.

If you sum everything, activating all of these will give you : 65% movement speed 120% attack speed and 30 (+20% of attack damage) as true damage, which is probably a total of 70-80 true damage. The reason this is so strong is because you are so SLOW and attack so SLOW without all of them activated, leaving your enemies to think you are not capable of killing them, but once you do it, it will scare the **** out of them and then kill hem in 2-5 seconds.

Don't forget that you are IMUNE to slows and therefore, only thing that will counter is crowd control such has NINJA KICKS ( Dragon's Rage) or suppress spells such as Nether Grasp and Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser
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Suggested Items

This item is now the best item by far for junglers like Master Yi because of when you reach 30 ferral stacks it upgrades into Feral Flare and it is so strong due to Master Yi having so much attack speed, making use of Feral Flare`s pasive. Also, the ward gives you some extra map control. This is particulary good on Master Yi because he spends a lot of time jungling and has a lot of ease doing it due to having an inner heal.

These boots might be the best in most of situations due to their offensive stats. They make you proc your Wuju Style faster and other pasives such as Feral Flare`s.

The tenacity is a must have if the enemy team has tons of cc, it will allow you to survive those 3 stuns from leona.

Youmuu's Ghostblade gives so many stats that Master Yi needs, such as armor penetration, movement speed and critical strike. It has a nice active that synergizes perfectly with your ultimate, making it imposible for enemies to flee from you.

Since you are doing a critical strike build, Infinity Edge is a must have item. It will make you hit like a truck. Is somehow expensive but is totaly worth the investment.

Statikk Shivis mostly for split pushing because of it's passive is pretty nice. I would not say this is a MUST item, but I think it is really nice item to have, although you can replace it by a Ravenous Hydra or a Phantom Dancer.

This item is very situational. Its suggested building Blade of the Ruined King when enemies are stacking health. It also provides you with life steal and deals a pretty awesome damage due to the passive. Also, the active helps you chasing people who are faster than you or even run from an enemy.

When enemies realize how much you hurt, they will start building armor, making your damage output really low unless you buy Last Whisper. This will not only allow you to deal damage to tanks, but it will allow you to kill carrie faster. Normally, carries dont build much armor-magic resist. Other than Guardian Angel, carries will almost never buy defensive items, I dont see many Dravens wandering around summoner's rift with a Randuin's Omen or a Thornmail. Being said, having no armor and you having armor penetrations means you dealing true damage, making it like slicing butter to kill enemy's carry.

This item is game changing. I happen to almost never buy it because I rarely get focused by the enemies, but incase the enemy team focuses you, get Guardian Angel. It is a MUST to get this item. Otherwise, you will only be a meditating pillar that can do nothing but die.
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Last season, people would invade my red and first blood me while I take it. I had found a solution to that problem, it was to take the red, in the bush. The problem was that if I stand in the bush and alpha strike, the lizard would go back to it's original place and sometimes heal up during the time I am invincible.

Now in season four, I no longer need to do this. The reason is: TRINKETS.
In season four, you can have either a free ward, a ward-trap detector or a mini clairvoyance.
In my opinion, the one you should buy at level 1, is Stealth Ward.
There is a simple reason to that, AVOID GETTING INVADED.

I can not count how many times I have died to an ambush in my red buff. You should always place your Stealth Ward in your red camp bush, making it imposible to get first blooded unless 2 things
  • You are a ret@rd.
  • The enemy jungler is a Teemo and is stealth in your bush waiting for you to be low enough to stick a Blinding Dart up your @ss.

Now, thats early game. What about mid game?
Some people will argue with this, and the reason is that at level 9, your trinkets have a free upgrade, for the Sweeping Lens, it is a cooldown reduction. I have to agree that it is really nice, because you can kill the enemy wards and apply pressure by denying vision, but I personally believe you should stay with your Stealth Ward. Why? here is why.
  • You can have vision of your buffs without buying wards
  • You can ward a lane's bush because they don't know they can buy wards or use trinkets
  • Avoid face checking
  • Placing a ward over a wall, granting you vison of a camp and proceeding to alpha strike, making a sweet escape.
  • Ward baron and dragon because no one does it.

While there are various reasons not to pick an other trinket, there are also reasons to pick an other trinket.
  • The enemy team has a Teemo and you want to destroy his shrooms
  • Enemy team has an stealth champion, such as Shaco or Akali. Be aware that Greater Lens will NOT reveal invisible CHAMPIONS unless it is upgraded to a Sweeping Lens.
  • Enemy team is buying wards and is placing them EVERYWHERE which denies you the ability to gank.
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How To Gank

I have noticed that a lot of junglers doing this :
  • Enters the lane by river
  • Uses his gap closer ability to get closer to enemy
  • The enemy escapes with 100 hp

I can't count the number of times this has happened when I get ganked by the enemy jungler, I then think : he could have killed me. The thing is, you should NEVER use your gap closer ability as engage technique. Why? because the enemy laner might be having himself a gap closer too. Imagine that the enemy is Renekton, and you are Master Yi. You come into the lane, Alpha Strike immediately. What happens? Its simple, Renekton uses Slice and Dice and creates a distance between you and him. This can also be achieved by champions that DON'T have gap closer. How? FLASH.

This is how you want to gank :
This maximises our damage output and should be used with every champion during ANY gank unless the enemy laner is killing your ally and you need to land a hit to save your ally.
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No Ganks Without Taxes

This is something people don't understand. Ganking a lane takes time. During that time, you could be in your jungle farming your wolfs or simply ganking another lane that needs help. To make up for this, there is a not so popular system that some players use. This system is called taxes. When ever I gank, there are 3 posibilities.
  • I get a kill and either leave with no minion taxes or push the lane for the tower
  • My ally gets the kill, so I proceed to take 1-2 minions, generaly casters because they give less gold and thus, not making your ally fall behind.
  • My ally did not react to my gank, making it useless because we got no kill, so I proceed to get 2-3 minions.
Don't get me wrong, this is not an excuse to take 6 minions every time you come into lane because you got no kill, this is a way to help your team mates by ganking a lot but not falling behind because your team got all the kills.
Use this at your own discretion.
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Early Game

During the first 10 mins, you are at your weakest, but this is the time to work on getting feed. I normally farm the jungle A LOT. I generally do this route:
  • Blue buff
  • Wraiths
  • Red buff
This route, unlike Blue then Red, makes you be level 3 after you clear your red. You can then proceed to gank a lane if the enemies are pushing and you feel like you can either:
Spoiler: Click to view

The reason I kill wraiths instead of wolfs, is that wraiths are weaker than wolfs, and it will still make you level three, so going to wraiths makes you get a faster level 3 and get less damaged. Don't forget, you can still do this :
Spoiler: Click to view

I do this route when I feel like the enemy jungler might try to kill me at my red, so to avoid that possibility, I start red. You can also do this if you feel that the enemy's top lane will be pushing super hard and your ally will have difficulty winning the lane.

During this time, you should get as much gold as possible, either by getting kills, farming your jungle or using the tax system that is just up ahead.

You generally want to back when you have a minimum of 1300 gold. This seems a lot, but as Master Yi you have tons of sustain thanks to Meditate. When you back, you want yo buy your Spirit Stone and AT LEAST 2 Long Sword. You will normally have enough money to buy Spirit Stone, 2 Long Sword and Boots. If you don't it means you have either failed to gank, not farmed jungle or ganked a lot and not using tax system, leaving you behind.
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This is when you get are 50% of your power. By then, you should have AT LEAST this :
- Berserker's Greaves
- Spirit of the Elder Lizard
- Youmuu's Ghostblade
- Half of Infinity Edge or Statikk Shiv

With the first three, you should be able to insta-burn almost anyone considering they are not 10/0, especially their ADC or APC. During mid game, you should be killing everyone, getting the most skills as possible. You will need at least 5 kills to be able to carry the game. Kills are extremely important, but don't forget, there are MORE important things such as:
  • Dragons
  • Tower kills
  • Minions
  • Baron
Dragon should be your priority over turrets considering you can only get one. The thing is, the tower's gold will never actually disapear. It will be available troughought the whole game, but dragon's gold WILL disappear if the enemy team kills it, so if you are ever wondering what you should kill, either a tower or dragon, I would take the dragon.
Don't get me wrong too, if you can get the tower and then manage to get the dragon without any actual risks, do it, because 2 is better than 1.

Every time you can, gank a lane, if you do get a kill, push the tower. TOWERS WIN GAMES. Pushing mid lane after a recent kill, will make the lane get pressured, and if you get towers early on, you will be able to do ganks comming from the enemy jungle. This is really strong, because it leaves the enemy with 2 choices. Either take the cs and push the lane by doing so, or sitting at tower, leading to losing gold and experience because he will get ganked if he doesn't do so.

This is a critical time of the game, work with your team to get as much objectives as posible. Here is your priority order.

Dragons > Towers > Unrisky kills > Minions > Risky kills.

If your team has scored an ace and you have the choice to push mid lane to the inhibitor or kill baron, I would suggest to push mid lane and try to get the inhibitor. The thing is baron will only get you more ahead than you already are, which you should be because you've just scored an ace, but getting an inhibitor will make the lane constantly pressured for 5 minutes by super minions, letting you get more objectives like dragon, turrets or even baron, because the enemy has to stay base defending from super minions.
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Late Game

This is when you pentakill. You should be insta-killing every one, or almost. You should be the one killing squishies, and the way you do this is this way :
  • Let your tank - initiator initiate
  • Aim your target : generally APC or ADC
  • When their carries are dead, aim for the squishiest target
  • Kill who ever is still alive
  • Push
You HAVE to target the squishiest champions. If you don't, your Highlander will expire because you got no kill and your Youmuu's Ghostblade will expire and be useless because you were targeting a tank.

During late game, you want to have control of 2 things. Baron and dragon. Baron and dragon are game changing, they either get you ahead or behind. If you constantly ward them, they will probably get you ahead, don't forget to Smite secure them, otherwise the enemy jungler will Smite it and will make you cry.
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