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Tryndamere Build Guide by MasterFran

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MasterFran

Tryndamere: the Killing Monster

MasterFran Last updated on July 25, 2011
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In this guide i will show you my favourtie champion: Tryndamere. In my opinion Tryndamere or Trynd like people call him is one of the best LoL champions, hopefully you will learn how to use him and love him too, after reading this guide.

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Pros / Cons

+ Great champion mid/late game
+ Able to heal hiself
+ Great map movility, with his E he can go through walls
+ His ulti makes him invulnerable for 5 secs
+ Can slow
+ His slow can reaveal enemies on bushes (if an enemy is hidden in the bush and u are in range it can be activated. If no enemy champion is near, you cant activate it)
+ Can bait really well
+ Doesn't uses mana!

- If dont used carefully can die early game
- Ignite can get him into serious problems when using his ulti
- Vulnerable to stuns/silences/snares etc.
- Need to know how to play him

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Skill sequence and explanation

This is his passive it makes Trynd get more Critical Chance while less HP he has, so more dead you are more dangerous you get too. With your ulti that leaves you at 1 HP you will hit lots of Crits.

This skill is what makes Trynd able to heal, it uses staks (up to 8). Passive: with each stack Trynd gains Atack Damage and Critical Damage. Active: when activated Trynd heal depending on how much stacks he has.

This skill is Trynd's slow. When used it lowers nearby enemies Atack Damage, but if the enemy has his back turned Trynd is able to slow that enemy.

This skill makes Trynd spin to any direction. If he is near a wall (depending on the size of that wall) Trynd can pass through walls.

And last but not least his ulti. This skill disables his HP to go lower than 1 HP, in other words it makes you invulnerable but leaves you in 1 HP.

Skill sequence:
Spinning Slash- Undying Rage- Moking Shout- Bloodlust- Spinning Slash
You enter the fight with Spinning Slash if u get hurt use Undying Rage then they start running and you use Moking Shout. If someone managed to sruvive and is trying to kill you just heal with Bloodlust and you can or go kill him with Spinning Slash + Moking Shout or just escape through a wall with Spinning Slash.

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Summoner Spells

Well here it goes to you but i will give my opinion
I take Flash size 50 and because if my Spinning Slash is on Cooldown i can Flash away safely and with Exhaust i can get them really easy and after it finishes i use Moking Shout

Other choises:

I dont take it but you could gank pretty well with it and Spinning Slash

if you think it will work more than Exhaust take it but if you use Exhaust you will hit them and that means stacks for Bloodlust wich means more damage and health.

You can take it if you think its better than flahs or you are better with it

Trynd is really vulnerable to silences/stuns/snares or whatever spell disables him while ulti. I dont really use it but it can help.

If u think its usefull take it but i prefer the others

Dont take:

I don't take it because when Trynd dies he had already used his ulti in the fight and if you revive you wont have your ulti and are a lot more vulnerable.

... Just dont take it, unless you want to regen friends mana

Useless, Trynd has his Q remeber.

This is not a jungle guide so i dont recomend it

Never used it, think its useless

Leave it for suports

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The best Runes for Trynd are Critical Chance/Damage i get 5 Greater Mark of Critical Chance, 4 Greater Mark of Critical Damage, 5 Greater Seal of Critical Chance, 4 Greater Seal of Critical Damage, 5 Greater Glyph of Critical Chance, 4 Greater Glyph of Critical Damage and for Quintessences i take 3 Greater Quintessence of Desolation for armor penetration. All that Critical and some armor penetration can make your early game for Trynd.

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Brawler's Gloves and 2 Health Potion.
If did good buy Bersekers Greaves and Zeal.
After level 6 try to gank and kill as much as you can but try not to die and buy B.F.Sword and then complete Infinity Edge.
Then complete Phantom Dancer.
Whith that you have your critical ready to kill so i get atack speed with Sword of the Divine. This way you will be hitting strong and fast.
After that i get Wriggles Latern for life steal and ward every 30 secs for map control and ganking.
At least i buy a Tiamat wich gives you some damage, armor and slpash/cleave (when you hit someone you also hurt the ones beside him) great for creep killing and for destroying more than one enemy at the time. Imagine that you are hitting someone and behind him there is another champion, after you killed the first one the second one has half his HP!!!
If you dont like Tiamat just buy a Frozen Mallet for slow or a The Bloodthirster.

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Well in my opinion Tryndamere is one of the best champions in LoL as i said before and now you know why. I wish my guide help you learn how to use Trynd and my build let you destroy your enemies.

This was my fisrt build and i hope you like it, if you have any question just let me know and i will answer as fast as posible. If i have any spelling mistake or any mistake tell me and i will change it. I am from Argentina and im not used to writing in english like this but at least i didnt have to use a translator or anything like that just used my own words :P

Go and have some fun with Tryndamere: the Killing Monster