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Tryndamere Build Guide by Arcane Aftermath

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Arcane Aftermath

Tryndamere-your crit calls...they will answer

Arcane Aftermath Last updated on November 30, 2011
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Welcome to my most serious guide to playing League of Legends. I love playing Tryndamere , I can't get enough of the 2 hit kills so i decided to make a guide for him. I find that the "Creative" builds with 2 Bloodthirsters and 2 Phantom Dancers are lacking and any enemy who sees what you are going for that build can just get 1 heavy armor item and destroy you. I also leave out all methods of defense because of my ultimate and hopefully my team will have a tank to take the damage for me, which gives me a boost as well in my opinion.

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Great DPS.
Great crit chance.
Amazing crit damage.
Good anti-tank capabilities.
Good finisher.
Succesful turret dives.
INVINCIBLE( for a couple seconds, note that if you're here to QQ 'bout undying rage, it's 5 not 6 seconds :])
Good jungler.


Weak against cc.
Expensive item build.
Easy to kill without ultimate.
Somewhat easy to counterpick.

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Ghost great for solving your speed problem early game, If you have already used spinning slash, it also assists you in escaping and chasing. However, i find this spell only mediocre compared to the others.

Exhaust A great First Blood spell, it can be used to lower armor and magic resist with the mastery point, and it also lowers attack speed, another use is to escape or chase when mocking shout's cooldown lets you down.

Ignite is great for this build, a common problem is your speed and sometimes turret diving just isn't smart, so to achieve your last item(I know it's an expensive build), Ignite is an irreplaceable spell to have.

Cleanse An awesome spell as well, pretty much the only thing that can stop you is cc by late game, so having cleanse around ties up your last loose end. I alternate between cleanse and exhaust regularly. Cleanse is made even more liable by its recent buff, making it synchronize even better with your ultimate.

Surge - Surge looks like it would be amazing until you compare it to ignite or exhaust. Ignite gives you the extra damage and minimizes their health regeneration, while exhaust can wreck enemy carries and give you extra chasing capabilities. Surge is still liable, but I find people just running away and I end up not being to use the extra attack speed enough.

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Berserkers Greaves

the 25% attack speed is important since you need your last hits and some crits to stack bloodlust, and with ignite, mocking shout, and spinning slash, speed is only partially important. If you've maxed out your build, you can sell your boots for more Phantom dancers, which will put you at 100% crit chance even without low health while only slightly reducing your movement speed. Some people argue that these boots aren't good as some others, which may be true, but for my build this is a great place to have extra attack speed. Mercury's Treads are liable if you need them as well.

Phantom Dancer

The 30% crit chance is HUGE, you absolutely need this to get maximum edge, And with a large 55% attack speed, you can't go wrong, also, 15% movement speed probably makes this the most important dps item.

Infinity Edge

This is when you can take down just about anybody with your huge hits, 25% crit chance and 80 damage along with the extra 50% crit dmg makes you hit very high for your level, and your enemies will soon be fearing your capabilities.

The Black Cleaver

This is a truly great item. It gives you high damage and attack speed, which gives you good kill power, It's passive is AMAZING for taking out tanks or really any player since you can take enemy armor into the negatives with it. And with the recent B.F. Sword nerf it is even cheaper than before.

Replacements for The Black Cleaver

Low armor:

The Bloodthirster

Great for dealing heavy damage and since generally low armor champions like Master yi and Twisted Fate do large amounts of damage, Life steal can easily save your life when you don't have Undying Rage around.

High armor:

Last Wisper

I only recommend it for teams with huge amounts of armor. It gives lower damage than the Bloodthirster and the Black Cleaver, but if you get the Bloodthirster when fighting a team with both Rammus And Malphite on it or maybe Shen and Amumu, you will not get your money's worth. Keep in mind that the Last whisper's low price also lets you finish your build quickly.


- This and the infinity edge can be switched depending on the situation, but never replaced. Once you get this item and the Infinity Edge, you can start to carry no matter what level you are, and both damage and life steal are huge for this champion.

Youmuu's Ghostblade

- This item finishes up your build, it replaces your Avarice blade which has helped to keep up your crits and fury bar. I know it's sad, but now you have even more damage and crit chance then before. The active is also great for getting dirty in the team battles which, at this point, are taking your team straight to the win. Keep in mind that the Avarice Blade will generate alot of gold on it's own, so if you need to replace this item with a damage based item, selling the Avarice Blade to buy the Bloodthirster etc. won't hurt your cash pool.
If you are facing a heavily armored team and have bought the Last Whisper instead of the Black Cleaver, I would recommend getting The Bloodthirster instead of this item because flat armor pen. comes before the percent of armor pen. in the equation of deciding the true damage you deal, which means you will not get quite as much armor pen. as usual, thus the extra damage and life steal from The Bloodthirster can be a better value.

If you are facing a dodge wh*re that is causing problems for your team, replace this item with the Sword of the Divine. ONLY do this against an enemy with a high dodge chance that continues to dodge you.

"Why not get a defensive item?" My answer: no matter what happens, you have more than 5 seconds to dominate or escape, so defense isn't really as important is it would be for other DPS carries, this is one of the things that makes Tryndamere so good.

Other Optional Items

Executioner's Calling

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Battle Fury: Tryndamere's passive, the way you play tryndamere revolves completely around how you use Battle Fury and Bloodlust. With battle fury and Bloodlust, you can either remain impossible to harass or just build up fury then spin in and use your form of early game harassing, which is hitting 350 and running away, or you can just commit and take them out.

Bloodlust: Bloodlust is a great ability in many ways so i max it first. It makes you one of the highest hitting dps champions in the game, and with my mastery point for ignite the health you can gain early game is great, it makes you near impossible to harrass if you can keep up those last hits and crits.

Mocking Shout: Now that he has been remade, I find this spell somewhat overpowered, but let's just take advantage of that, with mocking shout you can take out their ad drastically and ruin the enemy teams hopes of winning a teamfight, because their AD wont do any damage for 4 seconds. It also makes you a great gap closer when used in combination with spinning slash. I max mocking shout second for the huge ad reduction/slow.

Spinning slash: Before the remake i used to take this first, so you could get in and out of first blood situations, but now i take bloodlust for the exra damage, i take spinning slash at level 3 just to chase and escape, it is also great for spinning through obstacles, but be careful because some walls are wider than you think. I max spinning slash out last because the main benefit of this ability is the mobility boost which it gives you with just 1 point.

Undying rage: Tryndamere's ultimate, his bread and butter. Everybody complains about it, but really it just balances him, most carries have ultimates that can keep them alive, like ashes arrow or xin zhaos crescent swipe, master yi's highlander also helps him to escape sticky situations. Remember that this ability also raises your fury, so instead of only using it to escape, you can think of it as your chance to tear things up and sometimes come out with a much better outcome than just running.

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Mastery tree

The new masteries are actually a miniscule buff to Tryndamere, with the exception of the removal of the old experience masteries which i liked. The offensive tree now contains the weapon expertise mastery, which is AMAZING for any ad carry. You can also start with an extra 3% lifesteal, small but not when you look at the stats from the Doran's Blade , when you compare it to this item, you realize how big the boost really can be. I take 25 points in offense because of all the new damage upgrading masteries which i would hate to do without.

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Rune Book

Runes of Furor are a very big deal for tryndamere, I really don't see what else I could put there, Since I have the black cleaver/Last whisper to deal with enemy armor and more than enough AD

Runes of Malice are just a slight boost to your overall crit chance which I thought would be good since Tryndamere is Completely crit based.

Runes of Alacrity are just what I use for my glyphs, some extra attack speed is always good, you never know when you'll win a 1v1 with 100hp because you have more runes than the enemy.

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Farming & Jungling


Farming is very important to think about, every 20 or so cs means another champion kill, so if you look at farm instead of only kills the game can turn around in your eyes. Early game you should try to farm as much as possible, i would recommend having a support character like Alistar in your lane that can zone out your enemies and give you time to farm and build fury while still having a heal around. Mid-late game you should stay somewhat close to your team because you're the carry and if a fight erupts your team is screwed without you. You are also a big baron or dragon threat because of your immense damage output.

When to Jungle

whenever the lanes are occupied and you need some immediate xp or gold, you should move into the jungle and quickly kill everything, waste no time when playing Tryndamere. I don't like to gank TOO much, i farm a lot and make my enemies suffer when i'm needed by my team. The jungle is a great place for Tryndamere to be because he can spin in and out of every situation.

Buff Control

Buffs are another important thing to think about, the red buff is something you should always have so you can do that extra damage and have that awesome slow around. Blue buff is pretty much useless, i only take it when my teammates are FAR away and i need just a bit of extra gold for my new items, you should really only have this buff around you if you kill its previous owner.