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Twisted Fate General Guide by Goolox123

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Goolox123

Twisted Fate season 3 cardmaster

Goolox123 Last updated on January 12, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction (Twisted Fate the Card Master)

Twisted Fate is a high skill cap character and more meets the eye to twisted fate then just his w although this is the hardest thing to pick up for most people. You need good map-awareness when using your ability destiny. This means your potential goal is to carry other people. You might ask well how is this done? The answer is simple, your powerful and ban worthy ult (Destiny). Through this guide you will learn how to effectively play and guide your teammates and yourself to ultimate victory.

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Unique Skills

Twisted Fate has many unique skills, his ultimate for instance a 5500 unit ranged teleport with a 150 second cool-down. This is your reason for playing this character. You use this to gank people and get your team fed. You usually don't want to take the kill if you can give it to other people. Twisted fate is not a hyper carry he destroys his enemies lanes and gets his lanes fed. Hes banned a lot at higher levels of play because of his ult. His W a unique and can be hard to master ability. You have 3 set effects when using pick-a-card which goes in the order blue-red-yellow it goes in this order every-time from what I know. You want to practice landing gold card to stun dangerous enemies or when you gank or in lane to secure a kill or poke. Stacked Deck would be his next ability, you use this ability when you auto-attack four times it adds to your burst and is essential to use it also grants you attack speed and cool-down reduction as you level it up you usually add this and your W and do a ****-load of damage late-game. On-to wildcards, Wildcards is a skill-shot with 1450 range this makes you very hard to force out of lane once you get blue buff would usually take a jungler like Alistar.

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Pros / Cons

Long-range skillshot
Hard to force out of lane with blue buff
2 second stun late game
long ranged ganking tool which gives you lots of presence
you don't lose lane, you farm and cant be forced out

You are squishy
You have no actual escape
your not super bursty like a lot of apc's
Your stun can be outdone by people like Oriana, or zyra.
You need your allies to have good communication
You can't duel and if you get caught out your usually dead.

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Farming is usually easy depending on who your playing against. That is until you get blue buff. Now if they counter-jungle your blue buff your laning phase could be fked and you'll have to rely on playing safe and your ultimate. Your very good at farming because of wildcards and red card, you also have blue card so you never usually recall because of mana. You don't need blue buff but it is super super super helpful and you should always get second blue buff, f your jungler and try to steal second blue if he doesn't try to give it.

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Counter picks

Like I said you don't lose to anyone. The only people i know you can beat are Kassadin (hard: skill match-up better player wins harder for tf) Fiddlesticks, Zyra , Katrina , viegar , Don't get cocky though you can still lose your lane really easy if they get first blood or grant jungle pressure.

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The Summary

Play your cards right and you could with practice get to 1400 in 1-4 months if you try really hard. Try doing other fun builds like ad tf, or Dominion with tf. Practice your W and you'll increase your ability with tf tremendously every second counts. Don't blame your allies, get better at hitting wildcards, makes sure you get second blue buff, try to gank when destiny comes off cool-down, try to use stack-deck with your combo or else your burst will decrease tremendously. Have fun and enjoy Twisted Fate the Card Master.


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