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Twisted Fate Build Guide by 66lew

Twister of Fate in all position [theory]

Twister of Fate in all position [theory]

Updated on April 2, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author 66lew Build Guide By 66lew 18,382 Views 0 Comments
18,382 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author 66lew Twisted Fate Build Guide By 66lew Updated on April 2, 2020
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Champion Build Guide

Twister of Fate in all position [theory]

By 66lew
What is TF
One of the most versatile champions in league and requires mechanics,game knowledge and map awareness. By playing TF you have game sense and simply mashing buttons does not someone an elite TF players. It takes alot more skill to carry with TF than other champion than other champion in game.

1. Element one - micro mechanics
2. Pressing R
3. Game knowledge and match up
4. Wave clearly correctly.
5. Map awareness.
6. Correctly rotating mechanics.

I'm am putting an argument on cap range on TF where he can played on every position League up to diamond level. Where a person I suspect can play TF and get to diamond befor this reason- Twisted Fates requires insane amount of knowledge and decision making to play so the person accountable for their play and gives much more control over there fate. Twisted is a champion must not lose the laning phase or the jingling phase, hence there is a high risk with Twosted Fate in the early game where TF must continue to make initiatives and cannot passively as a champion and expect to scale in the long game. TF is he most active champion in League of legends has the highest skill cap in the game.

I'll explain when jungling as TF is viable when not to jungle with TF. TF jungle is viable under certain conditions; for example TF is viable where potential for kill in the laning phase. If there no potential for s kill in the laning phase TF jungle is most likely redundant or continue to pursue nd active plays throughout whole game stay even.
Micro mechanics
You have to know these.

Rotating AA while correctly press W to correctly get card and save clear with Q and ensure how to use proxy E. Micromdchanics which needs to be discussed is
AA range,q w(w) correct target selection

Micromechanics I can explain this briefly but it has to be done in a video. Micro mechanics is not pressing a lot of buttons. Pressing the least amount of the buttons of efficiency management of APM of execution is considered micromechanics. Kiting for the sake of macro mechanics - or abusing superior micromechanics is not a good to play the gamee unless the purpose of the game is become micromechanic player. For example on Twosted Fate - AA press W obtaining red or gold card targeting and moving certain direction with AA and Q is called execution of micromechanic skills while doing this also ensuring from creep wave is cleared on ca which Twisted Fate requires active micromechanic play; not passive- passive play does not require active micro mechanic but called reactionary micro mechanics.
Pressing r
Remember it's not how many you press it's about pressure the person can maintain while R create fear and punish players for disrespecting R.

I'll explain when to r and whe not to. Do not use R for kills because it's a waste R for kills what what your looking is the utility values.
In league of legends the player is looking for most utility value.
Game knowledge and match up
This is extensive go over this.
Match ups are discussed in the upper area.
Wave clearly correctly
There is a way to wave clear correctly I'll create a video
> Twotch Url create about 5 videos showing different ways of wave clearing.

1. The last wave clear is pressing Q
2. The first way to wave clear is priority clear

AA to clear first iOS minions
Do not use Q to chunk minion health and is the last restor clearing.
Using W to wave clear is used in the backline minion.
Which the minion which is the back and instead of AA using W and ensuring protecting (red card) and knowing match up.
Map awareness and macro game
Game sense is important and almost unreachable for most people what game sense is
Correctly rotating mechanics
Rotating mechanics tough there is many microvaribale factors in TF play which accounts.

Phasing of roaming pressure? Build order correctly positions, roaming pressure and build pressure.

Rotating on mechanics is extremely difficult because unlike other champions does not compound automatically on advantage. For example master Yi if he gets fed he presses r q and screams penta. TF regardless of getting fed if he is played correctly the team will be lost. Hence the ability rotate is one of the most difficult plays.
Early Mid Late game objectives.
Twisted fate one thing it must never is lose the laning phase.
that is the objective to not lose the laning phase and continually make plays. These two conditions are the reasons of Twosted Fate being played.
If the player does not thsse teo they should not play TF and Annie is a much more safer option.
Positional Kiting
The importance if positional kiting and correctly rotate the mechanical AA and correct cards without misjudging AA range is a science.

This has to be discussed in a video.
> AA mechanic of TF is important because of passive and E.
The dilemma of Rod of Ages.
Rod of Ages is one of the difficult item picks on TF. If the players wants the rod of ages have to be able to CS professionally. Players who cannot CS professionally should not purchase ROA isnt simply enough parity on scaling for health return for gold purchased. TF wave clear mechanics and able to split push and drilled.
Punishing players
TF must actively punish players for everyone mistake a player makes. There is a difference between punishing correctly and incorrectly punishing.

> example active punishing is where there is a minion discrepancy and both players looks as if they are winning the fight and able to judge the ability power by parties and make assumption and say the other player is out of continually punish the player for a miscalculation of over extending or not clearly the minion correctly. This one of the most skills to be able to punish people correctly. Punishing players correctly.
Why Twisted Fate is all positions
TF is played mid for its roaming pressure and his mechanical wave clearly play. There is one thing mid TF players must know. The wards will be places in the choke area of the river and the jungler to catch out TF who gets greedy roaming and hence this is difficult micromanagement of TF and hence mechanics.

Top lane is not a bad match up as the jungle has little pressure as long the bush is cleared and top lane teleport is a must.

Jungle TF viable in the jungle however the player has draw either blood or a get kill pretty early on to compensate for the lack of ability to farm and due to this will unfortunately tax lane to stay in the game. Tf will fall behind if attempts to merely farm jungle.

Support Tf mechanically played and certain melee supports such as Alistair will have difficulties due to wave clear where TF can control wave clear of the ADC and also command CC control has he is not the one CCed.

ADC two ways either play AP in the bot lane or playing shred. AP bot TF is very viable where the ADC plays mid,this has be done
Explanation of Skills
TF passive Tf passive gives 1-6 gold per kill this means if you play if you canr execute minion shouldn't play TF explained in wave clear objective.
How to deny correctly
Punishing and denying are two different ways of playing. Punishing is when a player makes a mistake your punishing however denying is bullying the other player. Denying and punishing while maintaining farm is objective
Pressing W
There is a way to press. Pressing W and holding onto the pick card is not the way just as the 3 second rule. Knowing when to stop pressing W is important.
Explaining spell choices on TF
There is abou6 8 combos I'll explain how to choose spells sets.
Why you shouldn't play TF
Its like the dude who doesnt things such as skills and respect in gaming- you learnt it by demonstrating skill or ability. Dont play TF if you want an easy out of this game. If you want easy pick master Yi.
Explaing Item choice
I'll explain my thinking item choice.
Why you shouldn't follow meta in doloQ
Following metain my opinion is overplayed in the league community Keeping up to date with champions and specifically playing meta champions to gain elo. You'll be a slave to the meta game. Being of patch motea but usually really relevant unless player decide play professional I do think there is an over emphasis specifically about meta game-meta game matters but it doesnt; this is a concept hard to grasp it doesnt matter but it matters.
Do not listen to people who sayay
- mechanics are everything and it's easy
- just press R then qw and ez.
- I'm a god at TF
- Kda matters.

> let me explain metric value such as gold income/ damage output
> position utility value to team value
> trading value
> hotstreaking gold value is more important.
> becoming shut down material for example
> there is difference type of assist ' high value assists and assist by proxy'

> LOW VALUE assists are useless and a waste of utilitarian value because analysis of gold share.
There is way to over extend
Identifying when TF is able to step out of place and punish. Over extend is not a mistake if the risk is managed correctly. It is a mistake to never extend hence lose on principal because those sort of players are not worthy anything in a game.
Tower Diving
There is a way to tower dive. Tower diving is a difficult skill but as a TF player able to correctly tower is a skill. This is probably controversial philopshy but if a Tf cannot tower dive or press r on a turret and W with either red or gold card and execute a murder this is my personal difference elite TF and great Tf players
Mathematics of CDR,M pen
If you have to realize the mathematics of magic penetration and CDR.
I'll create an excel spread to show and prove the importance of CDR on basis of game theory and statistics.
Ganking and pathing
Pathing and ganking with Twosted fate is one of the most important skills as a jungler. Rule of thumb if you hold or flash you must blow it and attempt to kill secure by the tenth minute. This is tough but TF must blow flash. Explain the logic of blowing flash- this comes to CDR timing which time management. create an excel spreadsheet on cdr management.
Keeping proxy alive
Lichbane passive, ROA, E continues proxy

> CD and CDR management is important and I'll prove how much a game can be changed by incorrect CD/CDR management.
TF is the one champ that will punished for every mistake a player makes
When a tank or support makes a mistake it is rarely punished. With TF every element discussed above has mastered for anyone yo play Twosted Fate.

There is no point working a skill that is already mastered.

I'm playing soloQ
If I know how to wave clear I dont need to think about that anymore.
The next is roaming>
This is a rule of any game that anyone chooses to play
Play as less games as possible. Do not play many, play as less as possible.
This is discipline.

Go a map and practice clearly minion waves while pressing correct cards.
Pressing correctly is skol that's requires player to be clutch
Remember the player only press R once; cant press again.
What's the point of soloQ if you domt know. Dont go soloQ practice the skills which you understand is lacking and do not grind soloQ
This is the worst mistake for anyone in the game unless their find enjoyment of grinding soloQ.

I'll outline strategies on training for soloQ. There is a way and method to train for soloQ purely my philopshy of champion such as Twisted Fate due to this fact - There multivariable factors TF which is not accountable.
Segregating the game
There is main element In this game
1. Early game 2.mid game 3. Late game

To analyze the play break down the elements;
The progression of there is more multivariable that must taken into consideration

>I'll load root tree diagram to show outcome potential visually.
Think of this as syllabus and every game played should have these factors into mind.
Target selection
Priority on target selection is based on condition statements

Is this team fight or a 2v2 fight or 3v3 or outweight fight?
> the thing is it's not about easy decision, its spotting the discrepancies and
Unobvious which makes an elite TF player and a good TF player.
Everyone tells you focus the squishy; sure that is priority one.

KDA Matters in matters in one position - if the player is hyper carry their kda is very important otherwise other positions kda does not.

> what they didnt tell you is what you cant target squishy what do you do?
> the decision making root tree goes further and further.
I'll explain how to make a decision on target selection

Do not ever make a decision based on the champion besides on position
ADC. Besides ADC the player has to correctly identify what that champion is

This is a life trip. Surely form stereotypes about people however careful underneath.
It's like oh cause hes diamond hes good. That's true. Dude could be a really master Yi and get diamond. Hes good master Yi but isnt good at league of legends.
It's like academic-another tip;you study for tests which is feasible: you'll be good test taking but does not make the person academic. That is correlation and causation are really metric indicators and that you never look at kda a a measure of how skilled a player is. For example kda dossnt tke into account

- how much pressure they put on other player
- how many successive plays a player makes for one death
- utilitarian value.
- percentage of shut downs
- putting pressure on opposing team to reposition

KDA matters when a player is playing hyper carry and glass cannon because all farm and resources the player has chosen to hog and accordly their kda must reflect this.
This is why lower tiers are difficult to carry due to the own team fighting for resources. Hence in lower tier I do elo boost people and the reason I can elo boost is because as a jungler I know how to play.
How do you win? You never try to win.
Do what's what's written above correctly. That's all you can do unless your at level of an elite coach or high level player by the way it will take you about 2500 hours to understand this.

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