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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Twitch Build Guide by Armor

Twitch, A Clever Jungle Tagline

Twitch, A Clever Jungle Tagline

Updated on November 27, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Armor Build Guide By Armor 5 3 20,012 Views 19 Comments
5 3 20,012 Views 19 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Armor Twitch Build Guide By Armor Updated on November 27, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust



I started jungling with Twitch shortly after the mastery change. The new Vampirism mastery and defense masteries made it very appealing to me. This guide is a work in progress and is very rough in the current stage.

My main purpose is to put the build out there and give some pointers on game play that have helped me succeed immensely in the past couple of weeks. This means no pretty pictures, etc. in the beginning. Will revise in the coming weeks.

Why this is the funnest build you'll play (until it's nerfed)
  • Early game ganks are insane and almost can't be countered.
  • You force the enemy to waste money on vision wards or die.
  • His early game ganks only serve to supplement his late game dominance.
  • You can counter-jungle as well as almost any other champion thanks to Ambush and Expunge
  • In danger??? Press Q and trot away slowly.
  • Want to gank??? Press Q and set yourself up in the most optimum position while casually pinging your teammates to join you in destroying the lane.
  • Want to push/farm an empty lane??? Cool! Enemy coming? Press Q...
  • Lastly, there's almost always at least 1-2 moments a game when all of the enemy team will line up in a tight little ball... profit!
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Updates / Change Log

2011-11-27: Initial guide published.

Major revisions to include:
  • Tagged as many items, runes, skills, champions, etc. that are referenced (aesthetics).
  • Expanded on introduction and summary
  • Added a description of skills... as I see & use them.
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Greater Quintessence of Desolation and Greater Mark of Desolation - provides armor penetration that you'll need in the jungle and in your early ganks.

Greater Seal of Armor - Gives the added armor you'll need to be able to survive the current jungle.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist - Magic Resist for early/late game to deal with that pesky Brand or Anivia you'll be ganking in mid at the 3 minute mark.
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Focus is on the entire left side of the tree. Weapon Expertise , Deadliness , Lethality and Vampirism will help to make you scary all game!

Grab Summoner's Resolve to get free gold from your smite and stack some defense.
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I start with Cloth Armor + 5 Health Potions because it lets me get my hp up to full health for an early level 1/2 gank and keep a few on reserve so I can pick up more jungle creeps before I head back for Madred's Razors. I try to use smite at least twice before heading back (20 gold!) along with ganking and/or scaring 1-2 lanes into popping summoners or going B.

Now the goal is Wriggle's Lantern before anything else. That will give you needed sustain in the jungle and you can start warding enemy jungle for counter-jungle/ganks.

I tend to take Berzerker's Greaves in order to get more procs on Madred's, get more Deadly Venom stacks, and increase dps for ganks. Other boots are viable, but I prefer to go full offense in order to give my lanes successful ganks and gain the advantage early game. You're Twitch. You're squishy. You're going to die. Expect it :)

An early-ish Zeal for the added attack speed and critical strike is helpful. I buy the Cloak of Agility ASAP afterwards because more crits = faster jungle and better ganks!

Phantom Dancer - Movement speed, critical strike, attack speed -- you're now pretty dangerous (and should already have a couple of kills to boot!)

B.F. Sword for damage (will build into IE).
Another Cloak of Agility for more critical strike. You have > 50% critical strike chance now.

Infinity Edge makes you a DPS nightmare for the other team. Make sure that you're lining up your Spray and Pray now to rip the enemy's health apart.

You're in late game and you're grabbing a Vampiric Scepter for a little more life steal. You'll build it into Bloodthirster and if you get beyond this point in your game, kudos... build another Phantom Dancer or two and start buying elixirs. Your next Spray and Pray is now the most important moment in the game for you and your team.
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For anyone new to Twitch in general, I suggest that you play some practice games (custom) or normal games with twitch in a bottom lane with support before trying to jungle. Jungling takes a pretty in-depth knowledge of his kit so you know when to do what you need to do to be successful. Here is a quick overview of the skills you'll be using...

Passive - Deadly Venom
This will secure kills for you as the DOT effect starts out at 2.5 damage per second per stack of deadly venom (up to 6). Waiting until you've hit an enemy champion 6 times will maximize the damage/slow potential of your W and Q below and is highly recommended, when able.

Q - Ambush
Twitch becomes stealthed for several seconds. When you attack or break the stealth (press Q again), you'll have an attack speed steroid for up to 10 seconds. You'll use this to escape, set up ganks, scout the enemy, enhance your dps before a team fight or jungle creep spawn, or just roam around under the radar in general.

Pay close attention to the amount of time you have left (look for the icon above your skills in-game) so you're not caught "scouting" around the enemy as your stealth breaks. Have your team notify you of any Vision Wards that are placed in their lane so you know what areas to avoid. Also look out for anyone with the pink eye above them indicating they've purchased an Oracle's Elixir.

W - Venom Cask
This is your slow. You don't need to hit anyone for the slow to trigger on enemies and it has a huge radius. It also has a very respectable length on the slow once you get to higher levels (you'll level this second, after your E). Each stack of Deadly Venom increases the slow %. Use this after you've hit your enemy champion 4-6 times, if able. If you know you won't get that many stacks of Deadly Venom, hit it at the start of your gank (and practice positioning!).

E - Expunge
Hits like a truck early game. Try to get 6 stacks before hitting an enemy champion or jungle creep with this. You'll spam this in the jungle as it works as a partial smite on top of your smite. Make sure you use this for large objectives (blue buff, red buff, dragon, baron) for added DPS. This has a large range. Hover your mouse over the E skill in-game to see it and memorize that range. You'll secure a lot of kills with this + Deadly Venom.

R - Spray and Pray
Not as good as the old version, but late game (when you have a ton of damage/crit stacked), this can devastate an enemy team that's grouped up. This will net you quadra/penta kills once you're used to timing it properly (combine it with Ambush and work on positioning -- that's HUGE for Twitch).

You can also use this to clear large waves of minions, but make sure you have plenty of time to get it back up before team fights as that's where you'll shine.
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Skill Sequence

I take Ambush at level 1 and use it ~10 seconds before lizard buff spawns to get the bonus attack speed.

From there, two points in Expunge will make your ganks hurt more (make sure you're using this when you have 4-6 stacks in order to deal the most damage... it destroys squishier enemies at level 3.

One point in Venom Cask for the slow. This will help with your ganks. Remember that you don't have to hit anyone with your auto-attacks to trigger the slow, but it helps. If you position yourself between the enemy and their tower, you can get off 3-4 auto attacks before hitting your Venom Cask + Expunge combo.

Spray and Pray whenever available. This is obviously your most important spell and will be the cause of your first Jungle Twitch pentakill. When ganking early on, I like to try to position myself between the enemy and their turret, trigger Spray and Pray, and use my Venom Cask + Expunge combo to finish the job.

Check the skill sequences up top, but the main thing I'll point out from here is that I like to get a couple of points in Ambush around mid-game so I can stealth longer for positioning and scouting purposes.

Spray and Pray > Expunge > Venom Cask > Ambush
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Summoner Spells

Smite is a must.

Exhaust is my choice over the others because I'm not concerned with escape mechanics (although it can be used as one). I use exhaust for my level 1/2 gank or for ganking the enemy jungler early on.

Ghost, Flash, Ignite, Surge are all viable.
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Creeping / Jungling

Get your team to help you with the red buff first. Hit your Ambush at 1:46 so you maximize your dps. Get a strong leash so you have enough HP to go straight into enemy jungle or mid lane. Pop two Health Potions as soon as your get hit by lizard. After red camp, go to wolves and clear. This will push you to level 2 (unless you have Zilean <3).

Now for the fun... if mid lane is pushed, Ambush and position yourself behind the enemy mid. They haven't bought a vision ward, yet... don't worry. Make sure your mid knows what you're doing and ask them to stun, if able. Hit your exhaust first thing and start popping them with auto-attacks. Expunge when they're running towards the tower for maximum damage and collect first blood (or second/third... usually first, though). Now your mid has advantage and you can go back to jungling (headings towards bottom lane to repeat).

If the enemy has a jungler, you can opt to head up to red buff instead and wait for the enemy to come by. Use exhaust/expunge/red buff to grab the kill. If there's no jungler and mid lane isn't pushed and you don't think you can get the kill there, check bottom/top lanes and start ganking.

Your job as Jungle Twitch is to collect as many kills as possible (while not giving away buffs) and jungle when a gank isn't available. Your priority is to gank at all times in order to strike fear in the enemy, collect kills, and win early game.

Once you get Wriggle's Lantern, it's smooth sailing. You'll always have full HP in the jungle and will be able to kill dragon as early as level 6/7 with your steroid from Ambush, Expunge, and Smite.
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You're a carry. If a lane isn't covered, Twitch is great at farming and escaping with Ambush. Use that to your advantage to free farm and escape from any danger headed your way. Twitch becomes very strong once he builds up items. Any opportunity you have to farm effectively and gain a level/gold advantage over the enemy team will result in you snowballing to victory.

Thanks to Wriggle's Lantern, you can farm very effectively early on and will last hit well in lanes.
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You will love this build.
Your teammates will likely dislike it until you gank their lane successfully a few times.

The #1 complaint that players have towards junglers is that they don't gank their lane enough. Players are quick to pin that as they reason they lost the entire match and were dismantled by that solo top Evelynn. Twitch will gank... a lot. Make it count!

On NA server, my summoner name is "This is Armor" -- recent scores (full disclosure: in normals, not ranked) can be found there... note: these are all of the games I've played with this build and jungle path so far. I did some earlier where I was experimenting with vamp scepter starts, life steal, elixirs, different jungle paths, etc. -- this is the best path & Jungle Twitch is the most fun champion/build that I've played lately thanks to the enormously fun early game, ganks, and ability to transition very well into a late game beast.
  • 16/6/5 game that included a pentakill right before they surrendered
  • 10/1/8 game that ended at the 17 minute mark
  • 14/13/16 game (defeat) that came down to the wire 4v5
  • 9/2/10 game -- surrender at 20m mark
  • 13/3/11 game -- surrender at 20m mark
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