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Twitch Build Guide by Sublime

Twitch - Can you smell that?

Twitch - Can you smell that?

Updated on September 12, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sublime Build Guide By Sublime 4 3 10,511 Views 9 Comments
4 3 10,511 Views 9 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Sublime Twitch Build Guide By Sublime Updated on September 12, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



I guess I should tell you right now that this is a 3v3 build, I usually play 3v3's because I'm better at them and I'm not going to bother with a 5v5 build because I wouldn't know what to do, it's been such a long time since I've played a good 5v5 match. So if your looking for a good 5v5 build for Twitch, this isn't for you. So for all of you that are wondering who or what Twitch is, he is an AD carry who is awesome at ksing and even better at taking people by surprise. I usually play Twitch in the top lane against almost any other champion. Because of Twitch's range you can out smart and out farm almost anyone that decides to lane against you, such as those pesky Darius's because luckily your range is just outside of his pull range and that annoying almost guaranteed one hit Noxian Guillotine.
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Pros - Cons


Nobody plays Twitch how will anybody know how to counter him?
At full build always hits the weak spot for massive damage
Invisibility is boss
Ksing ability is like almost 9000
pretty good early game and late game
good for ganks if the enemy you are laning against doesn't call mia


gets focused alot
squishy champion
smells bad
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Skill Sequence

Ambush is Twitch's Q ability and makes him go invisible after a short delay for up to 7 seconds at level 5, Twitch gains an attack speed bonus when he exits invisibility. I grab a point in this at level 3, another anytime between level 6-11 and max it by 18

Venom Cask is Twitch's w ability, upon use Twitch hurls a poisonous bottle at an enemy which slows them and applies two stacks of his passive. For maximum efficiency I grab a point in this at level 2 and max it second after expunge. I max this second to heavily buff the slow it applies.


expunge is Twitch's main damage dealer and the tool I use to ks people. I always grab a point at level 1 because if you get enough stacks on one champion and hit expunge and Ignite at the same time you can usually get a kill from it.

This is Twitch's ultimate ability and turns him into a beast at getting multi kills. As with every ultimate ability I get it at level 6 | 11 | 16 because that is the logical thing to do. Spray and Pray lets Twitch penetrate through many enemies and all enemies hit give him life steal which is why Bloodthirster is so important for Twitch
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Greater Mark of Attack Damage choosing this rune is fairly self explanatory, Twitch is an AD carry so you are going to want to be dealing a lot of damage at level 1 with your basic attacks and expunge

Greater Seal of Armor this rune is for when you are laning against any AD heavy champion and will help you stay in lane for longer without taking as much poke as you normally would

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction you need these runes for cooldown reduction, although Twitch's cooldowns are not insanely huge these runes may be the difference between Ambush coming off cooldown several seconds before it's meant to and an easy get away for you.

greater quintessence of desolation

greater quintessence of desolation these quints are for the enemies that realize as soon as you start getting fed they need to build a ton of armor, also some of your damage early game will be negated by the enemy teams' starting armor
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Summoner spells

Here are the summoner spells I like to use

Flash is useful for positioning for using your ultimate and when you need the quick get away or for when you need Ambush to start working for your getaway.

I know Twitch's passive deals true damage but if you use your Ignite on a would be kill and have many stacks of the passive on them, when they reach a low bar of health your expunge will almost always kill them

Remember you are an AD carry so you are very likely to get focused in team fights, this spell Heal will more often than not keep you alive for that extra bit longer to keep dealing massive damage.

I don't always use Exhaust but when I do it gets me kills. Exhaust provides a nice slow onto an enemy which stops them from running away. When the effect runs out throw Venom Cask onto them to keep them in range.

Summoner spells I don't use

Because in my opinion only noobs use Revive.

I don't use Clarity because of the fact Twitch is an AD carry you don't get oomed late game unless you are spamming abilities when you don't need to. It really isn't worth taking because you don't use too much mana.

you don't really need Clairvoyance because 3v3 maps are quite small and your Venom Cask can be cast anywhere to reveal things.

Some items you could probably use

You an probably use Ghost if you want but I don't recommend it because you get a speed boost from Ambush anyway.

You can also use Surge if you want but once again, I don't recommend it because you will already have high amounts of attack speed throughout the whole game.
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The reason I have bunched most of my Masteries into the offense page is for the exact same reason as I have not really put that many defensive items in the build, Twitch is an AD carry, and needs the most amount of damage and attack speed he can get.

Tier 1 Offensive Masteries

summoners wrath is chosen because you want that extra AP and AD from the ignite, this will usually stop an enemy from getting away with 12 hp because of the extra AD and AP that add to expunge
Brute Force is taken because of the extra AD bonus it gives and also to get to the next tier

Tier 2 Offensive Masteries

Alacrity is taken because Twitch needs the extra attack speed benefit you can get from it
Sorcery is taken for the cooldown reduction you get from it, once again this is because you might get Ambush earlier and this will lead to an easy escape.

Tier 3 Offensive Masteries

Deadliness is taken because you want the extra Damage per level
Weapon Expertise is taken because the extra armor pen turns you into a tank destroyer
Havoc is taken because who doesn't want to increase damage by a percentage?

Tier 4 Offensive masteries

Lethality I never used to take this mastery with any other champ but with Twitch almost all his attacks can be coupled with critical strike damage, when you get you Infinity Edge you will be dealing 260% damage when you crit, and with full build, that's every time.
Vampirism is taken because you want the strait 6% life steal that your dorans blade will give you early game to give you more sustainability

Tier 4 Offensive Masteries

Sunder is taken because the armor pen will couple with your Weapon Expertise and greater quintessence of desolation to give you insane amounts of armor penetration at level 1

Tier 5 Offensive Masteries

Executioner is taken because you want to be able to help your team hit hard in the first gank in bottom lane, this is good because if you are with people who know to target the AD carry you will be able to take them down that bit faster and move onto the next champion

Tier 1 defensive masteries

really I've just chosen Hardiness to use the last of my Masteries up and to give you that little bit of extra armor to negate the enemy teams damage.
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Preferred Item build

With Twitch I always start with A Doran's Blade for the extra bit of health, damage and life steal all on one nice package.

When you base due to low health or insane amounts of money i usually get Berserker's Greaves or if I'm playing someone who knows what they are doing I get Ninja Tabi and another Doran's Blade

B.F. sword

Of course if you have been wrecking the enemy you are up against and you have enough for a Zeal or another major part of the Phantom Dancer or even a B.F. sword buy that instead of the Doran's Blade.

If you got the Zeal first and built it into the Phantom Dancer buy an Infinity Edge to add more to the critical strikes you will now be doing. If you built your b.f. sword into Bloodthirster then get a Phantom Dancer afterwards.

Some of you may be wondering why I have included the Madred's Bloodrazor in the build. It's because it's going to give you 40% attack speed and 40 AD which is important because Twitch benefits from both these things. Also as if that wasn't enough, with each attack you deal 4% of your victims max health as magic damage. At full build you are attacking twice each second so in 5 seconds you have dealt 40% of your targets' health on top of your 1000 damage you deal each second. This also means if you hit your ultimate you can deal 4% of an entire teams health as magic damage, which is why this item is so important.

Bloodthirster is important in this build because when you activate your Spray and Pray ultimate you can potentially hit 3 people at once and all these hits will life steal for you, meaning that if your not getting focused, the enemy team is going to have a bad time.

The reason for getting the Phantom Dancer 3 times is for the more than 100% critical strike chance and the crazy amount of attack speed you get from them. To me critical striking someone will always deal more damage than if you build strait AD.

end of build/alternate items

When you have reached 5 main items and only have boots left, when you have enough, sell your boots and take another Phantom Dancer for the extra critical strike chance and the attack speed. The reason you want to do this is for the 36% movement speed buff you get from them and pretty much means you don't need boots.

Of course you could build the Last Whisper at any time throughout the game if the enemy team is armor heavy. I would have included this in the normal build but taking out any other component in the main build would make the build less effective so that is why it's here.

I would recommend taking this over a Last Whisper any day because it is still giving you decent amounts of AD and armor penetration. Also the attack speed and movement speed active is good for when you need the extra damge on your attacks or the extra speed you get from it.

The Guardian Angel used to only be used on the bruisers and tanks to insure they get a second chance at life but now I've seen it being used by AD carrys to keep tem alive for their team. But there is a downside, if your team loses a fight and you are the only one left, it is probably best to not get the guardian angel because they will take the advanced tactic of standing on your corpse and then duking on you when you come back alive. If this happens repeatedly I recommend selling it because it's probably better to do as much damage to the enemy team and force them to go back to base instead of pushing for the win.

Of courae it's never a bad thing to have 2 Bloodthirsters because it gives you the highest amount of AD in the game if you get some stacks on it.

I would not recommend this item on many champions but with Twitch it seems to work. When this item is coupled with Twitch's ultimate ability, this item will slow the entire enemy team and may stop them from running away and getting to you before taking some heavy damage from the other members of your team also it gives you a nice health boost that will keep you dishing damage out for longer.
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Phases of the game

Early game

This part is important, get to the bush first! buy your Doran's Blade and run like hell to get to that bush, I know this is what everyone does and that it's common knowledge to run to that bush, but you really need that first kill. Once you and your whole team are in there lie in wait for the enemy team to stumble into the bush and then unleash hell on them. Remember do not use your expunge when they are still fighting you, it's a mop up ability for when the enemy is running away. If you see an enemy other than the one you are hitting on low health Ignite on them and start shooting them in the face, when they have two stacks of expunge on them or are on very low health, hit your expunge on them and watch the first blood message with pride. If you are laning against a top champion who is very good and counters Twitch then get your team to follow you to the top bush hen minions spawn, the enemy team will think your bot players have based. when the enemy overextends to hit you or you have enough cc to get a kill, take the chance and kill them to keep them out of lane. This is important because the faster you get ultimate, the faster you can gank the bottom lane.

Middle game

This is usually around 10 minutes or so, everyone has level 2 ulti or are close to getting it and some towers have fallen, welcome to the middle game.

This is when Twitch really excels, well for me anyway. You need to make sure you are always ganking that bot lane, use your Ambush to get in firing rangge of them, get your team to unleash any Crowd Control they have and begin the butthurt. When ganking throw out your Venom Cask this applies 2 stacks of your true damage passive and slows by around 30% at level 11. When the enemy is almost out of range on low health or your team mate is about to get kill, hit expunge and make up some story on how you were trying to get assist gold or something and how it'll never happen again (hopefully it does happen again though) you are the AD carry you need gold!

Late game

if you have a good team but the enemy hasn't surrendered yet then you have made it into the late game. Laning is a thing of the past now as almost all towers have fallen. This is when temfights are most likely to happen. If you see an enemy farming, it's probably a trap, if he stops farming and lets his creep wave keep moving forward, it's definitely a trap. Anyway, when faced with this situation you need to check every bush, dragon, and camp there is before you go in. If the enemy is alone, they are idiots. But if there are enemies in the bush around him, this is the best situation ever, mostly because those two people will be alone for several seconds, meaning it's going to be a 2v3 for a bit and when their third champ joins in the others will be on half health. If a team fight happens in the open hit spay and pray strait away, throw Venom Cask into them and hit them hard. Hopefully you have enough life steal, damage and slows before anything to horrible happens to you. If any enemy gets close get your team to CC them and hammer them. With Twitch positioning is everything, if you can use your Flash to hit every enemy with Spray and Pray do it, this will ensure maximum efficiency from your ultimate and may determine a win or loss in a team fight. Of course if you get aced or ace the enemy team prepare for either a win or loss as at this stage of the game the respawn times are huge.
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Unique Skills/tips and tricks

Twitch has several unique abilities that make him a good champion in my opinion, this section is going to outline them and how to use them.


Although they nerfed Twitch's Ambush severely you can still make it halfway down a lane before it wears off, when you turn this ability on for ganking always make sure that a tank is closer to the enemies than you are.


When laning against a ranged carry that you are stronger than, run into a bush, hit your Ambush, run at them, hit them when you are standing on top of them throw Venom Cask on them and keep hitting them, when they hit two bars of health use your Ignite and then expunge them, even if they Heal the Ignite will take away most of that heal and then the expunge should keep them at low health for the ignite to finish them off.
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Well there it is, took me a good few hours but it's done, hours of arduous Twitch playing and creating this build. I hope that this guide hasn't bored you too much with all that damn reading and stuff but I did enjoy making the build and playing Twitch. I also hope that one day you can have as much fun with the Sewer Rat as I have.
Good Luck and Happy Ganking
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