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Twitch Build Guide by Jadkilla

AD Carry Twitch - He really twitches!

AD Carry Twitch - He really twitches!

Updated on November 10, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jadkilla Build Guide By Jadkilla 6,754 Views 4 Comments
6,754 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Jadkilla Twitch Build Guide By Jadkilla Updated on November 10, 2012
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Hi I'm Jadkilla and this is my Twitch guide. My guide is very different than most because it doesn't focus only on attack damage. First of Let me say that twitch is a great character he is only 3150 ip. I like to use twitch because he is very good at dealing damage and he can do it pretty fast. But like all characters he also has his disadvantages as well. If you like this build Please up vote it. Thanks now lets get started

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Pros And Cons


+ Does lots of damage
+ Has a decent method for escape
+ Great in team fights
+ His attacks poison
filler filler


- Usually focused
- He is somewhat squishy
- Can kill steal by accident
- Not the best at chasing enemies

Twitch can do alot of damage when he is built and also early on but the downside is that he is really squishy. His ability attacks are area effects so they can hit multiple champions at once, great for team fights. He also has a good method for escape by using ambush and running away while they cant see you. His moves poison meaning they do damage even after you attacked them. His poison will sometimes kill steal from teammates. He is focused alot because of all of these reasons. Also he is not the greatest at chasing enemies. How ever he can slow enemies with his W and chase them with Q witch increases movement speed.
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Item Choices

    Doran's blade really helps to start. Its got nice starting stats. It gives you a little bit of health, some life steal and some damage. The life steal is the best part of it because you'll gain health back. Even though its slow it will help you lane longer by just a tiny bit. Thats why I almost always get this item first.

    Boots are important in any build. These boots are great for twitch. They help kill minions faster for better early pushing if thats how you play. And they help him deal damage quicker. Leading to a raise his DPS.

    I like to get this early on so that I can lane longer. It restores health as I do damage Regenerating health as I kill minions.

    This blade is nice for its damage. It also goes into infinity edge. Not much more to say except this is a good item.

    Also good for damage and goes into Infinity edge. Nothing else to really say about this

    This gives you some more attack speed for leveling. It also gives some crit chance and it goes into Phantom dancer

    A great late game item it increases crit damage by 50% and it also gives some nice damage and some crit chance.

    Another good late game item. It gives alot of attack speed as well as some more crit chance.


This is the part where you decide what you would like to use.

    First off I recommend using this as default in your build. This is because the normal team setup is well rounded with Ability power champions and Attack damage champions. So I use this because it gives defense and magic resist helping me in all the damage defending areas. Also an added bonus to this is that when you die you will come back to life with about half health. It has a cool down of 5 minutes so don't think your invincible.

    I recommend using this if they have alot of attack damage dealers like 4 or more. This is a great item to counter a mostly Attack damage team. It gives you 100 Defence and on top of that it deals 30% of enemy basic attack damage dealt to you, right back to them. This can help do lots of damage while your being attacked by the enemy team.

    I recommend you use this if they are mostly made up of Ability power champions. This gives lots of magic resist to absorb the magic damage. As well as lots of health regeneration to heal you while you fight, run away, or chase. Also it restores 1.75% of your health every 5 seconds. And it gives you a speed multiplier.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jadkilla
Jadkilla Twitch Guide
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Twitch - He really twitches!

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