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Twitch Build Guide by lapod

[Twitch] - Poison running through his veins

[Twitch] - Poison running through his veins

Updated on February 12, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author lapod Build Guide By lapod 6 3 12,834 Views 19 Comments
6 3 12,834 Views 19 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author lapod Twitch Build Guide By lapod Updated on February 12, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Hello everyone! First of all, i would like to thank you all for reading my guide! This is my first and probably only one i'm making, so give me a break if you don't really think it's perfect. I chose to make this guide because Twitch is my main champion, and I felt that the other guides were quite good, but my ideas differ from most in some points.

Well, many people sa that twitch is not a good champion, and it's not uncommon to be asked to change him for someone else during champion selection. The most common things to hear are:

- Twitch sucks!

- Every Twitch I play with always feed so much!

- Change this f*****g rat or I'll quit!

I simply don't understand all this rage, because in my vision he's just the most perfect champion in the game. It's also my aim to try to change this bad aura people put upon Twitch.

After reading, i would like you to vote it, if you please, so that I can have a feedback on how it was!
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Pros / Cons


Twitch can specially be important to every team for some reasons. Most of them are written bellow.

- He is ranged - That just mean its harder to kill, and easier to play safe.

- He has stealth - That's a GREAT survivility ability and not only gives you a complete knowledge of the map, but also make the other team fear a gank and waste precious money in oracles and vision wards.

- He has DoT attack - ******s the enemy team.

- He is the best ganker in the game - You can follow a champion invisible for as long as you like and wait for the perfect moment to strike.


Of corse there are also characteristics that are not very well seen in Twitch that may have inspired all that rage:

- He does is squishy - He cannot initiate a fight at all if he is not fed enough. And by enough I mean A LOT.

- He requires a perfect positioning - The wrong place to appear after stealth might easily get you killed in less that 3 seconds.

- He gotta have a PERFECT early game - If you have not taken use of the advantage Twitch has in the early game, I could say it does will be a though game.

Well, these must be reasons enough for you to love or hate this rat, so let's move on to what matters.
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For my runes I try to improve what lacks most in Twitch, defense. With that in mind, you can spend your money in attack items and less money trying to fulfill the gap that is Twitch's defence.

For that, 9 runes of armor over ( Greater Seal of Defense) level and 9 runes of magic resist over level ( Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist) should do the deal for the end game, when it really matters.

After that, we gotta think in the most important thing for Twitch: to have a perfect early game.

The obvious choice is to take 9 runes of armor penetration ( Greater Mark of Desolation) and 3 quintessences of it too ( Greater Quintessence of Desolation).

That should make you be able to kill even the most tanky champion in the early 5 minutes.
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For my masteries I also try to improve Twitch's early game and farming. 27 points well located in attack are the perfect combination of fast damage and confidence in your attacks.

The rest, what cannot be alocated in attack, for the obvious fact that Twitch won't be much affected by improved ability power, we can use the rest points to improve a little more the low armor Twitch has.
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People might hate the way I chose my items, but I am confident that my point is valid: It will NOT make a huge difference putting defence items on him, unless extremely necessary. It's much more intresting to improve his attack, and make good use of his high lifesteal, than spending space and money in items that will let you live more, but what makes no sense, since you HAVE to kill fast.

The Doran's Blade should be perfect for early game. With it, you can kill most champions early game and let you one step closer to victory.

As for the boots, I prefer Boots of Swiftness better than Mobility Boots as I mostly see among Twitches for the simple fact that Boots of Swiftness is way better to flee ganks and unsuccesful teamfights.

The Avarice Blade will not ony give you important critical chance, buy also grant some money. Perfect item for long 5x5 games. I specially recommend to take out this item from your build if you are playing 3x3 or Dominion modes. There will not be enough time for it to be considered a good item and repay itself.

Do ALWAYS begin your Executioner's Calling by the Vampiric Scepter. Lifesteal should aready be considered intresting by this point of the game. I don't consider it very important for laners before lv 5 or so. The recovery is just too low.

Now comes the most important item in your build. Infinity Edge is a need for almost every AD champion in this game, and Twitch is not an exeption. Attack damage and critical chance will make the difference in any point of the game.

There is not much to be said about Black Cleaver. It gives you attack damage and attack speed. Simple, buy extremely important.

Improve your Avarice Blade to a Youmuu's Ghostblade. It's not expansive and you will benefic a lot from its active during fights. This is also a very important item in this build, but should not be built until endgame.

By this time the game should already be terminating or so. More attack speed is required to take down the huge tanks that initiate those hard teamfights. get a Phantom Dancer. It does not give any attack damage, and you will only make good use of the movement speed and the attack speed improvement by endgame, when the attacks must hit a great number of enemies fast enough.

If the game is not over yet, or you are so fed that you have money and don't know where to spend, SELL your Executioner's Calling and get a Bloodthirster. You should be killing minions in one hit to get the stacks for it.
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Summoner Spells

I don't have much to be said in this section.

I love Ignite for many reasons. Fist of all, it deals damage. Second of all, it's great to get some kills during teamfights when the whole team is attacking one enemy.

Flash WILL save you more tha you can imagine. Don't use it to gank. You are too squishy and should spare it to vital times when you are targeted.
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Skill Sequence

Ok, now its time to explain what to do in teamfights and how to get a pro score.

You are specially strong champion during early game. GET USED TO IT. Be aggressive, gank in the first seconds of the game, stay alert for any chances of ganking any lane at will. After all, you are the best ganker in the game.

If you are playing 5x5 do always ask to go mid. Not always it's possible, most of all because of your terrible fame. Just don't start the game fighting with your own team. If they don't want you in the middle lane, GET OUT.

It's much better to lane alone in the middle lane because you are a bit closer to any other lane to gank. Not only that, you can level up faster, but it is significantly harder to kill early game. I personally prefere the farm money to kill money, but that is up to you.

If you are not in mid, get over it, you can deal with it.

Be aware that expunge after 6 hits WILL kill any champion in the game in the first 2 minutes, so be very aggressive and lure the other champions to bushes and fire at will. They should be dead and raging. (It's specially funny to get them 6 stacks of poison at use expunge while they are running far away from you. Try that, you will laugh a lot and they will hate you forever).

After the first minutes of game, stop being aggressive and play safe. Whenever the enemy is with less than half HP, use Ambush, get behind them, and annihilate them like explained before.

By 10 minutes you should at least have killed 2 or 3 champs without being killed, if done like I said. This is exacly what you need to be one step closer to victory.

By now, Expunge should not be dealing thaaat much damage and Ambush should be able to let you invisible for a good while. Keep that in mind, and be ALWAYS in stealth. Just appear to kill or to kill a whole wave of minions. This is extremely important to force the put wards and use orecles, what is a good thing, since they are spending precious money with it.

Don't try to initiate fights anymore. You will not win unless the enemy is really stupid. 1x1 is also forbidden. Gank A LOT, and scout even more. Following enemy to bushes, to places they farm and in the middle of the jungle will possibly give you the perfect moment to strike. Most of the time Twitch kill so fast after going out of stealth that the enemy has no time at all to recover from the shock of your appearance.

You should use your ult ( Spray and Pray) whenever you are killing enemies. Don't spare it. It has a very fast CD, which is great. Do always try to use it aiming static enemies, othewise you will miss the attacks. Make good use of your range when in ult mode, it can kill enemies protected by their turrets without being harmed.

The best position to be when exiting stealth is behind the target, closer to their base that they themselves. It will inspire fear and most of them will run to the wrong side when running away. If not, better this way, they will have to pass through you to leave, giving you even more time to get the 6 stacks before using expunge.

There are two options to use your cc ability ( Venom Cask). One is to use it before attacking, which will be less effective, but wont bother you in the middle of the fight. The second option is to use it after stacking 5 or 6 times. Its more effective but if the target is fast enough, you should already be out of range when using it, so its no use. Try both, and choose the best for you. I personaly prefer the firs option, if you want to know.
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Some screenshots I took to ilustrate my guide. They show how great Twitch can be in any game kind.

Be aware that I took all the screenshots in one day of gameplay.


Look at the gametime and the score. 12 mins, 10 kills. It was obvious gg.
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January 18th - Made some changes in the items section according to the comments you made.
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Special Thanks

Thank to all the guide writers which I based mine.

Thank to all the players that appear in my screenshots.

Thank to my Mom, and a special thank to you, Xuxa. (Only br's are gonna get this one).

And a special thank to all the readers, voters, and everyone that comment for the improval of this guide.

Hope you enjoyed it! Bye!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author lapod
lapod Twitch Guide
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[Twitch] - Poison running through his veins

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