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Twitch Build Guide by RainLiss

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RainLiss

Twitch: Representing the Power of Zaun *Re-Done*

RainLiss Last updated on December 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey everyone! This is RainLiss presenting to you a build for Twitch. This character is one I have quite a relationship with. He is not only frustrating but difficult early game. You will get accused regardless of what you do in a game. You WILL kill steal. You WILL piss off your laning partner (most of the time). Best for last, you WILL dish out tons of damage. By tons, I mean you will be able to deal crits rounding out to AT LEAST 900 damage. You MAY die, so play safe, play smart, and play deadly.

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Pros / Cons


+A deadly assassin late game
+Ridiculously high crits
+Highest base attack speed in the game
+ Expunge can pick off runners


-Mana hungry when playing aggressive
-EXTREMELY squishy
-Difficult to play early game
- Spray and Pray can be a bipolar skill at times

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I feel this 21-9-0 build gives Twitch all the damage he needs with the little bit of defense for better lane sustenance.

Offense Masteries

Summoner's Wrath : Increases AP and AD while on cooldown for Ignite. If you are using Ghost, this increases your speed.

Fury : Gives the extra attack speed for fast and clean kills. Helps with the application of Deadly Venom.

Deadliness : Helps polish overall attack damage.

Havoc : It's simple. More damage dealt means more kill secured.

Weapon Expertise : Stacked with The Black Cleaver's passive, you will burn through armor with no hesitation.

Lethality : Critical strikes are Twitch's best friend. Higher critical strike damage will help hone the use of Phantom Dancer and of course, will stack with Infinity Edge.

Brute Force : One point for one point of damage and a mastery advancement.

Frenzy: You will virtually be critting almost every single shot. The attack speed bonus acts more as a passive than anything.

Sunder : With Armor Penetration you will be able to shred through enemy armor. If you use the "vs. Less Armor" build, this will add to the glory of 12k crits.

Executioner : This will help when it comes to picking off runners with Expunge or nailing a kill with Spray and Pray.

Defense Masteries

Durability : This is a MUST in order to survive team fights and recall less in lane.

Hardiness : The little armor boost stacked with the runes leads to more wiggle room when it comes to early game and even late game fights.

Resistance : Same as above, more magic resist will always help a squishy champion like Twitch.

Veteran's Scars : Gives the extra early game health needed for early game ganks and late game health for late game escapes.

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Greater Mark of Armor Penetration: Extra armor penetration helps a lot when dealing with tanks. Sure, it may not add the extra 20 attack damage early game, but it will pay out when you shred through a Rammus's hide.

Greater Seal of Armor: These seals help with basic survivability. You may notice there are no armor items in my build at all. This will suffice for the absence.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: These glyphs help with early game enemy casters. You may notice that no magic resist items are in my build. This will be that little layer of protection.

Greater Quintessence of Health: Twitch is pretty darn squishy. You will need the early game health for laning sustainability.

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Summoner's Spells

There are many reasons why I pick these specific Summoner's Spells and I'll show you now.


Great escape spell
Can jump to fleeing enemies to seal the kill
Steal buffs with Flash's "wall-jump" like qualities


Can pick off enemy champions in early, mid, and late game
Can scare away/intimidate enemies that could kill you easily*
With Summoner's Wrath Ignite can grant bonus AD and AP while on cooldown

*The scaring away and intimidation depends on the enemy player's point of view towards the battle.

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Twitch's Skills of Poisonous Pain


The order for building your skills should go like this.
1st - Expunge Expunge
2nd - Venom Cask
3rd - Ambush
Finally just level up Spray and Pray like any other ultimate.

Deadly Venom: This is what makes Twitch Twitch. It's his kill-stealing, Expunge-aiding poison.

This poison is ridiculously powerful. It may not stack up as high as an AP Teemo poison, but it's not even a skill. It's a passive! Your attack speed will aid you in stacking this powerful poison on enemy champions. If you get s kill-steal, don't feel bad. If the champ was running a way you might have secured the kill instead of stealing it.

Ambush: This is also what Twitch is famed for. Undetectable ganks galore. Due to the the Twitch/ Evelynn patch, Ambush was nerfed horribly. Instead of being used as a map roaming spell, it acts more as a positioning/escape spell. I highly recommend to use this only when you are scouting a bush, running away, or positioning yourself for a kill. It is way to expensive to be used for the attack speed bonus.

I've received feedback on why I level it last. In my honest opinion, it doesn't benefit you much. It is invisibility and it is a good escape tool, but it isn't worth a rush as your second skill. Instead of an actual attacking skill, I consider Ambush my utility skill (I'm going to get flamed for that one). If you feel the need for the extra 3 seconds of invisibility, then be my guest and max it second.

Venom Cask: This is a great addition to Twitch. The slow is nice for moving up to finish off a kill and the extra two stacks of Deadly Venom help with Expunge's killing power.

Depending on the player, this acts as an initiating spell over an utility spell. When a team fight has begun, I throw in a cask to apply stacks on the enemy team and put a helpful on anyone who dares to run away. The slowing power may not be as much as Wither, but is definitely enough to catch up to someone fleeing from battle.

Expunge Expunge: This is Twitch's finishing spell. A champion got out of range of your bullets? Pop the E and watch them explode. With the patch, Expunge gained a ton of killing power stacking with both AP and AD.

The scaling of both AD and AP makes this skill an instant rush. You WILL want to have this maxed out as fast as possible because this is your early game killing skill (as long as you have stacks of Deadly Venom). I may have said that it scales off of AP but do not build AP AT ALL. If you feel the need to, then be sure to pick up a Hextech Gunblade. Expunge does not remove stacks of Deadly Venom

Spray and Pray: This ult will add some ridiculous damage on top of some ridiculous attack speed adding ridiculous range and having the ability of traveling through targets. One problem with this skill though. It can be impossible to hit. The shots aren't "seeking" and are bound to be dodged by quick champions.

What I may have said may sound disheartening but this ultimate still kicks some major butt. There have been many scenarios when, let's say a pesky Veigar, has attempted to flee me and even Flashes. Yet I still manage to kill him off with help of my friendly Spray and Pray.

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Early Game:

: Picking up boots first will kick start your build and make the cost of Berserker's Greaves seem like change.

: Twitch will get some early game scuffs. Health pots are the best thing to keep yourself in the fight.

: When you recall you should pick up a Vamp Scepter immediately. This 10% life steal may not help at first, but you will soon realize your basic attacks doing some nice early game healing.

: The extra attack speed is vital to a successful Twitch. You will be able to lay out stacks of Deadly Venom while dishing out 1,300 damage crits almost every half second.

Mid Game:

: Critical strikes give Twitch his killing power. Infinity Edge will not only raise your damage and critical strike chance but will also raise the effectiveness of critical strikes. An enemy will be no match for you when you fork out 1,000+ damage almost every single shot.

: This item will help you maneuver around the map more efficiently and adds a ton of attack speed as well as a ton of crit chance. These are all factors that lead to a successful match.

: If there's one thing Twitch is good at that isn't kill-stealing, than it's healing himself with his auto attacks. This item will not only grant you up to 100 attack damage but also has the potential to make your auto attacks heal you from nothing to full health in a matter of seconds.

Late Game

: I love the new The Black Cleaver. It's fantastic. Paired with this smelly devil, champions will fall at your feet. You gain 250 health on top of 50 damage, cooldown reduction, and tons of armor penetration. It's a must for every ADC and definitely a must for Twitch.

: Why a Frozen Mallet and not a Guardian Angel or something similar? It all depends. If you are going against an armor piercing enemy carry then take my advice and ditch the Mallet. If the carry seems like she's/he's not ripping through your health (to some extent), then pick one of these up. Extra health is always a good thing as well as a slowing passive. The +30 AD is a nice bonus. You don't necessarily "need" armor, because all health lost will be regained if you're doing well maintaining stacks on your The Bloodthirster.

Alternative Items

: If the enemy team is burning through your health faster than your life steal can handle, pick this item up for sure. It will not only reduce incoming damage but includes a game-saving passive for you to come back from the dead and secure some kills.

: If you're just down right confident that the enemy team can't even scratch you before you lay them to rest, give this item a chance. Taking this instead of Frozen Mallet or Guardian Angel will leave you squishy as a level 12 late game, so be cautious.

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Condensed Wrap-Up

    .Be careful when diving. Getting trapped behind turret range will get you killed and may end up feeding the enemy team.
Expunge does not get rid of your applied stacks of Deadly Venom
.Don't be an initiator. If you're focused, you're dead.
.Use Spray and Pray when you have a the enemy team (or at least 3 champions) near each. You can pull of multi-target hits with the penetration effect.
. Ambush should be used once you hit around 5-6 bars of health. In that range of HP you can be burst down easily.
.The items listed will lead to damage and survivability.

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Thank you for reading my guide and I wish you the best of luck on the field. Don't be scared to experiment with the build and change some things up. This is purely made to instruct and help all new (or old) Twitch players on essential tricks for this little rat. If you have some killer gameplay, feel free to post it on YouTube and send me the name of said video. I'll be sure to include your domination in this build. Have fun, and thanks for reading!