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Twitch Build Guide by RedBrony

AD Carry Twitch Solo Top: too stronk

AD Carry Twitch Solo Top: too stronk

Updated on November 19, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author RedBrony Build Guide By RedBrony 1 5 13,375 Views 5 Comments
1 5 13,375 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author RedBrony Twitch Build Guide By RedBrony Updated on November 19, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Introduction to my epic guide of epicness

Hello, and welcome to my Twitch guide. Okey. You might just think "adc at solo top? ahuheuaheuaheuehauheu" but no, I am super serious. I've played against some of the strongest solo top champs and WON. For example: Darius, Vladimir, Jayce, Yorick etc. I will be going through how to manage doing that in this guide, so keep reading; don't just grab the item build and click Solo queue.
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Pros & Conz

  • Very good damage early and late (if played well)
  • Almost impossible to gank because of his Ambush
  • True damage over time passive (Not much damage, but still something)

  • Squishy early and late without items
  • If not prepared for a fight can be surprised easily and get him killed very fast
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Deadly Venom I love this passive. It's not OP, but not UP either. It's great for harassing, just 1 auto attack can deal a lot of damage early; you need think about it in this way though. People probably will regen health as fast as 2 true dmg per sec at lvl 1-3, so you can just use that as an advantage if you know what I mean, and when they drink potions use your Executioner's Calling

Ambush is good for escaping and ganking. Also good if you have to base and your opponent pushes to your tower and stays there, you can just use it and even kill him.

Venom Cask is good harass. Venom Cask + Expunge + a couple basic attacks = a lot of damage, especially early game. Also good for escaping before going into stealth.

Expunge is his main damage tool right after basic attacks. Great for harassing your enemies and pushing your lane. Especially in team fights when you use your ult, you can just hit all of your enemies and use Expunge to deal a sh*t ton of damage to all of them.

Spray and Pray Some people say that this is the worst ultimate in the game. "You can dodge his basic attacks hurr a diurr rhuhudhfudifhdu" No. They're fast enough to hit the target every time expect if you're next to the enemy, and his running away with a movement speed boost or something. So, it gives you bonus attack damage (good) and range for your basic attacks (holy sh*t) you can just flash and ult for an 1hp enemy trying to run away and pick up the kill.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Max out Expunge first to deal some damage in team fights early, and then Ambush. Pick a couple more points in Ambush early if your team doesn't seem to get into any teamfights.
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First, pick off Boots and 3 Health Potions to harass the enemy easily and also give yourself some lane sustain with those health potions.
Next, if you're against an enemy who likes to heal a lot or just has a lot of health regen, buy Executioner's Calling as the second item of your build. This will give your passive some more damage, and has a very low cooldown 50% heal & regen reduction. Excellent item for Twitch, also it gives life steal which is pretty much like free health potions and critical chance: this is what Twitch needs late game. Though you will have to sell it, it's still good until you buy Guardian Angel or Yomuu's Ghostblade. After that buy 2nd grade boots, either Berserker's Greaves, Ninja Tabis or Mercury's Treads depending on what the enemies have. Alot of CC > Mercurys, alot of AD champs or just a fed ADC > Ninja tabis, and if none of those > Berserkers. Then buy Black Cleaver because it gives you the AD you need and AS. Also, its awesome for you because it procs on your ultimate; your team probably has another ADC because youre top, so when a tf happens, you will lower all their champions' armor for your AD carry. Infinity Edge, some basic stuff, bla bla bla done.
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Summoner Spells

is a good way to escape from sticky situations, but I still do not recommend it to solo top Twitch. Yes, I do not. You'll see.

is an excellent choice. Better than Flash because if you use it before Ambush you can escape death even when you're at the enemy turret. You need to watch out though, because Ambush doesn't last long at early levels.

is a good way to kill your opponents fast. I like to call over time damage stuff "hidden damage". You want to fight, and you are happy when doing some damage to your enemy, but then you notice that his damage over time is kicking in.. It's too late to back off, and you're dead. This is perfect for Twitch because both his passive and Ignite deal true damage. Depends on your enemy you can take Exhaust instead of this.
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How to fight like a boss

You should be good for now, but if you can't figure out how to play after reading this, this is for you.

To start off, use Ambush (first harass, then attack!) go behind your target, use Venom Cask when he/she starts running away from you, or fighting back.
When you reach max stacks of your passive, use Expunge and Ignite. This is for only 1 target assassination, in teamfights stay back and Spray and Pray ;)
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That's pretty much it for my Twitch solo top guide. Give me some feedback so I can improve this, thanks people.

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