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League of Legends Build Guide Author snake49916

Twitch: The Deadly Assassin

snake49916 Last updated on February 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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I've been playing twitch for a while now and in my opinion he's one of the best champs out there. He does great damage, good range, a nasty poison and slow, oh and he can stealth. When used properly he can be a great carry. With recent nerfs I've noticed some ppl who don't really know whats the best way to play him anymore, Some people like AS crit twitch but if your going up with against a tank who knows what he's doing he will stack armor making your crit less effective. That why this guide focuses on Armor penetration over Critical strikes and makes it so no matter how much armor a tank gets you will still be able to cut them down to size quite quickly. Not to mention its great for slicing through turrets like nobody's business. This is my first guide so feel free to offer constructive criticism :)

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Stealthed-I can not stress enough how awesome this is, it allows u to go wherever you want without fear of ganks, do some scouting for your team, and keep tabs on enemy champs
Super DPS-Not only does twitch have a strong attack, but his passive is a poison that stacks 6 times. This allows you to snipe squishies with ease and get you nice and fed.

Squishy-With such a high damage output it only makes sense for twitch to be squishy. You can use your stealth to try and counteract this weakness
Slow-Pretty much the same reasoning as above, and once again you can use your stealth to minimize this weakness as well
Detection-Once you start racking in the kills your enemies will most likely wise up and start grabbing detection. This can make your life much more annoying and you have to pay attention to who can see ya

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Twitch's passive, it causes all of his attacks to do poison damage over 6 seconds and stacks up to 6 times. Not only does this give you bonus damage, but it gives you bonuses to your expunge and per stack of venom you have on the enemy. So you want to try and get as many stacks as you can before using other abilities.

Twitch bread and butter skill, it makes you invisible without detection, your going to use this to set up all your attacks and late game, you should pretty much be stealthed constantly as you move around the map

This is a great skill for chasing down enemies, however your not gonna get this till after you get your ult, simply because you wannna spend your early skill points on and expunge. The nice thing about this skill is that the slow rate is the same at rank 1 as it is maxed so one point is all you need until you finish with your other abilities

This is twitch's kill button. It does a base damage plus additional damage for ever stack of you have on your target allowing you to always get the kill. Very nice.

Twitch's ult, causes your next few attacks to do bonus damage and pass through targets to hit multiple enemies. It also gives your attacks extended range. Not only is this good for killing enemy champions, it also allows you farm minion crowds quite quickly for some easy gold and the cooldown is quite reasonable so use it quite liberally.

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Summoner Skills

When I play twitch I always use ] and for a couple of reasons:
1. Twitch is SLOW, and until you get your gonna want the added mobility it provides you to get around quickly, its also great for back dooring late game if you need to/if the opportunity arises
2. I LOVE it give you great escapability with flashing through walls and helps you chase down fleeing foes. Also if you get attacked before you can stealth away, flash will break line of sight allowing you to disappear.

These are just my preferences and you can try others if have any particular skills you feel quite partial to.

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With recent changes to twitch, I feel that the best way to go with him now is AD with armor penetration and some slight AS. So with that in mind your going to want Armor Penetration marks and quints. AS seals give you a good boost to you attack rate. You have a little bit more freedom with your glyphs but I feel that either mana regen or cooldown reduction are the way to go, but feel free to experiment with these last ones if you want.

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I use a standard 22/8/0 masteries build. I like this set up for my twitch, it gives me a lot of offensive boost while also giving me some much needed defense that helps your survivability but that 9th point in defense doesn't really do too much to help and would be more useful in offense I believe.

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You want to start off with and a . After this you wanna get asap for the extra gold it gives you. Then your gonna want so you can get around and get those kills quickly without missing out on laning too much. Then once you get it allows you to get a decent AS whenever you need it. Another nice thing is that it's cooldown is almost the exact same as which makes using them together very effective. After that you wanna get for some extra damage and armor penetration. This is your core build, after this you have some freedom with items but I like to go with:

Madred's Bloodrazor
The Black Cleaver
The Bloodthirster

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Early Game
Twitch is a hero killer, its what he does and he does it quite well. With that in mind twitch works best in lane with a tank type character. Ideally they have a stun of some type but the important thing hear is that they have to be able to distract and tank a lot of abuse while you go in for the kill. Some great partners are or . If your up against tanky opponents you may have some problems getting early kills, just do your best and focus on your last hits in that case. You will recall once you have enough to buy your and use your teleport to get back fast. Your next trip back is when you can afford your you should be able to get both of these right around lv 6 if you were able to get some kills.

Mid Game
Once you get your boots you wanna pay attention to the map, whenever you see a lane that has some distance between them and the enemy tower thats when you wanna coordinate your attack. Also watch for any champions going off on there own, if you notice this you can use your stealth to find them and set up a great ganking opportunity. If there's no good ganks available just keep laning and working on your build.

Late Game
At this point you should at least have your core item set built and be quite a force to reckoned with. Depending on how the game is going your either gonna want to keep pushing with your team or else try doing some back dooring if your at a disadvantage. One important thing to realize for team battles is that you will be the prime target as soon as you unstealth. This means you must pick your spots very carefully, with no defensive items all it takes is one stun and your pretty much screwed. You have to use your stealth to counteract this, unstealth as far away from there cc as you can, which a lot of times is where there squishy champs are anyways which you should be able to kill in a matter of seconds. Then get out of there, restealth and do it all over again. In extended battles I have been able to stealth 3 times during a single fight the key is never let them focus you if you can. With your flash and stealth you should be able keep the heat off of you.

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Abuse Stealth!
Stealth is your greatest weapon, it allows you to scout the map and give you great map control, check bushes and common ganking spots, check neutral monsters and buffs. at rank 5 you can remain stealthed for 50 SECONDS, you can explore the entire map in that time. Make use of it.

Know when to strike!
One of the most important lessons to learn as twitch is when is the right time to pull the trigger. You want to wait until you know for sure that the enemy is committed to the fight and there are no surprises coming before jumping in. Also make sure that you unstealthing can have an impact on the outcome, if one of your allies get ambushed by 4 other champs all that gets accomplished by you uncloaking in is that you give the enemy team another kill. This may mean that you will get yelled at by some less intelligent teammates for "being a dumbass and not helping" but there's nothing you can do about that.

Twitch's stealh is a great tool for getting away. Even if they can see you so you won't disappear pop it anyways. As soon as you break line of sight your gone you can do this many way, get to bushes, turn a corner or flash away. All of these things will leave your pursuers thoroughly confused as to where you snuck off to and sometimes elicit some angry remarks from your opponents :)

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So thats everything, like I said this is my first guide so please give me feedback, what you like, what you dislike, whats missing etc. I'm gonna try to keep this guide as up to date as possible so post any questions you have and I will answer them in a post or a guide update asap.

Thanks a lot!