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Udyr Build Guide by SlashNSlice

Uber Udyr 3v3 solo top

Uber Udyr 3v3 solo top

Updated on March 19, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SlashNSlice Build Guide By SlashNSlice 5 1 76,201 Views 1 Comments
5 1 76,201 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SlashNSlice Udyr Build Guide By SlashNSlice Updated on March 19, 2013
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Hello fellow Udyr player! This guide is for 3v3 solo top (or bottom) Uber Ubyr's only! If u are new or new with Udyr, i would rather you play 5v5 and jungle..well cause hes a great jungler! But: This is a 3v3 guide to help u PAWN AND BE Uber! Any good udyr player knows that udyr has no real "build" order, but he adapt's to the enemy team comp. I will exlain why i pick a dorans blade and then make a wriggles, onto trinity force...and well after that..ADAPT!
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The runes i use are geared for that early game advanage! Attack dammage marks.....self explanitory? more dammage baby! your tiger will rip through your fellow solo top enemy like butter! With my set up(dorans) I come out onto the field with 80 attack dammage! o ya and over 6oo HP!
Flat armor seals guessed it..armor! 3v3 is most always filled w tanky dps you NEED that armor!
I use to use MR per LV glyphs and there are Great 4 Uber udyr.. he is very weak VS burst casters! Use them if u r having trouble w AP casters...but like i said, after many 3v3 games, I came to figure out that you wont really see alot of AP casters untill higher ELO. And if there is alot of casters in a game...well..force of nature and GG! So I started using attack speed glyphs and never looked back.
yaaa OP MOVMENTS SPEED! I only use 2 movment speed quints. They are OP on Udyr! I like to have that 80 dammage at lv helps you last hit and zone out the other solo top champ as early as lv 2! If not down right kill them! So i use 1 quint of OP strength! If you want more movment speed..well use 3! AND BE Uber!
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I like to use the 21/0/9 masteries! Ima Fan of MORE MOVMENT SPEED! If you just want to OWN SOLO TOP, then 21/9/0 is the best! More armor and life! I cant tell you how manny 1v1 fights ended up with me with first blood and 30 hp! TRUST ME the extra HP can and will save your life. And there were games were i wished i had the extra movment speed. choose wisely.
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DORAN'S blade baby! You will have a total of 6% life steal,80 attack dammage and well over 600 HP at lv 1! FIGHT ME! I stay in lane till im in fear of getting ganked w low HP or first blood! If i can get the kill or zone out my fellow solo top champ, i get turtle at lv 3 and FARM FARM FARM! That 6% life steal and turtle mean OP life steal! BE Uber! BE OP! After you own the lane....DONT push out to far! PLZ! If there are MIA'S down bot then just go back 4 cloth armor or boots! If you are laning A AD carry, always get armor 1st! IF you are lanning against a AP bust caster? I get null mantle into merc treds 1st! To master Uber Udyr you must build to what You need to stay ahead. There is no real "build order". EVER! After wriggles the enemy team will relize that you are OP and will try and kill you! Thats y i start to build a phage! More life, more dammage, MORE OP! Then i finish up the Trinity force! To be honest... not to many games last past you getting this item; but if it does.. build accordingly! Need more dammage? Infinity Edge! getting focused? Get more tanky! warmongs or force of nature! Tanks hard to kill? Madreds and GG for you and your team!
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Skill Sequence

I love BEAR! Udyr has no 'real' Ulti well because..he has it at Lv1!!! I get bear at lv1! GREAT for ganking bushes and solo top will fear getting too close. IF they do just smack them in the face and walk away! HIT MINIONS! Try to lv up be4 they do! Then bear stun into tiger and watch there HP dwindle! IS that tryndmere running away cause he cant beat you? BEAR OP MOVMENT SPEED! Wash and repeat! If im doing well i get my 3rd lv in tiger and just max it first or get turtle and stay in lane 4 ever! I dont get phenix or really use it in 3v3. Ive tryed it its ok and has its uses in 5v5 (I think its just best used for fast jungleing in 5V5) You will have no problem getting farm with the wriggles and tiger. NEVER! O ya; I can solo dragon at lv 7 with just a madreds, dorans and boots! OP? I just like tiger over phenix cause in 3v3 there less people.. Tiger is OP in 3v3 cause you can quickly burst down champs is seconds!
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Summoner Spells

I take the point in summoners wrath for the very OP combo: Exhaust and Ignight! First blood will be yours summoner! Soon as u reach lv 2: BEAR stun>Exhaust>Tiger proc>ignight>bear>tiger= FIRST BLOOD! Unless they flash(I hate that lol) Then make a :( and farm! Cause you now own the lane! Good job. Map awerness is needed. Dont always cont on MIAS! Map awerness wins games! Play smart plz. If you see that one or both are out of your sight... dont chase..greed looses games my friends.
Ghost: is just stupid i think because Udyr has a built in ghost: BEAR! And with the movment speed quints(and masteries if you went 21/0/9) You can run around the map faster than rammus!(no joke)
Fash: well take it if you think you need the gap closer. I just dont need the stress of a failed flash(dam u nerf)and there are many walls on T_T that you can fail to flash over very easly! Its just not my cup of tea.(i like coffie)
Everyother spell: Naa not OP enough for Uber UDYR
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Creeping / Jungling

It can be a tricky choice: Gank bot and risk looing farm for a kill that might not happen if the team has good map control; or go jungle and farm and carry your team to a victory screen! If bot is hurt badly and are hugging there tower and there are about to get dived...HELP THEM OUT! The enemy team will ether run or die trying ;) With a wriggles lantern, you can safly jungle top to your hearts content! just place a ward at dragon; more near there wolf camps; for the best scouting! You can even counter jungle! Udyr is BY FAR ONE OF THE BEST 1v1 champs in the game! just watch out for ganks!
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summoner: This Build is my personal 3v3 build! I win games! no joke! But you will have trouble 1v1 against certin champs: Renekton is by far the hardest champ i have ever faced 1v1 solo top. Hes just a good champ that does crazy dammage so beware of him! Nunu hard counters Udyr...dam that snowball! And just any AD ranged carry can give you a hard time, just play safe and have fun. Remember: greed gets you killed!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SlashNSlice
SlashNSlice Udyr Guide
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Uber Udyr 3v3 solo top

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