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Udyr Build Guide by Noob Powner

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Noob Powner

Udry, Everyway

Noob Powner Last updated on November 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Introduction-Read this please

Hello guys, this is my build and guide on Udyr. This build explains Udrys potential when going straight up DPS, Tanky DPS, jungler, or pheonix udry.And please understand that my build will not make you win every game or get 20 kills and zero deaths, but it will help in playing Udry the right and most fun ways.

So please try first dont just look at it and rate it down,rate it... if the like the build and have had good times with it please rate, and finally comment... tell me what you guys think of my build and let me know any problems you had while playing maybe i can help you out..u never know..Thank You

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Pros / Cons


    Stun through bear stance
    Amazing DPS through tiger stance
    Can shield through turtle stance
    Unlimited mana and life steal
    Late came, has a lot of Health
    Can be useful in team fights.. because of his stun and his AoE
    Good Ganker
    Easy Kills
    And becasue of his passive.. it is very easy to dodge more survivability.
    Can probely lane for ever because of his turtle stance's passive


    Can be easy taken down by ranged dps or casters
    Has no ranged which makes it hard for him harass other champions
    Can be easily cancelled by buying simple armor items and the thorn mail
    Hard to play, but once learned can be very rewarding
    Squishy ealier game

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My masteries, I go with a 21 attack and a 9 defense. I take critical chance, increased exhaust, cooldown reduction, attack speedalcrity. Next taking increased armor pen, flat attack damage, increase critcal strike damage and increased damage and magic. Then i take 9 in defense. I get magic resist and armor. Then moving down to increased dodge chance then nimbleness. I pick my masteries to go along with my runes. This increase Udry even morincluding the runes.

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For my runes i go with:
Mark- mark of desolation Mark of Desolation , which is armor pen. This greatly helps with tearing down your enemies. It will go nicely with your black cleaver and your madreds blood razor.

Glyph of focus , which is cool down reduction. This will help any champion and make game play a lot easier over all. Cool down reduction makes you more deadly and less likly to die.

Seal- Seal of Evasion , which is dodge. Dodge will help you becasue you will be dodging. This will go along with your boots or Ninja Tabi. And ur masteries, evasion and nimblness.

Quintessence-Greater Quintessence of Evasion - Is more dodge chance, people woth say that dodging is not to good, they will go for some thing that attack, attack speed, or health. But dodging with surprisely help you a lot. So you dont have to listen to me but dodging will help. I PROMISE YOU. :)

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Build # 1 Item Explanation

My items are straight up DPS. First i start out with a long sword and a health or mana pot, or if you are feeling squshy and u seem to die on ganks, then get a dorans shield and sell it later. Which ever you like. Then i rush madreds razor Madred's Razor . Then i go with ninja tabi . You can get different boots if you want.However u want to try to cancil the other team .... if they are all casters then go with mercury treads or if you have an enemy team of all stuns slows, taunts, etc. But I go with Ninja Tabi because of its dodge chabce that goes with my runes and masteries. Then I finish my Madreds Bloodrazor . Finally i get some crazy AD, i buy a black cleaver . This and my madreds + my runes and masteries= shredding the other team. And if u have your tiger stances, each of ur items with applie with each hit. Then i move on to stark's fervor , i get this because of its life steal and attack speed. I really dont care about the extra health regen.. who needs it when u have turtle stance lol. Soon i get my frozen mallet and that will increase ur health so much. The slow when attacked with also be a great help to those fast runners. Like teemo. Then to finishe off ur OP power you are going to get a guardian angel . Oh yeah i said it a GUARDIAN ANGEL. This item will ensure that u will not get a death on ur score. It will also increase ur armor and magic resist and help you against nukes and crazy dpsers. So this ultimily is a win .. or an easy win.

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Build # 2 Item Explanation

In the second build i build tank. I start up with a dorans shield for the extra health and health regen. With this build you guys have to do whatever the other team has. If the other team has all ad then buy armor. People don't understand that about tanks because they always come to mobafire to get a tanking build but they should just buy items to counter the opposing team. So those are the items that r good for Udry while playing the tank role.

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Laning/ Farming/ Jungling with Udry

Laning With Udry

-With him, in my guide, you can play either aggresive or just staying back. I usually take top(in 3v3s) with him because i need money. My build is very expensive and can casue you to loose a game if not completing the items to help your team. In fives i jungling.(See 3 section on this)


-I dont have any crazy way of farming with him. I just try to get last hits, which is hard because he is completly melee. I keep turtle stance on so the opposing champ can harass me but i can just get some life by using its passive, life steal and mana steal. You can keep on your tiger stance, so its not as hard to get money.


-In threes, I do not jungling because there is no need to it is not good and you can not get mana buff so its hard too. But since i go top, i will get the neutral minions for the extra gold and exp. I get dragon when i am level nineish. I usually get it after i get my Madred's Razor so i can get the chance of doing some extra damage to the dragon. In fives i do jungling until around 5 to 8 minutes. I get the cloth armor and five health pots. I get blue buff and get tiger stance too. I repeatedly hit the tiger stance whenever its mot on cool down. I take summoner spell smite and ignite. I ignite the main blue buff golem too, just in case. But you dont need to if u have the correct runes and are experienced at jungling.

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The Tri Force VS. Any item in the build

The Trinity ForceTHE TRINITY FORCE-The Trinity force gives you 30 damage, 30 AP, 30% attack speed, 15% critical chance,12% movement speed, 250 health, 250 mana. UNIQUE PASSIVE-25% on hit to slow the target by 35% for 2.5 second;On cast, your next attack deals bonus damage = to 150% of your base attack. Now as you can see it give a little bit of everyone and that is really nice for Udyr because he is a little bit of everything. Now if you wanted to buy this item then take out the frozen mallet because you will look silly buying two phages. Its not that i don't think the item is bad for Udyr but I feel like the items you have there work fine. But you can do whatever you want.

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Optional Items

In some cases the other team is the opposite of your item build is. For example, if u get the black cleaver and the enemy team is all casters. It is dumb and stupiod because the casters with not have armor that you need to break through. So in this chapter I will explain what happenes in different occasions. Ok, the last item is really flexible, the last item you can get whatever you want or what you think will make you less likely to die or maybe to try to cancel the others teams carry. So if the other team has one guy that keeps on killing you like tryndamere or maybe some caster like ryze. Then to block out any people that have crazy ad then get a thorn mailThe Thorn Mail or some increased life steal to keep you in the fight longer. Or maybe you are with a fed, and op caster, get the banshee's veil . But I would recommend mostly the Guardian Angel because it basically covers every thing. It has magic resist and armor and the passive that saves you some times. Ok now items, you can trade the Black Cleaver for the other two bf sword items. The Madreds Bloodrazor is a great over all item so you don't need to trade that out for some thing else. And the Stark's Fervor too is a great item that gives you good attack speed and great life steal. And then the Frozen Mallet is also a item I would not take out because of the lots of health you get from and, plus the slow so champions can never exscape you.

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Skill Sequence

My skill sequence is quite simple. I basically max out my stun/ bear stance, my life and mana steal and shield/ turtle stance, and my crazy dps which is my tiger stance. I get these instead of the pheoniz stance is because I basically dont need it. The Pheonix StancePheonix stance is for AoE and jungling. But this build is dps and there is no need for it. So i get bear, turtle, and tiger. The one main reason i do not like Pheonix stance is because it is not a good AoE. It is only good if u get some AP but this is dps. And because it does not have a long range of damage and if u arent so close to mutiple enemies it will not help ur team or you. I used to get bear stance first because of the stun, but after some testing, i thought the stun was not good enough. So instead i got tiger stance first because of the op dps and burst damage. Ir made beginning ganks so much more fun.

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Team Work

In team fights people don't know how to handle Udyr and maybe focus the wrong person in the large 5v5 fight. So Udry's role in the foght is to take down the carry fast before the carry gets to ur carry. He can also disturb the annoying people in the fight with his stun over and over again. He also needs to llok out for those AoE and really harmful ultis like Nunus or Kats so they dont end the team fight with ur team getting aced.

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Summoner Spells

I choose exhaust and ignite . I choose Exhaust because it can help in tons of ways. First if u cant catch up to an enemie, you can exhaust him and stun easy. Second, if you are not winning in a 1v1 fight ( which is very unlikly ) then just pop exhaust and win the fight and get the extra gold. Third if you are vsing annie or ryze( since the recent patch), exhaust also effects caster now. WHich will greatly bring down nukers and people that have high AP like ryze, malzahar, or annie. And finally if a team fight breaks out, you can get exhaust on the carry and take him out fast without harm to ur team. And then I take ignite . I take it because it is easy to last hit and steal kills. And you can cancil people that have heals or get heals or life stealers and can take them down. For example.. mundo, any healers or supports like Karma, Janna, Taric, and Soraka.

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Updates/ Revises

Nothing new yet, but i will kept u guys posted with things that i change in the build and any new updates that riot games sends to Udry in league of legends.
7/24/2011- Added two new chapters that should help you guys in fights and about the items read and comment
7/29/2011-This is going to be big guys i added two new build to Udry. One for tanky dps. And the other to be more specific on the jungling builds.
8/13/2011-Added another build about the pheonix stance that i have been using and it works well. Try it and tell me how you do with it.

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So basically this build is amazing. You maxzimize your threat level and your ability to POWN NOOBS. So in this build and guide I taught and explained the crazy skills and abilites to get Udyr to his highest lvl of damage out put. So please do not rate until u read, try, and comment. I will like all criticies to learn but can make Udry even better.