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Udyr Build Guide by LegendaryAnthony

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LegendaryAnthony

Udyr 5.15 Sated Devourer | New Jungle Route Video | Updated

LegendaryAnthony Last updated on August 11, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Udyr with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Alistar Alistar has low clear speeds, but scary ganks! If Alistar is ganking a lot, take over his jungle! He can push you around, but once you are on top of him he is very easy to take down. A very easy jungler to counter as well due to his clear speeds and lack of tankiness early on.
Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks literally dies in 3 hits. Use Bear Stance to stop his drain then pop the Tiger and Flame and he is dead. Try to invade his jungle whenever you can. A fiddle with no blue renders him useless in clearing the jungle and will have to try to gank a lane, or make a mistake in invading your blue.
Lee Sin Udyr walks all over Lee Sin. Lee Sin is extremely squishy at earlier levels, so try to focus him in early skirmishes and teamfights where he is still weak. You can chase him down and catch him extremely easily with E. Turtle stance when he Q Jumps.
Zed Zed jungle is trash. Fight him whenever you can and kill him. He has no objective control and will try to gank whenever possible. Simple warding and pressure can shut him down easily.
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Thank you everyone whom has shared and used this guide! It gives me great enjoyment to know that I am helping people out and teaching others to use this great build.

(9/15/2014) - Today my guide was added to the top 10 Mobafire guides of all time! I am extremely excited and would like to thank everyone who has reviewed the guide and contributed to making it better! :D

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Intro to Devourer

Devourer is the new Feral Flare from Season 4.

Devourer is an augment that can be purchases on the new jungling items that were introduced this season! In my guide, I will always pair the Devourer augment with the Stalker's Blade jungle item. Reasons for this will be explained later on! All you need to know right now is that, Devourer always you to farm and stack damage from killing jungle creeps (or monsters) while also allowing you to use the Stalker Blade Smite enhancement which applies a 20% slow and movement speed steal.

Many Udyr gameplay videos and guides can found here at my channel: Tempur's Youtube Channel

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*OLD* Game Statistics * Send me your Game stats! *

Thank you-- byJoTaeFe for sending your game statistics and supporting the guide!

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PM me about adding a score banner of a game you did well in!

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Why Devourer?

Stalker's Blade + Devourer(wiki) = Destruction

The Devourer augment is the new Feral Flare. Devourer in my opinion is stronger than the Feral Flare used to be because of the fact that it gives +25 damage per hit and 50% attack speed right off the bat! You don't need to farm 25 jungle creeps to get the initial damage, it comes with the purchase. Jungler's that have high attack speeds and jungle clear excel with this item. Examples are: Warwick, Master Yi, Udyr, Xin Zhao, Shyvana, Rek'Sai. By devoting your time to clearing camps, you are stacking gold, over-leveling your oppenents, and gaining extra damage onto every auto attack. By becoming an over-leveled, tanky, and speedy beast, you are going to be able to literally run through the enemy team and kill carries and then get out just as fast. Udyr's kit really abuses this item.

Stalker's Blade (Devourer) is a jungle item that gives the champion 50% attack speed for quick cleares and fast DPS while also allowing them to stack damage by eliminating jungle camps. Every second attack will also trigger on hits twice! Allowing you to dish out a lot of damage.

UNIQUE - DEVOURING: Basic attacks deal 25 (+Devourer stacks) bonus magic damage. Scoring a champion kill or assist will grant 2 Devourer stacks and killing a large monster will grant 1.

Each enchantment recipe costs a total of 1500g on top of the 750g for each jungle item for a total cost of 2250g.

Magus - +80 ability power, +20% cooldown reduction

Warrior - +40 attack damage, +10% cooldown reduction, +10 armor penetration

Juggernaut - +500 health, +10% cooldown reduction, Unique Passive – Tenacity: The duration of stuns, slows, taunts, fears, silences, blinds, polymorphs, and immobilizes are reduced by 35%.

Devourer - +50% attack speed, +25 magic damage on hit, Passive - Killing large monsters increases the damage of this item by 1. Champion kills and assists increase the damage of this item by 2.

UNIQUE - PHANTOM HIT: Every second basic attack will be a phantom attack that triggers on-hit effects twice.

My linked video will demonstrate this build to it's full use, and also show you your jungle path, item build, situational items, and how to pressure and secure objectives in your game.

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What is Devourer trying to accomplish? How Do I jungle? THE GANK!

Why should I stay in the jungle?

Usually when you buy the Devourer augment on a champion, it is telling everyone that you plan on staying in the jungle and will ignore lanes. This is mostly true however, you are still able to be persistent with ganks due to the fact that Devourer comes with +25 damage on auto attacks and 50% attack speed with a slowing smite ability. Each camp gives +1 onto your damage if you kill the largest monster of the group. This means that if you clear your entire jungle side (Red, Blue, Golems, Raptors, Wolves, Gromp) you will receive +6 damage. The jungle respawn timer is 1:40 for minor camps, and 5 minutes for buff camps. So for about every 3 minutes and 20 seconds with the Buff Camps down, you should farm up about 8 Damage. If you devote your time to staying in the jungle, realistically, you should out level all lanes, and have potentially the highest output damage on your team. This is all planned out under perfect circumstances of course.

Why can't I gank?

You CAN gank. The point I am trying to make is that, if you don't have a great opportunity in which you know you are guaranteed to get a kill or assist, you are completely wasting your time. Depending on your Rank, the players you will run into will all be different. You may have laners that can handle their own in any given situation, or you may have the occasional duo pair at bot that forces fights when they are down 50 CS and are 0/6 combined. In order to gank with this build, you in all honestly have to understand what you are doing in every situation. You have to analyze the potential gank.

The Gank:

Who is my laner?

Who is their laner?

Is the lane pushed against my laner/ Is the lane pushed against their laner?

Are there any wards placed?

Do I have enough health and mana?

Does my laner have a kit that will CC the oppenent?

Does the enemy laner have summoner spells?

Where is the enemy jungler?

Is the gank really worth it?

These are all but just some of the questions that should run through your mind when you gank. Not every gank is worth it. Ganking for a failed lane is a moot point. Potentially, you could be helping the laner depending on if they lost their lane because of being ganked or because of them lacking skill. It is always better to gank a lane that is already ahead or has the chance to get ahead. Ganking for a 0/6 rumble when Irelia is already 6-0 will have literally 0 impact. Irelia will still destroy rumble as soon as you leave, and you could've spent time helping LeBlanc who is 2-0 against her laner.

You also have to keep in mind that you are wasting the time on your buffs when you could be stacking more damage to help the ENTIRE team later on. You CAN gank if the situation permits it, but try to help yourself more so that you can help others later.

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How am I supposed to clear jungle camps when my team is feeding? WATCH NEW

This is a commonly asked question, I even ask myself this from time to time. This build requires experience. You have to learn how to use it, and learn how to play your role as a jungler; who's goal is to provide constant pressure onto the enemy team and execute a relentless assault towards objectives and lanes.
You have to let your team know what your intentions are in your jungle, so that they don't expect that early gank help from you. Hopefully your team has the sense and experience to know how to handle themselves in lane and farm early game so that you can fulfill your role.

However, this is not always the case. Let us go ahead and say that, the enemy bot lane has killed your bottom lane 4 times now, and the score is 0-8. The game is looking pretty bad, and the bottom lane isn't responding to you telling them to stop trying to fight back and try to farm under tower. MANY people at higher Elos recognize this Udyr build and will catch onto you not leaving your jungle. You have to learn how to respond to the enemy jungler trying to put pressure on you to act in lanes and not just farm. You have to force yourself to ignore other lanes, and finish your feral flare as soon as possible. Once you finish this item, you can start making up for your team for what they are lacking. Pressure lanes, take dragon, split push towers, steal enemy jungle camps, be relentless.


Check out my videos for even more information on what I have talked about, and more.

Never give in! Pick yourself and your team back up!

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Team is Feeding or you are struggling?! Watch how my team and I make a huge

Above is one of my videos displaying how to come back when you are behind!

Things that went wrong with this game:

    1. I fed two kills early.
    2. I was lazy in the jungle and didn't pay attention resulting in an early recall before 1150 gold.
    3. I called a bad first dragon resulting in teammate deaths and the loss of dragon to the enemy team.
4. *Big Mistake* I showed myself in the bottom lane when the enemy team was grouped in mid/top lanes during the late game. THIS GIVES THE ENEMY TEAM A FREE BARON. NEVER MAKE THIS MISTAKE AS AN JUNGLER! BE AWARE!
    5. Arguing with team.
    6. Lost a few dragons
    7. Lost a Baron

Things that went well with this game:
    1. Found my stride and understood how I needed to play my role for this game
(Team was down score/turret wise. What did I do? >> Maxed Turtle and built the appropriate defenses to survive and absorb damage. Sacrifice K/D/A and damage in order to understand how to play the game differently when it is required.)
    2. Stopped the enemy team from completing a second baron and secured it for my team.
    3. Played the tank/initiator role in order to CC the enemies away from my adc/mid laner so that they can survive and thrive in team fights.
    4. Maxed turtle over bear and rushed health/def over damage.
    5. Smart pings and communication.
    6. Used Bear stance to stun multiple people in a few second interval in order to allow my team to chain cc ( Bear stance> Veigar Stun > Blitz Stun > Jinx Stun> = Chain cc )
    7. We won?

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Jungle Route *Video* + River Control

The focus of this build early on is to finish your Stalker's Blade as quickly as possible. To achieve this, you must put your team behind you and focus on jungle camps as a priority. The faster you clear your camps, the faster you can start making up for your team and secure the game.

*** Important note: When you finish your Devourer you can solo dragon very easily. I'd recommend buying a pink ward or having your support use the sweeper trinket if they have one. NEVER TRY TO SECURE DRAGON OR BARON WITHOUT YOUR SMITE UP!

Always have your bottom and middle lanes cover your jungle entrances so that you can prevent your buffs from being stolen at the start. If you have vision of the enemy team invading a blue/red buff, plan to execute a move to their buff in their jungle to compensate.


Why am I only Smiting Gromp/Golems/Red Buff?

Good Question! You are only smiting these camps because simply they are the only camps worth smiting early on. Smiting Gromp gives you a damage reflect buff, golem gives you a stun on creeps, and red buff smite gives you instant HP. The raptor and wolf camp both giving warding rewards. Wolf camp will give you a sprite that will follow any enemy that enters the jungle(Useful mid-late game). Raptor gives you an oracle lens that will let you detect wards/stealth champs(Useful mid-late game). Don't worry about these until later in the game.

*When killing the Dragon, pay close attention to how the Middle and Bottom Lanes respond. If they keep acting as normal, you will most likely be ok. If they start backing up, move towards Dragon, or disappear off the mini-map, you need to beware and play it safe. If it is warded, you may have to back off and wait before you can get it.*

Dragon Killing Skill Switching Sequence:

Turtle --> Tiger --> Phoenix --> Turtle --> Tiger --> Phoenix --> Repeat, then Smite.

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Pros / Cons

- Amazing mid-late game damage and map presence.
- Very tanky, fast, and strong
- You will have 2-4 levels on everyone after you complete devourer and solo dragon
- Very strong solo queue pick and has very little counters in the jungle
- If mastered, you can dominate the entire game and shutdown the enemy jungler with ease

- If a buff is stolen early on, you can have a hard time jungling and getting the money you need for Devourer. (Always have the bot/mid lanes cover your jungle entrances.
- If clear speeds are slow, or you get distracted with lanes, this build can take a long time to complete and you can fall behind quickly.
- Phoenix has fast clears but bad gank potential over tiger. That is why the focus in on pheonix Devourer jungle.
- You have to have faith in yourself to make up for your team if they fall behind! Never give up!

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Team Fighting and your role in fights

As Udyr, a rampaging beast who has tons of DoT damage, health, armor, and speed; you must kill them all!

ALWAYS FOCUS THE DAMAGE DEALERS! If Lucian is 12-0, it is probably a good idea to start focusing him. Communicate with your team who you wish for them to focus on. Always focus on the ADC and MID laners because they usually should be dealing the heaviest damage. Just because Alistar is 0-12, his 30 gold kill value probably isn't helping you guys out while Lucian secures a quadra and takes you inhibitors.

With Bear Stance you can quickly stun 2-3 people in succession as soon as a fight breaks out. Watch my video above to see how I focus champions and use Udyr's speed and power to quickly take out people on the enemy team.

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Spells + Skill Sequences

Flash + Smite > Teleport + Smite > Ghost + Smite

I used to use ghost on Udyr before as well, but let me tell you why.

Ghost is great for initiating down lanes and escaping, but flash has allowed me personally to flash over Baron's wall and steal countless Baron's. Stealing a Baron Buff can put your team ahead or get them back on their feet. Flash can also save you better if you can happen to walk in a bush that has 4 people in it. Both summoner spells have their uses, but I prefer flash to secure buffs and potentially block skills and stop champions from killing my ADC for example. Flash can change games.

***Teleport is a good summoner spell if you understand how to use it. You can set up some nice backdoor ganks, clean up kills, and split push very easily with it. You do have an added risk when it comes to trying to escape, but if you make good decisions in fights and don't walk around in undwarded areas too much, this can be a great choice. Teleport can also allow you to secure the first dragons very easily.


Game isn't going in your favor, and you have to buy Randuin's Omen first instead of your Trinity Force --> Max: 1st R (Phoenix), Max 2nd W (Turtle), Max 3rd E (Bear)
You will need the sustain and shield from Turtle Stance to stay alive and stall the game.

The Game is going in your favor, and you can buy Trinity Force first instead of Randuin's Omen --> Max: 1st R (Phoenix), Max 2nd E (Bear), Max 3rd W (Turtle)
Bear stance will benefit you more so that you can move more fluidly around the map to gank, pressure, and secure objectives.

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What Items Do I Buy after Mercury Treads and Stalker's Blade?

3rd Core Item is a very important choice!


1. Randuin's Omen : If you are behind personally, or your team has died 5 times within 10 minutes already, you have some work to do! Chances are that the team has some pretty shiny items now and you will need a little more health and debuffs to help out, instead of more damage.

2. Trinity Force: Every lane is doing great by themselves, you have cleared dragon, you got Feral Flare insanely quick, and have 2-3 kills under your belt. Grab the Trinity Force and start applying pressure to the max and close out the game.

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Gameplay Videos! (New Devourer Videos Soon)

Watch my second Udyr video here that shows you in-depth how you should respond to certain situations and how to carry the game out!

My second video can also be found here but I had an audio issue with LoL and I am very difficult to hear.

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I will also be updating and including a list of champions that Udyr is strong/weak against.

Thank you,