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League of Legends Build Guide Author BusDriver210

Udyr - Beginners Guide

BusDriver210 Last updated on April 24, 2011
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Hello everyone and welcome to my first ever build/guide. Today I will be focusing on explaining Udyr to a beginner or intermediate player. Let me first state that I do not consider myself a pro, nor this a pro build. I'm hoping to help players get past the first few games of "ummmm what?" so that they can appreciate Udyr and his ownage capabilities. That being said much of this build has been learned by reading Restrictnine's build, which I consider my Udyr bible.

This build will also focus on a non-jungling player. I know jungling with Udyr is pure awesome, but like I said before I aim to provide the newest players with a understanding of Udyr. Also know that this build is still a work in progress, I'm not really knowledgeable on Runes and Masteries yet, so I will be updating it when I can.

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Summoner Spells

Alright I cannot begin to explain why this is the spell for Udyr. Trying to run? Not going to happen. Not only does this spell stack with your bear stance boost, but it also allows you to ignore unit collision. You will be chasing and stunning your enemies until they decide to surrender at 20 minutes. This spell also allows Udyr to get out of situations where the worst has happened. Your team carry doesn't understand who to target? Pop this to survive the worst of team fights.

This spell is another great choice for Udyr when your not jungling. Use this to enter, or escape team fights/ganks. This also allows you to jump into, or out of the Baron/Dragon areas. "Why would you want to do that BusDriver?" Because my friend stealing baron buff or dragon kills is a very pro thing to do and you should be focusing on it late game when the opportunity arises.

Other Choices

Always good for moving around the map, especially when you have wards to port to.

If your having trouble chasing for some reason this can be a good spell to pick up the slack.

Getting focused really bad? Pop this along with Ghost and you'll be moving.

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Skill Sequence & Explanation

Alright this is where I find most people lose understanding of Udyr. "Wheres my skill shots?" Well Udyr has none, but let me assure you he has something much more dangerous.

The Stance Dance and you!

Alright Udyr's passive is one not to be ignored. In my opinion its what makes his play style work and you'll need to know that to understand him. Simply using one of Udyr's abilities changes him into that stance, giving him it's activation and passive buff. This also begins his passive which places a unique buff on him. Suddenly after that his global cooldown happens giving him 4 seconds, at most, to wait around in that stance. Once possible you'll want to change stances, this is where he gets fun. Changing Udyr's stance a second time switches his activation/buff again, but restarts and places another charge of his passive buff. Keeping yourself switching between stances keeps your passive alive and allows for some nice damage/dodge. This is what is known as the 'Stance Dance' and you should be doing it as often as your mana allows.

Burst damage Imo!

Welcome to your damage skill. Tiger stance allows your next attack bonus damage and damage over time. This works great with other stances, but is not great to start with. I find myself hitting this after to insure the damage is done, or after to harass with a bit of shield. This skill is great pretty much any time of game and should be used when chasing after a stun or when your enemy is at low health.

I can tank! Kinda...

This is your shield and health/mana regen spell. Not only is it great at denying early game harassment, but it can help you regen both pools which I love. I often find myself spamming this as soon as possible after while stance dancing or right before Ashe decides to ping me with a frost arrow. Don't let this skill fool you though, its shield is nice but it doesn't really allow you to tank anything but some ganks. You'll find yourself dying if you try to tank with this in team fights. Remember to pop this if your low on health running away, it can sometimes save you.

I'ma hit you. Reeeaaalll hard.

This ability is the reason I play Udyr. Not only does it provide you a speed boost to chase, but a solid non-chance stun! Tapping this while running into a gank situation is brilliant and any good teammates will love you for it. Follow up with and you'll be killing in no time. It is important to note that this ability is not a cranium basher from Dota. The stun can only be used on the same target once every 6 seconds and works best when your stance dancing. Don't let that get you down though, switching targets allows you to stun multiple people and keep the other team confused. This can also be used to save peoples lives. Someone getting chased by Ashe or Master Yi? Slap them with a stun and watch as your teammate escapes a gank.

Farming Time!

So this is your farming tool. Causing AOE damage and a persistent fire cone effect will have you loaded with gold. I honestly find myself ignoring this spell more than I should. I will use this while chasing after to gain a little extra damage, but I haven't found its full usefulness yet. Use this while farming minions or jungle to maximize group damage.

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Team Work & Your Roll

In my opinion Udyr isn't really a full on tank. Hes 'tanky' to a point, but I have never found myself taking massive damage and walking out alive. Udyr is also not a initiator and I don't care how much your team tells you that you are. If your team carries are waiting for you to walk in and die only to grab one to two kills, they are simply greedy. Udyr is great at jumping out of brush and causing chaos to the enemy team. I often find myself stunning the enemy carry to allow my team some needed time and damage relief.

If your having problems with your team fights and your team is asking you to tank simply suggest a bait tactic. Baiting is a great choice when your team can't initiate properly. Place your wriggles lantern ward in the deep jungle to watch your back, and wait for the chance to strike. Although your not a huge tank, you have to be able lead your team fight. Greedy ranged carries usually stay back to clean up, but if they are skilled they will follow you into the deep to help you secure that needed ace.

Early Game 5minutes - 15minutes

Early game you should go top, or bottom. A teammate with a snare or stun is always nice, but having them ranged is key in my opinion. Use to deny early game harassment to a point, while also allowing you some health/mana regeneration. Focus on last hits and play defensively until you gain . After your around level 4 try for a few kills, but never chase to far. will help you with enemy players, but towers will still eat you if your not careful. Remember to use to farm enemy minions. Wait for that 3rd hit fire cone and stance dance as soon as you can back into turtle. Play it safe early game because Udyr's potential is definitely not early game.

Mid Game 15minutes - 28minutes

Mid game is where Udyr begins to shine. You should have by now and be working on your . This is the time for ganks and your going to be a big part. Farm a little in the jungle, grab blue buff maybe. Then work your way into a lane that needs help and position yourself in some tall grass. Enter the gank by hitting stun the enemy then hit them with a strong . If your team is backing you up its basically a guaranteed kill. If the enemy is still running away, switch back to bear and smack them again. Remember to place your free ward, , before you enter the gank to allow your team that needed sight. Continue to do this until team fights begin.

Late Game 30minutes - ???

Late game you should be working toward and . You've suddenly become a force to be reckoned with and your team should be too. Begin team ganks and team fights. Remember that your not suppose to take all the heat like a or . Your a tanky dps and make sure your team knows that. Use your ward as much as possible to keep map control. Enter fights from the side and try to surprise the enemy team carry with a stun and tiger maul. Focus them down, but don't get greedy. If they begin to run, turn to help your team with a bear stun. Don't forget to walk into the jungle, pop turtle and regen some health. I can't begin to tell you how much this helps in keeping you on the field. Heading back to base can cause your team to be down a member in fights and your turtle easily helps you heal back up.

If your having trouble dying to early in team fights, remember your stance dance. Bear, Tiger, and Turtle are the "great three" in my opinion. Get those stacks up and begin to become dangerous. is one of the best passives I've seen and it only helps you in fights. Try to stick next to your main tank teammate, this will make them more comfortable and you even more deadly.

Some Important Notes

If your team is mostly magic damage and the enemy team is sporting remember that bear stance's stun counts as a spell block taking away that barrier. Trading your stun for Lux's laser beam is a great deal and will only have the enemy team wondering how they got hurt.

Remember to spread your stuns around the enemy team. Hitting one person with bear stance disallows you to stun them again for 6 seconds, but that doesn't mean their friend next to them can't be. Pop bear to stun and follow up with a tiger maul. Then pop bear again and tap their friend with the same combo. Switch back to bear and chase the first opponent. Your team might land the kills, but that doesn't mean they did the work.

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Items. The when and the why.

So like I said this build is based on the assumption that your not going to jungle. Either another player has taken that roll, or you simply don't understand how to. That is fine. I find myself doing fine early game without the added bonus of jungling.


These are usually used for jungling, but I find they work fine when you are laning. Pots are important to keep you on the field and heading back to base to buy /heal is a waste of time. Why not or ? They are nice early game, but you need to spend money on your tier builds and not convenience.

These boots are a no brainer for any melee character. Reduced time being CCed is important when your on the front lines with your tank. My other choice is , but the dodge just doesn't support Udyr like it does Jax.


Razor is amazing in the jungle, but will also allow easy farming in lane. Another good reason is that should you need money mid game, these make jungling insanely easy. Gaining jungle buffs is even easier and with the attack speed from recurve you'll be ganking in no time.

This item is nice in so many ways. Health, Magic resist, and cooldown reduction are all great for Udyr. Don't quote me on this, but I think the 15% bonus heal stacks on turtle stance. That being said makes this item an easy buy for me.

These items are great for mid game and turn into beasty items late game. Can't stress how important it is that you grab these. Ganking with Bloodrazor can make the world of difference and Warden's makes you dangerous to attack. Don't feel bad about rushing Bloodrazor early if you have the money.

Do I even have to explain? Enemies won't be able to run while your sporting this and while in Phoenix stance your enemies will just be eaten. I often save Randuin's active spell to team fights, but it works wonderfully in ganks as well.

I end up with this item because I love everything it has. Attack speed is great on Udyr. Attack damage increases your regeneration with turtle, not to mention your damage output with tiger. Its passive makes eating tanks very easy and your going to want to do that late game. Simply put, its great to have this item on Udyr.

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Well there you have it. Like I said before this guide aims to support new players to the Udyr play style. I hope you find this build nice, but I definitely don't call it pro. If your looking for something truly pro, I suggest Restrictnine's Build. Jungling can be hard to master and your going to need to practice before you can make it work. Restrictnine's guide helped me a great deal and it inspired me to create this noob friendly guide. Hope to see you out there you drunken brawlers!