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Udyr Build Guide by locococao

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author locococao

Udyr domination (dominion guide)

locococao Last updated on October 24, 2011
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Hey guys, locococao here and this is my first ever guide on Mobafire. This guide is for Udyr. Now I don't want this guide to be an absolute build. Make changes as you wish to fit your playstyle or the game your in. This is the core build I will most often end in. Please remember this is a DOMINION guide.

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9/28/11-Took out Priscilla's Blessing and replaced it with Sanguine Blade to reflect a more realistic build. The Priscilla's Blessing won't help you out that much endgame.

10/24/11-Added AD/Crit chance build.

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Pros / Cons

-One of the most adaptable characters in the game.
-Has a stance for almost every situation.
-Is generally awesome.
-Great roamer.
-Great escape artist.
-Great tank/off-tank without having to switch build too much.
-Great Great defender/attacker of capture points.


-Requires some skill to play.
-Requires sustained damage/not very bursty.

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greater mark of desolation I chose flat armor pen for marks. This will help you early game to defend/capture any point from an opponent. Your attacks will hit for almost full effect in the early game.

Greater Seal of Armor I chose flat armor for seals because if you end up playing the defender of a point you are going to want to be tanky. This plus your defensive masteries will allow you to stay near a point and hold it.


Greater Glyph of Magic Resist I chose flat magic resist for glyphs because this will help early game when you are defending a point.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed I chose flat attack speed for glyphs. This will allow you to do major damage with your tiger stance, hit that third attack for phoenix stance, land a ton of hits with bear stance, and speeds up your regen with turtle stance.

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I go 0-21-9 for my masteries.


-Take 3 in Resistance and Hardiness .
-4 in Evasion
-1 in Nimbleness , 3 in Harden Skin
-3 in Veteran's Scars
-3 in Ardor
-1 in Tenacity

-take 3 in Good Hands , 1 in Haste
-4 in Awareness
-1 in Utility Mastery

These masteries give you a nice amount of survivability as well giving you a leveling advantage over and opponent and super short respawn times.

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Since this is a Dominion guide you start the game with 1350 gold.

Build 1: Attack speed

-Buy Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi depending on how much CC or magic damage they have. If the other team is all AD characters with no CC get Ninja Tabi. If its a team of casters or a strong CC team get Mercury's Treads.

-Next get a Trinity Force. Start with the Phage as the early game survivability, as well as the slow, is really helpful. Next get Sheen, this will really make your first hit in tiger stance pack a punch. Finally get the Zeal, the attack speed and movespeed buffs are really helpful.

-Then get an Ionic Spark. The attack speed is really what your going for here. The passive is a nice bonus and adds a nice 1-2 punch with your phoenix stance.

-Next is the Kitae's Bloodrazor. Since tanky dps seems to be the meta-game of dominion so far this item is really helpful. The passive is what your after.

-The next item is Zeke's Harbinger. You get this not only for the lifesteal and attack speed on yourself, but it can be extremely helpful in in team fights.

-The last item is mostly situational. If you need to capture points quickly, go with Priscilla's Blessing. If you need more attack speed go with a Phantom Dancer. If you need a little more punch in your attacks go with a Sanguine Blade. Getting annoyed by pesky casters? Go with an Odyn's Veil or a Hexdrinker.

This is the build I most often end up in although you can switch some of the items. Say the other team has a lot of squishy champs. Don't get the Kitae's Bloodrazor. Get another item. Udyr is one champion that you must build situationally. You can't stick with a solid build. Build for your game!

Build 2: AD/Crit Chance

-I have received many comments asking me why I don't use Crit on Udyr. Well I personally do build Crit and AD sometimes so I will share my Crit/AD build with you.

-You still start with Mercury's Treads for the magic resist and tenacity.

-Instead of building a Phage into a Trinity Force you build a Zeal into a Phantom Dancer. This will give you great attack speed along with 30% Crit chance.

-Then you buy a B. F. Sword and a Vampiric Scepter. This will give you lifesteal and enough damage so that the lifesteal is effective.

-After that you complete an Infinity Edge. A lot of people ask me why I don't just finish the Sanguine Blade first. The reason I build this way is because I prefer the Crit Chance and extra 50% boost to your crit damage over the extra lifesteal and attack damage, althoug finishing the Sanguine Blade is also viable.

-Next you build a Kitae's Bloodrazor. At this point in the game most people will have a lot of health so obviously this would be beneficial. The extra attack speed also helps.

-Finally, if you reach this point in the game i usually build a second Phantom Dancer. This gives you an extra 30% crit chance which gives you a whopping 85% crit chance. You'll be critting like those annoying Tryndameres only with health.

With this build you will have lower health, but you can always switch items if you need too. You could put a Frozen Mallet in instead of your second Phantom Dancer.

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Skill Sequence

In terms of skills you'll want to max either Tiger or Phoenix stance first.

-Tiger stance
Tiger Stance gives a great boost to your attack speed as well as a semi-bursty attack on your first hit. Can be used to take down opponents in seconds if you are fully built.

-Phoenix stance

Phoenix Stance gives you more sustained damage as well as a great passive for your third hit. The best way to use this stance is to try to activate it as often as possible as the attack damage boost is very helpful.

-Turtle stance

Turtle Stance You'll want to max this after Phoenix/tiger stance (depending on which one you choose). Put a point in it at either level 4 or 5 depending on whether or not you need the extra survivability. Then put another point in it at 9 and then max it out at the end.

-Bear stance
Bear Stance You'll want to max this stance last. The only reason you need this is for the stun. Since you get this for its full effect at level one you don't need to put many points in this. The speed boost can be helpful in escaping situations. For those you cycle between bear and turtle stances to block damage as well as keep yourself speedy. Helpful for getting yourself out of ganks.

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Summoner Spells

I choose Flash and Ghost as my summoner spells.


Flash gives you a great tool for escaping, initiating, ganking, and landing that decisive bear strike. This is an all-around great tool to have.


Ghost gives you a great escape tool as well as a great chasing tool. Use this with you bear stance and you'll be able to catch up to almost any champion.

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This guide is for a tanky dps Udyr for Dominion. This is not meant to be a concrete build but a foundation to build upon based on the current game, situation, and playstyle. Please remember that this is my first guide. Constructive criticism and Feedback would be much appreciated. I will try my best to update this guide as often as I can.