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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Quo

Udyr - Hard DPS Carry (Jungle Guide)

Quo Last updated on February 24, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Utility: 9

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Video (Start-FB)

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Vocab Lesson

AA = Auto-attack (Basic Attacks)
CC = Crowd Control (Stun, fear, slow, snare, etc)
FB = First Blood
AP = Ability Power
AD = Attack Damage
MD = Magic Damage
AS = Attack Speed
MS = Movement Speed
MR = Magic Resistance
ArPen = Armor Penetration
MPen = Magic Penetration
LS = Life Steal
SV = Spell Vamp
DPS = Strong Auto-attacker
MDPS = Strong spells; casters
CDR = Cooldown Reduction
OOM = Out of Mana
MP = Mana
HP = Health
MP Regen = Mana Regeneration per 5 seconds
HP Regen = Health Regeneration per 5 seconds

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    Very fast movement speed champ.
    High burst physical damage.
    Sheild to use for absorbing damage.
    AoE for quick farming.

    Absolutely no range.

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Skill Explination

This is his passive. As you use your stances, he gains Dodge, and Attack Speed.

Increased attack speed. Initial damage from stance activation. This is your major form of damage through the game.

Useful for regening your HP/Mana instead of backing. You can use this if you were focused first in a teamfight, and need to back off to farm some hp/mana to come back and decimate.

Movement Speed and a stun. This is your initiator, and also your escape.

This ability was nerfed, and isnt useful in teamfights. This skill is used when farming/gettind dragon/baron.

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Rune Explination

Greater Quintessence of Desolation x3
ArmPen is needed for this build, you are a physical carry.

Greater Mark of Desolation x9
ArmPen is needed for this build, you are a physical carry.

Dodge works out well because it stacks with his passive. Making you very hard to take down for a physical DPS if you get Ninja Tabi (situational). Provides some dodge for jungling/laning.

You need armor in your runes somewhere as a jungler, if you want to survive through blue and onwards. After you get your razors, you will have ~100armor.

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Summoners Skills

Must have for a jungler, period.

You can use this to escape, or use this to initiate. I use it for both. No one escapes you late game with this and a .

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Jungle Path

Depending on what side you are starting on, you want to take this jungle path. It is the default for many junglers. Marked also are Ganking spots. Color coded to fit the side youre on. Remeber: You want to pinch them in, so putting as much distance for them to have to travel to escape, is desireable.

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Heres where things get confusing. You're going to half-build a lot of items at first.

This item is useful for getting your jungle farm started. Its passive will let you 1-shot many creeps, and help you down dragon faster.

With this item, you can stay in tiger stance, and not require blue to continue jungling. It is essential.

Not being able to move or attack means that you can not carry, and can not get any LS. It is essential to stay mobile.

Up until now you arent doing much damage. Its time to get beefy. Now youve got some damage backing you.

Now that youve gotten some damage, lets start putting it to use, and doubling it. Also, this item will give you more AS and MS.

Now that we've been building these items half-***ed, lets start completing some things.

This item is first in the build completion list. That extra cit, and MS is essiential to taking out their carries.

This is your second item to finish. Make those crits count, and start ripping them to shreds.

Now that your core is halfway built, lets start building our next item.

This item will start to give you a burst with your Bear Stance initiation.

Now we've got burst, AS, and Crit. Lets get an item that will carve our our opponent regardless of your AD.

After you have your constant variable, lets enhance your CC, Burst, and MS/AS/Crit.

This is your last item, and gives you massive LS and AD.

Alternative late game builds (after IE):

These depend on your play style, but are perfectly acceptable:

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Team Work

In team fights you will want to stun, then burst down their carries. Ignore the tank until the end, as they wont be able to stop you. After they have been controlled, focus on the tank, this is where your bloodrazor comes into play, and will not let them escape.

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Farming is the most important thing to do with this guide, and as late in the game as you get your bloodrazor, you should easily be able to farm one, or both jungles, as well as lane hop and push the creeps. You move at lightning speed with your Bear Stance. Go out, and push the game forward, then regroup and help out the teamfights.

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Combinations of Skills


Bear Stance in, and then switch to tiger stance. If it is early-mid game, get red so that you can slow them too.


Spam Turtle>Bear>Turle>Bear, and if needed then get ghost. It is essential to start with turtle.

Downing Turrets/Getting Drag

Phoenix > Tiger > Phoenix > Tiger. Phoenix stance gives you bonus AD, use the buff to push down turrets.