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Udyr Build Guide by Riceyboll

Support Udyr support is goofy.

Support Udyr support is goofy.

Updated on November 16, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Riceyboll Build Guide By Riceyboll 7,958 Views 0 Comments
7,958 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Riceyboll Udyr Build Guide By Riceyboll Updated on November 16, 2022
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Champion Build Guide

Udyr support is goofy.

By Riceyboll
I am just a small lad who really likes offmeta champs. I started playing Udyr on support because it seemed like a fun pick and I was really surprised about how good he is.
Why glacial
I see glacial as the only keystone that works with Udyr on bottom, because the stun is so good and super easy to activate.

If you know and want to share feel free to comment about other runes that work with Udyr.
Explaining the abilities

Passive Awakened Spirit:
Udyr has four basic abilities that swap between stances. Udyr can recast an ability that is on cooldown to gain its bonuses again with additional benefits and after using an ability Udyr's next attacks within 4 seconds give attack speed and refund 5% Awaken's cooldown.

Udyr Q Claw Stance: Udyr gains attack speed and his attacks physical damage on-hit for 4 seconds.

Awaken: Gain additional attack speed and Udyr's next two attacks call lightning six times

Udyr W Mantle Stance: Udyr gains a shield for 4 seconds. Additionally, Udyr's next two attacks gain life steal and restore 1.2% maximum health

Awaken: Gain a shield and restore health over 4 seconds

Udyr E Blazing Stampede: Udyr gains movement speed for 4 seconds, decaying by 30% over 1.5 seconds. Additionally, Udyr's attacks dash him to the target and stun them.

Awaken: Grants 75 bonus attack range along with immunity to immobilizing and disabling effects and an additional 30−40% movement speed for 1.5 seconds.

Udyr R Storm Stance: Udyr surrounds himself with a goofy ahh storm for 4 seconds, dealing magic damage per second to nearby enemies and slowing them.

Awaken: Unleash the storm, causing it to follow Udyr's last attacked enemy(Kinda like Victor's Ult).


Easy to learn

Surprising pick

Fun to play


Team might flame you

You can die easily

Why does this work?
I see Udyr's kit to fit the support role so well with glacial.
He has the slow, stun maybe not that much damage, but you make up for it with tankyness.
Early game
In early game you should try to get your ADC ahead and getting some XP and gold on the side.
Trying to run at your enemies with E can work early but from my experience I almost die everytime.
Mid to late game
In mid game you can now try roaming around and getting your team ahead(Wouldn't recommend if your ADC is behind but if you get kills it'll be worth it)
Closing thoughts
Personally I see Udyr support to have so much potential if you learn how to play him, he's fun, easy to pick up and actually useful so I would recommend this to everyone interested.

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