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Thresh Build Guide by Riceyboll

Top Thresh top is OP!

Top Thresh top is OP!

Updated on September 20, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Riceyboll Build Guide By Riceyboll 191 16 292,337 Views 11 Comments
191 16 292,337 Views 11 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Riceyboll Thresh Build Guide By Riceyboll Updated on September 20, 2023
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Thresh
    Tanky Thresh
  • LoL Champion: Thresh
    AP Thresh Top/Mid
  • LoL Champion: Thresh
    AD Thresh

Runes: Lethal Tempo

1 2 3 4 5
Lethal Tempo
Presence of Mind
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Ghost + Teleport
LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport



First back options (Titanic first)
First back options (Heartsteel first)
Mythic or Titanic first
Always Titanic
New AP items (check the AP Top if you're interested)

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Thresh top is OP!

By Riceyboll
I am just a small lad who really likes offmeta champs. I started playing Thresh top and saw how amazing the pick was.
I currently have 400k+ mastery points and have started to do some livestreaming
Why I pick ghost over flash
The biggest reasons I like picking Ghost over Flash is because you can escape bad situations for example ganks easier or just run away from the enemies and because the cooldown on Ghost is not as long, you can use it more often

The biggest downside I can think of is not being able to flash over walls and you can't dodge over for example Veigar's wall or something similiar.
Ofcourse you can pick Flash if you want to, but I don't take it anymore, since Ghost just brings more value for Thresh.
Explaining the keystones.

Lethal Tempo is a really good rune for Thresh top, since you get good scaling and damage. It helps with poking and longer trades.

Fleet footwork is also great if you want just a little more damage and sustain (mostly for sustain). You can also use it if you want to go crit Thresh wich does deal alot of damage but you're really weak and in lategame can get oneshotted.

Press the attack is useful if you want to play more aggressive it's great againts most matchups and is currently my favourite rune for Thresh plus it's fun to use.

Explaining the lesser runes.


Presence of mind is great since Thresh has some slight mana problems and this pretty much removes that problem. Also if you're going Tiamat, when the tiamat shockwave hits an enemy PoM activates, which is great.

Overheal Is only useful if you're going Fleet Footwork since the healing with that is real nice, or you just need sustain in lane

Legend: Alacrity is great for Thresh since the attack speed is real useful for him and it's the only one useful from the second row from him.

Last stand is the best choice for Thresh from the last row with Coup de Grace being the second option, but this is still better.

Coup de grace isn't really that good since you can get more value out of Last Stand


Revitalize just boost's your lantern nothing special, it might be viable, but there are better choices

Conditioning gives a real juicy amounts of armor and magic resist. Always useful to have this

Bone plating is great in matchups againts champions with a lot of poke Malphite, Teemo etc.

Overgrowth boosts your health scaling so it's also super useful allowing you to become tankier

Second wind is also good againts poke lanes, so you can get some health back.

Unflinching is good if they have alot of stun, slow etc. you just don't want to deal with

Remember that you can mix and match all the lesser runes as you see fit.
Talking about the items

Titanic Hydra

Great tank item for Thresh. It helps with clearing the wave, allows you to poke and gives good stats


I see heartsteel (and Jak'sho)as the only mythic that fits what we need as Thresh top plus the hp scaling can get goofy in long matches with your passive.

Jak'sho the protean

Jak'sho is a great, since it covers both defence types well, and building this means you can get Titanic hydra earlier, since you don't build this first

Sunfire Aegis

Sunfire is okay now... Nothing special, since it's not a mythic anymore. Bit more situational

Wit's End

It's great. I would say this is a must build as a second or third item and is great even againts mostly AD teams.


Thresh can apply grievous wound with this easily with E and Q, plus it gives some good armor.

Deadman's plate

Can work with many builds, it gives movement speed and HP and armor. It helps with gap closing so you can hit Flay better.

Abyssal mask

Abyssal Mask is a good way for Thresh to get magic penetration and it helps the team. You also get magic resist so that doesn't hurt.

Anathema's chains

Basically this item gives damage reduction (from a single enemy) and reducec tenacity from whoever you put it on so thats a nice bonus. Activate this item on the enemies carry or ADC.

Blade of the ruined king

It's a great item to add into your build when going againts a tanky opponents and is great extra damage into your build if you aren't interested in Wit's End

Frozen heart

Pretty situational item since usually you don't have any reason to make this and you are better off with building some better items (The only reason to build this is againts some high attack speed opponents).

Force of nature

This is a great item for Scout uuh I mean Thresh since the magic resistance on this item is great againts heavy ap enemies and to movement speed is also good.

Silvermere dawn

Really situational. Mainly used if the enemy team has a Mordekaiser, but you don't have to build this if you don't think that you need it. Also can be build it the enemy has Malzahar. But the health and attack damage this item provides is okay.

What mythic to go for

Heartsteel is a great item to get some health and since Thresh has some range he can proc it quite easily, but sadly this item doesn't bring alot of value to Thresh all things considered.
Heartsteel is better than Jak'sho in specific matchups, but you can build it instead if that is what you feel like!

Jak'sho is the primary mythic to go for if you want to pick what is "better" since the resistances are great and now you'r ability to last in longer fights is increased because the boost Jak'sho gives. The healing is also quite juicy.

In conclusion Jak'sho is better in most of your games, but that doesn't mean that Heartsteel sucks or you should never build it. You can also experiment with what works better for you.
Why Thresh Top?
Thresh top is a great pick because you're tanky, deal surprising amounts of damage with E Passive and it's really fun to play as the spoopy skeleton. Also you have the advantage of making your enemies raqe when they are losing to Thresh top.


Ranged toplane
Good armor with passive
Easy laning phase if played properly
Good CC
Easy for team to gank with W
E can knock enemies back making it harder to engage
Enemies won't know what to expect
the hook + E combo at tower can cheese you some early kills


Cooldowns are high
Learning curve
Squishy champ early
Low mobility
Slow MS
Team can flame you and jg might not ever gank top wich can make you lose lane
Why it works
Thresh top works becaues Thresh can scales well with the passive of Flay, which has a 200% AD Ratio as magic damage on an autoattack when its charged (The passive icon will be red). Also you get crazy amounts of armor and have great CC.

It takes 10 seconds to fully charge it but you can't auto attack because it resets it. (Hitting a Turret doesn't reset it)

Also Thresh's passive helps with going tank because one soul provides you with 1 Ability Power, 1 Armor and some magic damage.
Thresh Abilities

Thresh's passive is Damnation. Soul's will drop from minions, monsters and champions when they die. There is a chance that a soul drops from small minions and a guaranteed drop from large minions, monsters, and champions and we discussed what a soul provides ofr Thresh

Thresh's Q is the hook aka Death Sentence. when you hit your Q Thresh will pull the enemy towards him, but if you recast iy you will swing to the enemys location instead.

Thresh's W is Dark Passage. You can use it to help allies escape dangerous situations, surprise attack or give them shields. And also remember to shield yourself and collect Souls from a safe distance by throwing your lantern at them.

Thresh E is Flay and we discussed it's passive earlier. Flay gives Thresh some CC and its good on top because you can push people at or away from you. The Flay starts at the backside you can try in practice grounds to see what I mean if you don't get it

Thresh's ultimate is The Box You can use it to secure kills, stall for your team, or just as CC.
Game plan


In earlygame you want to focus on farming minions and poking the enemy laner. If you're againts a ranged toplane i would focus on farming and not taking too many hits because Thresh's autoattack doesn't have that much range compared to some other ranged top laners.

If the enemy is really aggressive you should try to keep minions near your tower so you can hook + e the enemy into the turret range and possibly snatch an early lead.[/b]


Midgame is easy once you get some items. If you're losing i would recommend focusing on farming and trying to hook the enemies to tower range, your team might also start flaming you if you're losing, but try not to let that affect you and remember the magic of typing /mute all in the chat.
(Don't really have much else to say it's quite simple)

Late game

Lategame is where Thresh gets to shine. You're really tanky because of souls and items and deal alot of damage with your items. But don't just rush to the enemy team that's how you die. Go with your team. use your great CC, get kills take objectives and win games.
Final thoughts for Thresh Top
Thresh top is one of my mains and I would recommend that you try it and don't flame someone if they are playing it because it really is a vialable pick. If you have any questions, suggestions or something similiar feel free to comment it and I'll try my best to help to the best of my abilities!
Talking about AP Thresh
In my opinion playing AP Thresh has been fun, but it obviously comes with it's challenges and those being that you really aren't that tanky compared to most other toplaners, but Thresh's lantern, souls and his HP scaling helps with that. (The build is really good in mid lane if you're interested in that plus the part about being tanky doesn't affect mid so all the power to you!)
Talking about the runes for mid (Electrocute)

Electrocute is most likely the only rune that works with AP Thresh mid though don't fact check me on that.

But you can change Cheap Shot with Taste of Blood if that is what you think is better or what the enemy team is.

Taking Inspiration as a secondary is a good idea and I have been using that more since Precision doesn't really give us anything useful orther than Presence of Mind, but inspiration allows you to save money on boots and approach velocity is useful. Also you can take bitcuits which help with Thresh's mana problems and allow him to stay in lane for longer.

All and all you get much more value out of Minion Dematerializer, Biscuit Delivery and Approach Velocity.
Talking about the runes for AP Top (Press the attack)

Press the Attack is pretty much the best rune for AP Thresh top because it's useful in all stages of the game from early to late.

And that is because you can poke your lane opponent and deal good damage with it. Plus you can try to proc it first and then deal huge damage with your abilities. It also syncs well with the Riftmaker. All and all it allows you to actually play AP Thresh on top unlike Electrocute.
All the minor runes are the same!
New and improved opinion on AP Thresh
Well now I have finished playing enough AP Thresh mid to finally say that this is amazing, since you don't need to be tanky so you can focus on going full monkey mode and start building AP. And since Thresh's souls give 1 AP per soul you can easily get over a 1000 AP in a game (atleast I have been able to) plus Thresh's abilities have some juicy AP scaling meaning that you can oneshot people and it feels quite nice to hit a hook that oneshot kills the enemy ADC.

This is also great on top, but don't build Hextech Rocketbelt you MUST build Riftmaker (If you find a better AP mythic for top feel free to tell me!) since it gives some tankiness, omnivamp and that AP you'll want.
The gameplan for mid
Going to keep this part brief since the gameplan is pretty much the same for both top and mid with the exception of you now not being a tank, but isntead you now have powerful hooks, flays and your ultimate will also do tons of damage.
Final thoughts for AP Thresh
AP Thresh is a fun pick that deal A LOT of damage. It's also quite easy to succeed as him if you play safe, farm and get kills. Also remember to be part of dragons like a good midlaner! And if you see a good opportunity try to roam IF you don't risk losing minions etc. at mid.
Mythought on AD/Crit Thresh
After the new item in patch 13.10 some of Thresh's usual AD items got changed a little, like Guinsoo's Rageblade and Infinity Edge, both now being good mythics for him. Also the new item changes to Kraken Slayer and Immortal Shieldbow have affected Thresh, but not dramatically. I don't think shieldbow is worth it anymore, but Kraken is decent. Also with the addition of Statikk Shiv has given AD Thresh a good waveclear item plus your souls give the extra AP which helps your shiv. Also taking some First Strike with it's 9% extra damage to champions being quite good. Also you can make extra money with it.
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