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Udyr Build Guide by Coruta

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Coruta

Udyr, The Phoenix Of Nature

Coruta Last updated on September 8, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi all! My name is Coruta. I am Diamond V and have been playing Udyr for a couple seasons. He

is my main along side Vayne and I thought I would just share my knowledge about the champion

and the best way (in my opinion) to play him. He is very powerful and can carry games if you

know how to execute him well. Please look at all notes for items because they will explain in

depth when to buy each.

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Skill Sequence

~JUNGLING-For clearing, you are going to want to shield(W) before you enter the camp, then

when you go to hit it, Phoenix(R) it for AOE clear. Always keep your passive at 3 from

switching between Phoenix(R) and Turtle(W). Switch to Turtle(W) after getting a fire hit

from Phoenix(R) so you're getting the most out or Phoenix(R).

~GANKING-For ganking, you are going to want to shield(W) in the bush or before you are

spotted, switch to Bear(E) to the movement speed increase and stun. then, follow it up with

a Phoenix(R) stance after you stun them.

~TOWERS-For taking towers, you are going to want to switch between Tiger(Q) and

Phoenix(Q). The Tiger(Q) is for the attack speed boost to hit the tower as

much as possible. The Phoenix stance(R) is to hit the minions behind the tower to clear the

wave as well as hitting the tower. If there if a champion behind a tower and you don't want

to take aggro, just switch between Tiger stance(Q) and Turtle stance(W).

~Fighting- When you enter combat, you want to have a mix between Turtle(W) and

Phoenix(R)for the most part. Skill order would be W>E>R>W>R>W>R>E>R. Shield(W) before you

walk in. Enter Bear(E) for movement speed and stun. Follow that up with Phoenix(R) for DPS.

Switch to Turtle(W) after a rotation of Phoenix(R) hits. Switch after you get a AOE fire

hit. The only time you would enter Bear(E) would be to stun again after the duration is up

or to catch up if they get away from you somehow. Try to stay in Phoenix(R) as long as you

can before your passive runs out. Before it ends, switch back into Turtle(W) for the shield

then go back to Phoenix(R) as soon as you can.

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Jungle Route

~REGULAR-For a guaranteed good start, I would recommend going

Gromp > Blue > Wolves > Toucans > Red > Krugs (kill small Krug first for level 4).

~COUNTER JUNGLING~ If you want to steal a buff, it helps it predict where the enemy many

start. If it is someone that is mana hungry like Amumu or Fiddlesticks, then you know they

will start blue. So what you can do is start at your blue, then take Bear(E) level 2 and

make your way down to his red. Kill the small monsters first then pull the red buff into the

bush by running back. I prefer to kill the entire camp so i get the timer and can

continuously kill it. The only time you should leave mone monster alive is if the other

jungler is also going for Sated Devourer Or, you can take a couple camps on you own side,

get level 3, and then make your way down to fight him instead of just stealing it. Wait in

the bush and pop out when the time is right, smiting his red. Udyr is strong early game so

you should be fine.

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Pros / Cons



2.Damage Output

3.General Movement Speed

4.Has Hard CC

5.Takes Objectives Fast

6.VERY Tanky


8.Good Early and Late

9.Buff/Scuttle/Drag Control


1.Only Engage is Movement Speed/ No true gap closer

2.Can't gank over wall like J4/Aatrox/Lee Sin

3.Hard to master

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Body Blocking

It is a good strategy to move after every auto attack on Udyr. You want to run ahead of them

after every hit. If you move Udyr in between where the enemy is and where they're trying to

run, you can successfully body block them. This makes them run around Udyr's character model,

making a detour for them wherever they're trying to go. This is almost like the opposite of

kiting with ADC's. Basically, you're trying to get in their way.

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Neutral Monster Control

~Dragon- You can take dragon with minimal help after your first back if you have dagger. Just W>R>W>R>W>R a

bunch and you should be fine. Prepare well with wards and make this first priority when

stacking for Sated Devourer because it gives 5 stacks.

~Buffs- TAKE EVERY BUFF.... No give your Mid lane 3rd blue if they use mana and give your

ADC red late game unless they're useless and underfed.. then you can take it

~Baron- Set up with a pink and plenty of wards

~Scuttle Crab- This has a 3 minute cooldown after the vision fades. Be sure to get an early

Scuttle by dragon to make sure he doesn't take dragon. When you have devourers, make sure

you get every crab because it is a key component on get sated fast. Use Bear stance(E) to

stun scuttle because it will reduce it's armor, making it easier to kill.

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Thank You!!

Thanks for viewing my guide. This is my first guide... ever... so leave a comment and let me

know what you think! Best of luck to you climbing in Solo Q and I hope this guide has helped.


~ Coruta