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Udyr Build Guide by Dr Uber

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dr Uber

Udyr top lane guide - Weapons are for the weak!

Dr Uber Last updated on December 14, 2013
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Hi, my name is √úberstein and i've been playing around with Udyr top a bit. I've tried some different stuff and this is what i think has been working best. I like Udyr because i think he is a unique champion because of how his abilities work differently then other champions, i hope you enjoy my guide and i'm sorry for bad english since english is not my main language :)

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Pros / Cons


- Good sustain with Turtle Stance

- Amazing early damage and can get an easy first blood

- Can survive ganks easy with his turtle and bear tance

- Can stun many targets with his Bear Stance


- has no real ult
- kinda many hungry
- pretty easy to kite

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Why do i build those items?

I buy Atma's Impaler because it allows me to buy really tanky stuff while still getting a lot of AD, the more HP i build the more AD i get. That is the reason all my other items all give HP. With a finished build at level 18 you will get an extra 70 AD from your HP alone, while still being very very tanky and almost unkillable!
If you focus on damage items on Udyr and only buy a few tanky items you will only have about 50-100 ad more then my build. But you will have around 40-60% less HP then my build and around 30-60% less armor depending how you build.

Atma's Impaler this item gives a nice 45 extra armor wich is great against AD champs, the critical strike chance is pretty good. But the biggest reason i buy this item is because it makes me able to get a lot of AD while stacking health.
Frozen Mallet That 700 health is great and with my atma's this item gives me 40 AD and i LOVE the passive on this item.
Randuin's Omen this item gives great defensive stats and the extra AD from the HP is always nice. This item is great combined with frozen mallet because you can just slow the sh*t out of people.
Banshee's Veil this item works well with your other items, it gives you a nice amount of magic resist. The spellshield and the health regain is great for this build.
Warmog's Armor the health restore is amazing and this item will give you an extra 20% more health, with your atma's this item gives an extra 15 AD which is always nice. This item is just amazing with this build and you should always get this item.

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The Firstblood trick

This is a little cheesy trick i use against squisy enemies like Teemo for example!

Step 1:

Buy Elixir of Fortitude + Health Potion + Health Potion + Mana Potion


Doran's Blade+ Health Potion

Step 2:

Hurry to your lane and hide in the brush closets to their turret, you have to get their faster then them so make sure you buy and go there as fast as you can.

ACTIVATE your tiger stance while on your way to lane, so that you can double tiger the enemy. This is very important.

Step 3:

While on your way to lane tell your teammates to write ''udyr afk'' in all chat. Then the enemy top laner will not suspect a thing.

Step 4:

Wait in the brush, when the enemy teams top laner arrives he will most likely start farming. Wait for a good oppurtunity to attack him, don't wait too long tho. Attack him before he gets level 2.

Step 5:

Run up to him and basic attack him once, after your first attack activate your Q. This way you will get 2 tiger dots on him. Ignite him and hopefully he dies. If it's a squisy target this will work 80% of the time (if you do it correctly), but if it's not a squisy target it will work like 50% of the time. If the player decides to fight back it always works.

The reason this trick works so well is that the player thinks that you are afk and will not pay much attention, and when he realises he's being attacked he's already at half HP and about to die :)

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Early game

Udyr can do a lot of damage early game, use that to your advantage and be aggresive early.

If the enemy wants to farm, use your Bear Stance to stun him and then punish him with your Tiger Stance.

Farm with your Turtle Stance when you are not on full health to sustain yourself.
Do not change stance too much, try to only change stance when you really need it, since if you use your stances to much you will quickly lose your mana.

Don't push your lane too much early, then you become an easy target for the enemy jungler.

If you are winning your lane and you see that the enemy jungler is ganking a lot and not taking his buffs, you can go ahead and steal one off his buffs. Steal red buff if you are on blue side and blue buff if you are on purple side.

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I will be updating the guide very soon.

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In teamfights your job is to protect your carries and kill their carries. Your Bear Stance can stun multiple targets so it's very good in teamfights.

Priority #1 in teamfights: Protect your carries.

Priority #2 in teamfights: Kill their carries.