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Udyr Build Guide by NiirB

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NiirB

Udyr - Twisted Jungler [Simple 3v3 Jungle Guide]

NiirB Last updated on August 14, 2012
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Hello there and welcome to my very first guide! This guide will explain to you the thought process behind why to play Udyr in the jungle on the 3v3 map. This same build could be used on the 5v5 map if you wish so but the guide will give you tips that are mostly based around The Twisted Treeline. Now let us begin!

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Why jungle on 3v3?

One may ask why one earth would you even want to junle on 3v3? Well the reason is very much the same as 5v5 - you get solo xp for one more lane and you get ganking without your enemy knowing when you will come for a gank. What I mean by that is that if you have lanes 1:2 your enemy is going to see when one of the laners leaves the lane and tries to gank while if you are in the jungle they have no vision of you and cannot predict your movements.

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Route and Item Build

The route on 3v3 is a bit more complex then on 5v5 because of the creeps spawn randomly (meaning that you cannot predict if wolves or golems will spawn etc.) But we shall separate the camps in 3 different categories.

  • Small camps

Small camps spawn on the top left and top right parts of the jungle. They either spawn as 3 wolves (1 big 2 small) or 2 golems. Wolves grant 180xp while golems grant you exactly 200xp meaning you automatically get level 2. The golems camp is harder and if its your first spawn I suggest using Smite since you will quickly gain level 2 which is needed to clear the next camp. If your spawn are wolves then save your Smite so you can quickly finish a creep in the next camp to reach level 2 as soon as possible.

  • Big camps

As with the small camp we have a easier and a harder camp. The easier one is the Wraiths camp (1 big and 3 small), the harder one is a The Mix camp made out of a big lizar, small lizard and a wraith.

  • Buffs

There are 4 different buffs in The Twisted Treeline.

The White Buff and the Green Buff

They both spawn in the top jungle. They both least for a little amount of time, the White Buff gives you a speed buff while the Green Buff gives you attack speed and cooldown reduction.

The Red Buff

The red buff is basically the same as in 5v5 meaning it slows your enemy and deals true damage to them.

The Dragon Buff

"Control the dragon to control the game" Dragon grants your team a global 300 gold and a buff that increases your damage for the % of your level (meaning you get 11% damage increase if your level 11). Dragon can be taken easily even at level 6 so try to get it as soon as possible!


On the map above you are able to see the most recommended route (following the big/small camp rule also of course). At (b) backing or ganking is recommended but if something is going wrong /the lanes aren't gankabel go ahead and continue your jungle.

Item Build

Early Game

You will be starting out with a Cloth Armor and 5x Health Potion. They will provide you with durability and regeneration needed to survive the jungle for your first clear. Having the Mercury's Treads and the Wriggle's Lantern will provide you with fast camp clearing and a good chunk of resistance against both ad and ap champions.

Mid Game

You made it to the mid game its all about who gets the dragons and is able to push the towers down! Trinity Force Shall provide you with tankines, mobility and a amazing burst! Wheil Wit's End is just gonna add to your tankines and damage. This is usually the last phase of 3v3 games and the most important one.

Late Game

If you made it to here all the towers are probably down and the game all about who can push quickly enough! Remember that buffs still bring a lot of effectiveness to your team so kill 'em all! The Ionic Spark will provide you with a improved pushing ability so if you are the last man standing after a team fight you have the ability to quickly end the game, while Madred's Bloodrazor is just a icing on the cake adding % based damage to your build, it can be replaced with a item of choice but this is what I prefer in most cases.

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In this chapter I shall explain to you how you should gank on twistet treeline both the top and the bot lane.
Lets take a look at the picture below.

On the map the basic jungling route is shown also the badly drawn arrows show the best ganking paths. To engage ganks i recommend putting on turtle stance first to absorb any damage (from tower if ganking top) and quickly switching to tiger mode so you can hit 'em with your bear hat and stun 'em! After that switch to phoenix/tiger and burst your enemy down. Remember to ping before ganking and to communicate which target you wish to bring down first. Also you might want to run Exhaust as a summoner spell for easier ganking (especially if your team mates have little to no crowd control spells) or buy Boots of Mobility since they allow you to run in and stun your enemy making the time for your enemy to react much shorter.

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Hall of fame!

Welcome to the hall of fame! Where you can be featured send me screen shoots of you trying this build out and be featured! You can send the screen shots to

Here is the build itself in full action!

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Ending and credits!

Well this was my first guide I hope the little read was good but remember to check back soon since I do play to add more sections (and expand the current ones!).

But like in 99% of the guides I would like to thank the amazing JhoiJhoi who is making guide making easier since 2011! Her amazing guide can be found here!

See you guys soon!

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