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Udyr Build Guide by Edins

Udyr: Wait, whats this ap doing here?

Udyr: Wait, whats this ap doing here?

Updated on June 21, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Edins Build Guide By Edins 3,385 Views 0 Comments
3,385 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Edins Udyr Build Guide By Edins Updated on June 21, 2011
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Hello League of Legends players, this is my first guide hopefully it wont be too hard to understand.

This Udyr build is based actually on the skill damage Udyr does rather than the normal auto attack/attack speed. It is not a jungle build either. It is mostly for people looking to play Udyr in a new way. If played right it is actually very devastating.

This build consists of spike, sustained damage, speed, and lots of healing to combat damage instead of resistance.
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For runes You will need magic pen, because this build is based a lot on the magic damage that you gain from tiger stance and phoenix stance.

So you will get x9, x9, x9, and x3.
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Since this build is based on the damage from phoenix and tiger stance — which is magic damage — you will be getting down to the magic pen % skill in the offense tree.

In the Defense tree you will be getting the armor and magic resist because they help alot early game, and as you are melee you will need it.

From the Utility tree you will be getting all the way down to quickness for the movement speed boost. Picking up the enhanced ghost, extra experience and mana regen on the way.
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This is where my Udyr build differs the most from normal Udyr builds.

- Regrowth Pendant along with Health Potion

The next time you go back to base you will want to have at least 715 gold, and when you go back you will turn that Regrowth Pendant into a Philosopher's StonePhilosopher's Stone and also pick up some Boots of Speed.

Next you will get a Hextech Revolver for the spell vamp. This gives you more healing than a Vampiric Scepter early game because your Phoenix Stance and Tiger Stance both do alot more damage than your attacks. It Procs on the Tiger Stances activatable magic damage, and on Phoenix Stances aoe flames and 3rd attack flames.

The next thing i do is turn those Boots of Speed into Sorcerer's Shoes for the speed and magic pen, or you can pick up a Kindlegem. Depending if you need more survivability at the time or speed/damage.

The next one is Bilgewater Cutlass for the damage it adds to Tiger Stance and the life steal property.

After that you will need to choose between getting a first Shurelya's Reverie or a Hextech Gunblade. I advise the Hextech Gunblade first as it will increase your damage, and thus your survivability.

The next item to make is the Trinity Force, make the pieces in the order you want, I like phage first for the health and damage, but if you need speed get the zeal first.

These are the core items to the build. You can get survival items as you see fit, Banshee's Veil against casters, Randuin's Omen against physical damage.

Breakdown of why i picked these items.

-Shurelya's Reverie- Health for survivability. Cooldown Reduction helps you spam abilites. Mana Regen because you are constantly spamming abilities. The activatable for movement speed boost, good for team fights and chasing down single targets and escaping.

-Sorcerer's Shoes- Magic Penetration, movement speed. Nuff said

-Hextech Gunblade- Attack damage, for Tiger Stance. Spell Vamp for Tiger Stance and Phoenix Stance. Life Steal with trinity force works well. The ability power doesn't scale that well, but its a nice bonus.

-Trinity Force- Health. More physical spike damage and sustained damage for better life steal healing. Movement speed and a slow.
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Using Skills

Ill keep this simple, as I have found you need to find your own play style for Udyr.

Before you rush in cast your phoenix stance with enough time for the global cooldown to finish and to give you the extra attack damage and aoe flames. Then cast your Tiger Stance, at this point people normally run, so then u just use Bear Stance to stun them and use Phoenix Stance, then Tiger again. If they dont run, just skip the Bear stance normally.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Edins
Edins Udyr Guide
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Udyr: Wait, whats this ap doing here?

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