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Rammus Build Guide by TaiNiPoNi

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TaiNiPoNi

Ultimate Rammus Jungle

TaiNiPoNi Last updated on October 23, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Starting !

To start off i generally like to start with my W Skill and go red buff, get a little boost from the top laner. This way you will start off your lvl 2 with red buff and full HP without having to use your potions. At lvl 2 you hit powerball and roll to the wraiths. Clear them and use your first potion. Now Make your way to the Scutler on red side, the scutler does not fight back and will replenish your HP nicely. Then you proceed to the rock golems where you have your smite back. You are now lvl 3, have the ability to stun people and you have red buff + exhaust on you ! Time to gank. If you are on Red side, your options are Top or Mid, if you're on blue side Mid or Bot. At this stage of the game there's a 90% chance there's no wards yet, so if you pick the right lane ( some champions can escape very well ) and the right moment ( make your teamm8 know to bait or engage/CC ) this is almost a sure kill ! After the kill and you've let your teamm8 know you're going back, you base and pick up your stalkers blade + t1 boots and a potion most likely.

Now to the opposite side of the jungle. Check your blue ( if it's not stolen you're in luck ! the enemy jungler is not very good ). Kill the gromp and smite it, get that sweet poison skin going. Kill blue, kill wolves, you're now lvl 4 or 5 depending on how much exp you leeched from lane minions after gank. This makes it ... time to gank again. Pick your lane, make sure to pick a route you know is not warded and remember, stalkers blade gives you a range slow OR finisher move on a low target that thinks he got away. Go back to jungle ( or the enemy jungle if you have spotted the enemy jungler somehere off on the other side and get your lvl 6.

Now you pick up your ninja tabi and go clear your red buff. Check which lane is set up for a gank and go and conquer ! You have Red buff, Stalker blade smite, exhaust, powerball, taunt. Who is getting away from you ? nobody.

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The build weirdness !

Stalkers Blade:
This is so strong on rammus! It can be cast while in powerball!
- Smite a target while you gain on him with powerball to make sure you catch him
- Smite an enemy trying to run to your carry to save him !
- Smite an enemy trying to finish you off on low HP; while you wait for your powerball to finish it last seconds of cooldown
- Smite the one that got away ( or so he thought ) and finish him off.

Blade of the ruined king:
Man this item on Rammus is so strong, i cant believe nobody includes it in his builds.
- Slow an enemy to catch him
- Heal yourself up through the active in a fight and deal some nice damage because of it
- Sustain in the jungle and teamfights, just enough to get you out alive ( it's the small things )
- This item on Rammus allows you to 1v1 90% of the champions in superlate game and win !

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Why this build is the ultimate late game protection build

Hi, i'm Rammus and i'm superbeefy. If you go for my carries, i will powerball you or taunt you so you can kill yourself on my spiky goodness.

The protection and how it works.
Rammus ult has a supershort CD( 60 seconds ) and almost always available, you want this up in every teamfight on as many people as possible. along with your cinderhulk you're burning quite the amount of HP on the enemy team, just by "being there".

You have stalkers Blade smite, Exhaust, Blade of the ruined King, Randuins Omen. Nobody is gonna hurt my teamm8s if i can help it! Exhaust the assassins trying to blow up your carry, slow the frontline trying to get to your carries and powerball/taunt your way to the enemy AD carry with blade of the ruined king and watch him kill yourself on your W, while you walk out with full HP.

This build is super effective against alot of the current team comps, who go with AD top, Adcarry bot and an AD jungle. Very popular at the moment is kindred jungle and people hate it, she gets fed super early and becomes a problem. Well, not with rammus. Rammus is king, Rammus is life.